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Ludendorff rail bridge Remagen March 1945 US Third Army

Ludendorff rail bridge Remagen March 1945 US Third Army


Ludendorff rail bridge, Remagen, March 1945 - US Third Army crosses the Rhine by

Ludendorff rail bridge in Remagen, seen from the east bank of the Rhine four hours before the span collapsed, March

conquest of the Remagen bridge On March American troops conquer the Ludendorff railway bridge at Remagen, West German, the only intact across the Rhine.

US troops Germany Remagen World War II The Ludendorff Bridge ...

The Bridge at Remagen “Combat Engineers repairing the Ludendorff Bridge on 17 March 1945 four hours before it collapsed” On 7 March 1945, Allied troops ...

File:WWII, Europe, Germany, "U.S. First Army at Remagen Bridge"

... a large American push to the Rhine. They had arrived at a high point overlooking the scenic resort town on the west bank of the Rhine River, ...

Remagen Bridge March 1945 (NARA)

Capturing the bridge at Remagen

Ludendorff rail bridge, Remagen, March 1945 - US Third Army crosses the Rhine by coup de main, with armour including this Sherman. Though the brid…

Eastern towers at Remagen March 1945

Sherman of the armored, Remagen, 1945

REMAGEN BRIDGE (aka Ludendorff Bridge) on 17 March 1945 after it's capture by a

AA Halftrack protecting the sky over the Remagen Bridge March 1945


The bridge seen from the bank of the Rhine before its March 1945 collapse

Here we see the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen some time between its capture by US troops on 7 March 1945 and its collapse on 17 March.

Remagen bridge approach

Tunnel at the end of the Ludendorff Bridge (the Bridge at Remagen) right after capture by American troops, March 1945. [800x634] - Imgur


The events leading up to the capture of the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen in March 1945, and the fierce fighting and unconventional German counterattacks ...

The 47th Infantry Regiment, attached to the 9th Infantry Division, marches through Remagen to

In WWII, the bridge at Remagen allowed U.S. troops to cross the Rhine - Travel - Stripes

The Ludendorff Bridge (Bridge at Remagen) following its capture by Allied forces. Picture taken between March 8-11, 1945. Photo courtesy the German Federal ...

Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen, Germany in the 1920

After Adolf Hitler ordered all bridges across the Rhine River blown up to prevent the Allies

Later that evening, when word of the bridge's capture reach Allied commanders, the US First Army began funneling all available troops towards Remagen.

German Remagen / Ludendorff Railway-Bridge 1/285 3d printed

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American troops on the Ludendorff Bridge in 1918

World War II: US forces' capture of the Bridge of Remagen was a turning point | NRS-Import | DW | 27.04.2015

WWII: REMAGEN BRIDGE, 1945. Soldiers of the U.S. 1st Army crossing the Ludendorff

Ludendorff Bridge east towers remains in Erpel, Remagen, Germany. On March 7,

The Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen—the last standing on the Rhine—was captured by soldiers of the U.S. 9th Armored Division on 7 March 1945, during Operation ...


After Adolf Hitler ordered all bridges across the Rhine River blown up to prevent the Allies. American troops ...

What finished the bridge at Remagen?

Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen - Stock Image

Germany: Infantrymen of the 302nd Infantry Regiment 94th Division, KK Corps, 3rd U.S.

The Ludendorff Bridge was constructed in 1918 to transport German troops over the Rhine to the Western Front battlefields of World War I. As the Nazis ...


The eastern entrance to the Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen, Germany. (picture-alliance

The remnants of the Ludendorff bridge on the west bank of the Rhine River in Remagen, Germany. Despite the Nazi's attempt to destroy the bridge it was ...

Edmund MacNeil Jr., Headquarters and Service Company of the 284th, wrote about the V-2 strikes of March 17, 1945, near the river.

Foto: The Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen, having served its purpose of carrying thousands of Allied troops with their tanks and supplies across the Rhine, ...

The Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen collapsed into a pile of twisted wreckage on March 17,

In March 1945, the crew of an American M26 Pershing heavy tank takes a break

Plaque commemorating the battle for the Ludendorff bridge in Remagen during the 2nd World War.

The collapsed Ludendorff Bridge on 27 March 1945

Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen, Germany - Stock Image

Map 3. The Remagen Bridgehead 7-24 March 1945

As US troops approached the Rhine River in February and March 1945, the prospects of finding one of the 40 bridges across the river intact seemed dim ...

A large sign was placed on one of the stone towers of the Ludendorff Bridge (see photos below) by C Co, 9th Armored Engineer Battalion, marked "CROSS THE ...

The bridge was built during World War I to get German troops to the western front faster. It was finished in time for the retreating German army to cross it ...

Bridge of Remagen

LUDENDORFF BRIDGE Remagen Germany 1st U.S. Army Rhine River 1945 WWII Newspaper. Image062

LUDENDORFF RAILWAY BRIDGE over the Rhine River at Remagen captured by men of the 9th Armored Division.

Here are some recent photos I snapped and some general information about The Ludendorff Bridge and its siege.

GERMANY, REMAGEN, 2016-09-17: Remains of the western towers of

Remagen Bridge 2016

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... by the American engineers—one 700 meters downstream previously mentioned, and the other between Kripp and Linz. On March 16 the ponton bridge between ...

A jeep full of American soldiers pulls a trailer that is also filled to capacity with

Remagen Railway Bridge - East Bank

The museum.

Bridge at Remagen

An U.S armored reconnaissance car near the Remagen Bridge, Germany (March 1945) -


Ludendorff Bridge spanning the Rhine River at Remagan, Germany. March 7-17,

Tremendous financial, material, and human effort was necessary to construct the Ludendorff Bridge and its railroad tunnel through the "Erpeler Ley" in such ...

Peacemuseum Bridge of Remagen

Everett Collin (left) with his younger brother Roy (right) near the Ludendorff Bridge near Remagen. March 1945. Photo courtesy of Lonnie Collins.

The Ludendorff Bridge or Bridge at Remagen

To the scenario details now. First the scenario map needs a bit of adjustment to allow WR's 20mm WWII collection sufficient space on the tabletop.

Sfc. Joseph A. De Lisio in front of the Ludendorff Bridge in 1962. NORM ZEISLOFT/STARS AND STRIPES. "

PoW Memorial, Remagen

The Ludendorff Bridge or Bridge at Remagen

Re: WWII: European Theater daily - 1944 (was Normandy Daily). March 2 1945: ...


Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine

One of the stone arches that is left of the bridge at Remagen

After Adolf Hitler ordered all bridges across the Rhine River blown up to prevent the Allies

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M16 MGMC with M45 Quadmount Remagen Ludendorff Bridge March 1945. Then image: http://www.worldwarphotos.info. Now image: WW2 Then in Now, Cor Sleutel

Remembering Remagen Bridge: A Lesson in American Initiative

from Wikipedia by ...

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Film The Bridge at Remagen


... the destruction of the bridge, and the enormous prisoner-of-war-camp "The Golden Mile" the US Army had set up in Remagen and Sinzig with drawings, ...