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MGA Entertainment Best Friends Club 18quot BFC Ink jointed doll

MGA Entertainment Best Friends Club 18quot BFC Ink jointed doll


MGA Entertainment Best Friends Club BFC Ink 18 Inch Doll


BRITT - MGA BFC, Ink Large Doll Pen Pals


Best Friends Club BFC Ink 18” Addison Doll Fairy Princess MGA Entertainment

BFC Ink Best Friend Club Addison 2010 18" Jointed Doll Brown Hair Blue Eyes |

I love my large Best Friends Club, Ink doll

Best Friends Club BFC 18" ALEISHA Doll 2009 MGA Entertainment

Best Friends Club Doll Kaitlin Jointed w Green Dress MGA Entertainment Ink 18"

Never Grow Up: A Mom's Guide to Dolls and More: BFC Ink Dolls (Including a Comparison to AG)


BFC, Ink. Large Doll- Addison

The back of the box has pictures of the other Pen Pals dolls. They look closer to the actual dolls than the earlier stock photos I found online (except for ...

BEAUTIFUL KAITLIN MGA Best Friends Club 18"jointed DOLL Blond Hair BFC Ink


A Review of BFC Ink Pen Pal Doll "Britt" by MGA Entertainment | The Toy Box Philosopher

BFC Ink Best Friends Club Doll Calista Beautiful African American !

MGA Best Friends Club BFC Ink C.J. 18" Jointed Boy Doll ...


For those of you who don't know, the toddler Disney dolls sold at Walmart are much lower quality than the Disney Princess and Me dolls, and they are only ...


MGA -Best Friends Club Doll Customized ~~BFC INK /Urban Gear Outfitted Doll

Fashion Ideas, Heaven, Sky, Paradise

MGA BFC, Ink Pen Pals - Elsa Large Doll - Free Shipping

MGA Entertainment BFC Ink. 18" Large Doll Yuko - Best Friends Club W/

MGA Entertainment Best Friends Club BFC Ink 18 Inch Doll~Blue Eyes Brown Hair

BFC Ink Pen Pal Britt.


I did however stop by the Dollar Store (where every item is priced at $1) and I found Best Friends Club Ink Fashion Packs. There were five different sets.

4-Ever Best Friends: Beach Party Sana and Brianne

The others might follow me home on a future toy store trip, all at once or perhaps a few ...


Best Friends Club1 · Best Friends Club, Ink. Dolls from MGA Entertainment®: ...

Moxie Girlz Friends mini dolls, $2.99.

For a refresher, these dolls, from left, are Twilight Sparkle (Hasbro), Stacie (Mattel), Princess Malucia (Mattel), Pepper Parson (Bridge Direct), ...

Bratz girls nite out Cloe, Sasha, Dana, Yasmin and Jade! Complete collection

BFC, Ink, (Best Friends Club) dolls Yuko and Calista

Mga Entertainment Best Friends Club Ink BFC Addison Blue Eyes Doll jointed

Moxie Teenz by MGA Entertainment | The Toy Box Philosopher

Maru and Friends Mini Pal, Chad ($89).

Jade's body is more flexible than that of the older Bratz dolls (except Cloe), almost to the level of a jointed Fashionista body like Sherralee's...but not ...

Viviana (left) and Felicia (right) by MGA Entertainment, $16.99 each.

I can't give a good review of Maxie's original clothes because she didn't come with any of her own. She came in a frilly pink dress that fit her nicely but ...

... in the earlier picture that shows McKeyla from the back, you can see that MGA put slits in the back of the boots to make them easier to get on and off.

She has rotating joints at her shoulders, hips, and neck, plus internal click knees, but the range of motion isn't great. Ami's neck can only rotate.

*Шарнирная кукла от MGA Entertainment, Inc (BFC,Ink — Best Friends Club Ink., Корпорация «Клуб Лучших Друзей»). Высота девочки 18 инчей (45.5 см), ...

Alrighty, so Madame Alexander clothes, American Girl clothes, Our Generation clothes, B.F.C. Ink clothes, and vintage Ideal Crissy clothes are all out.

BFC Ink dolls Calista

Bestfriends · BFC Ink Noelle, Kaitlin, Addison, Calista and Aliesha


For some reason Cherry has a Stardoll body. Remember those, the ones that had no joints at the hips? Yeah...I'm going to have to fix this somehow.

