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Lusamine Gladion and Lillie Games and Stuffs t

Lusamine Gladion and Lillie Games and Stuffs t


They're ready Now they can perform a dance routine Choreographed by Gladion

Lusamine Gladion and Lillie

Gladion, Lusamine, Lillie

lillie, Lusamine, and Gladion

Guzma & Lusamine < < < not my sunmoon otp, but I ship it.

Gladion Lillie Lusamine

Gladion Moon Lillie Lusamine

Lillie, lusamine, gladion

Gladion and Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon

Lusamine, Gladion and Lillie

Lusamine didn't feed us cookies before bedtime

Pokémon Sun and Moon mammal fictional character anime

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Kanto Lillie Vs Lusamine (Daughter Vs Mother) - YouTube

Gladion Lillie Lusamine Aether Foundation

[MMD - ENG SUBS] - Unravel - Lusamine, Lillie/Gladion

I just finished the game 20 minutes ago and I already cried, I don't need this as well ;

Lusamine and Lillie

Lusamine- Lillie and Gladion's mon. Pokemon sun and Moon.

Lusamine, Mohn, Guzma, Lillie and Gladion by AnaNini ...

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Forever For Always by kawacy ...

Pokémon Sun and Moon had one of the best stories in any Pokémon game. Lillie was the true star of Sun and Moon. It was her journey and you were along for ...

Pokemon Sun and Moon Lillie, Lusamine, Gladion

Lusamine, What's It Mean? by treespeakart ...

Lillie and Gladion by TheDevilOnYourBack.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Lillie and Gladion

Lusamine by Shirokkon ...

As you progress further in your journey, you will come across a mysterious trainer named Gladion and his Type: Null. He works for Team Skull when you first ...

Really Guzma? now not the time for selfies~ Dat Lusa Be Wack Yo LOL Selfie

#gladion hashtag on Twitter

Pokemon Sun & Moon - Lillie & Hau TOTALLY NOT SECRET CUTSCENE [MMD] - YouTube

Lillie's past didn't start out distressing, in the past she did live peacefully with her once loving mother Lusamine and her brother Gladion.

... ending up a broken invalid, this Lusamine owns her mistakes and repairs her relationship w/ Lillie & Gladion.pic.twitter.com/XknvOeVWuT

Protect Gladion And Lillie At All Costs

This theory states that that the lovely Lusamine is the mother of both Professor Kukui's assistant Lillie, and Team Skull's Emo Enforcer, Gladion.

Game Freak/Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

Pokemon Sun and Moon Trainer Gladion Vs Kanto Lillie (Rival Gladion Vs Lillie) - YouTube

We've already established that Lusamine, Gladion,

Lillie and Lusamine Battle - Pokemon Sun and Moon Hack

Who is LUSAMINE'S FATHER? (Ft. Lumiose Trainer Zac) - Pokemon Sun and Moon Theory) - YouTube

Lusamine Mother Beast (HQ)

Amigurumi Lillie, Lusamine, and Gladion from Pokemon Sun and Moon! | Pokémon Amino

Lunala wants to go on a journey with you

Lusamine by imDRUNKonTEA ...

#lillie #lusamine #gladion #pokemonsunmoon @Junichi_Masudapic.twitter.com/13hvVmZXy5

MOHN MEETS LUSAMINE (Lillie's Father) Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon - Aether Paradise Event

Was Lusamine an abusive parent? - Pokemon Sun Message Board for 3DS - Page 9 - GameFAQs

So I saw this picture (from u/SamCeladon) ...

And can I just say, what the hell with the frozen Pokemon? That was pretty messed up and dark for an E rated game! (Didn't get a pic of it...)

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Guzma Vs Lusamine (Team Skull Vs Aether Foundation) - YouTube


Pokémon Title Challenge 7: Aether President Lusamine (Game Edited)

Boh... Buona festa della mamma. #pokemon #pokemonsoleeluna #æther #


Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Walkthrough | Part 10: Aether President Lusamine

There were five designs in total – Lillie & Cosmog, Lillie & Solgaleo, Lillie & Lunala, Gladion ...

PokéWormhole Battle Challenge 3: Lillie & Gladion (Game Edited)

Dialogue from Lillie and Gladion suggests that their mother wasn't always like this. She was kind, loving, and a wonderful mother.

グも フ , .、オフたら オしの 野性の本能が 告げ

Also, RIP Pikachu

It's a personal story for another time as to precisely why this hit me so hard, but Pokémon has really been tackling some hard stuff in the past.

We thought Lusamine, Gladion, and Lillie looked weird pre-release but... look at the hair match + complexion of *these* folks.pic.twitter.com/jopzpQTe5l

Pokemon Sun and Moon Lillie return from Kanto: Trainer Sun Vs Lillie (Kanto Lillie Unofficial) - YouTube

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon - Lillie and Gladion's Father visits the Aether Foundation

But really, the game centers around Lillie's family (which we don't know is a family), which also consists of her brother, Gladion:

Everything was fine with her, her brother & her mother until her father found out about the Ultra Beasts & the Ultra Wormhole. This research drew Lusamine ...

#alola #gladion #guzma #hau #kukui #lillie #lusamine #plumeria #pokemon #pokemonmoon #pokemonsun #teamskull

Everything was fine with her, her brother & her mother until her father found out about the Ultra Beasts & the Ultra Wormhole. This research drew Lusamine ...

-The President of the Aether Foundation is Lusamine


When defeated, Lusamine will explain that she needs a Pokémon to help find these Ultra Beasts as it was stolen from her. She then instructs Wicke to send ...

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Features an Unexpected and Bittersweet Reunion

In Lillie's own words, those two years were the worst Lusamine had ever been. We're not sure exactly what she did during that time that was so much more ...

Lusamine and her Ultra Beast passion

Lillie w/ no hat and new hairstyle confronting her mom

Pokemon Demotivational: Crazy Lusamine by FluffyKyubey42 ...

Lusamine and Gladion

Don't cry Mom.

When confronting Lusamine in Ultra Space, however, we discover more about Lusamine and Lillie's relationship.

The backstory is all so similar to Lillie because well... they're siblings. What do you expect? They're from the same background, same mother, same place.

When confronting Lusamine in Ultra Space, however, we discover more about Lusamine and Lillie's relationship.

Obvious Pika, Solgaleo, Necrozma and Lunala. Guzma Golisopod. Lusamine Nihilego. Gladion Silvally. Lillie?… https://t.co/MsuocU2l0v"

Pokemon Sun & Moon Gameplay PART 30: A NEW LILLIE |Let's Play Walkthrough [3DS]

Lillie Scolds Lusamine! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 44 [RAW]

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon: Part 40 - Lillie Z-Powered! [100% Walkthrough]

MMD Lusamine, Lillie, and Gladion - WAVE

It doesn't take long at all to find Lusamine, she comes off as bothered and extremely annoyed by our presence. She then gets angry with Lillie, ...

[Gladion and Lillie Tribute] Drag Me Down

Lillie is the most notable character here.

Granted, one could argue that Lusamine HAD good intentions through Pokémon Sun and Moon. And this is, somewhat, true. For example one of the main reasons ...

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon - Mohn Meets Lusamine at Aether Paradise