VINTAGE 3" TROLL DOLL white Hair Amber eyes - Dam Wishnik Happy 1960's toy #

At the same time these wires also added a bit of stability to these dolls, so Greta can't stand up either.

Getting her paws threaded through the sleeves was a bit fiddly, but other than that Pepper is good to go.

My friend was also eager to show me Beauty Secrets Barbie, whose arms move when her torso is gently squeezed.

Hi:Glamm "Pam," by MGA Entertainment.

Simplicity 1773 was the design inspiration for this purple BFC Ink outfit (modeled by Hopscotch

Mooshka dolls are the fruits of a partnership between MGA Entertainment and Zapf Creations. As a result of this heritage they have a concept similar to ...

The eighteen-inch My Twinn body is essentially an American Girl body, and it's similar to an Our Generation body in terms of size and shape. All three dolls ...

Moxie Girlz "friends" Mini Dolls By Mga Entertainment

Well...the coat (entitled "Winter Gear" by MGA Entertainment) fits, but none of the accessories did. The earmuffs are too large for Whimzee's head, ...

Bratzillaz Back to Magic - Sashabella Paws House of Witchez Doll With Accessories by MGA Entertainment

She has the Steffie face, something that a lot of my favorite dolls have. The head mold was originally for a 1970's friend of Barbie's (also named Steffie), ...

Bratz Dolls by MGA Entertainment--A Guest Overview! | The Toy Box Philosopher

Fun Play Clothes PATTERN for BFC INK Large Dolls - Kdys

I would have preferred the action hero looking Kim, which has her standard world saving outfit of cargo pants,black turtle neck,boots, and gloves.

Happy Meal Stacie from 1993 (left) and Barbie Sisters Fun Day Stacie from this year (right). Neither of them photographed well, but I think you get the ...

I wish their lips were painted a little pinker; pale lips just don't look good on pale dolls. This same shade of pink was used to blush the dolls' cheeks, ...

Yummi Land GRAPELINA Grape Candy Pop Girl & ORIANA Orange Soda Pop Girl Lot

Confessions of a Dolly Lover: Time to gripe: do all Winx Club dolls have spaghetti legs???

Well okay, it's not Starr's outfit, but it DOES belong to one of her friends. This particular outfit belonged to Kelley, but as usual I digress.

These are jointed with glass eyes (just like LIV dolls), and have a witch theme. It seems almost like MGA is trying to rip off Mattel's highly successful ...

Too bad they lack better jointing! LOL, at least they look cute in their summer clothes.

The bodies sport painted skivvies that match the dolls' outerwear, and they are jointed at the neck, shoulders, hips, and waist.

... doll, all of the MGA dolls that I've bought in the past year have had this stiff nylon crap. However, most of the ones I own have mercifully short hair ...

Back in the days when I hadn't worked out all the bugs with my watermark. LOL

...and the back of her box, showing the whole line.

The mobility in these knees is average, better than Tessa's click knees and Winx Club Musa's warpy old spaghetti knees, but nowhere near as good as the ...

Bratzillaz "Meygana Broomstix" Doll by MGA Entertainment | The Toy Box Philosopher

I've griped in the past about the lack of diversity among dolls of color; so many of them get saddled with the Asha face or the Mbili face.

I particularly like the neck joint; I'd heard these dolls could turn their heads, but I didn't remember reading that they could tilt them as well.

Zwsisu Super Value 7Pcs 18Inch American Girl Doll Clothes And 10Pcdoll Hair Clips Fits American Girl

Best Friends Club Ink. 18 inches Large Doll Fashion Pack Boho Chic by MGA Entertainment

The BFC Ink girls are shown on the back of the box:

OUTFIT SET #3: Dreamhouse Day Looks. The package's backing had a picture of Teresa, so I assume these were meant for her.

TY Girlz Lovable Lily with Hat and Dog

Gotta have yellow! The aged look was achieved with coffee, so the dress smells nice. It looks good on Mami from the front, but from the side it's clear that ...

Okay, so that's not the best picture I took of her, but that is her. It should be noted that photographing this doll is difficult; she is white, ...

Red is too big to be a convincing child for any of the above dolls. I do think that he'd fit in better with an SD-sized ball-jointed doll, but I don't own ...

Treading softly now since I don't trust Infinity's plastic, the other joints. These dolls have heads that turn and tip some in all directions.