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Louis Armstrong was part of a revolution that occurred during this

Louis Armstrong was part of a revolution that occurred during this


Louis Armstrong was part of a revolution that occurred during this era known as the Harlem Renaissance. African American individuals began to have deep ...

Louis Armstrong restored.jpg. Armstrong in 1953

It's safe to say that Louis Armstrong is hands down one of the most important musicians in jazz history. Nicknamed “Satchmo” or “Pops”, Louis is one of the ...

Louis Armstrong: America's First Marijuana Advocate

Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong shown in the upstairs den of his Corona, New York home

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Louis Armstrong in Corona

Louis Armstrong. “

Louie Armstrong God he's great. Saw him at the Newport Jazz festival in mid-to-late and got unbelievable photos of him with his cheeks blown out .

louis armstrong in 20 songs

“Louis Armstrong is jazz. He represents what the music is all about.” — Wynton Marsalis

Louis Armstrong - Philippe Halsman

Louis Armstrong

“Jubilee” (1938) Louis Armstrong · "

Louis Armstrong and Grace Kelly

Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong

aniel Louis Armstrong, better known as Louis Armstrong or Satchmo, was born on the 4th of August 1901. Armstrong was born into a poor family in New Orleans, ...

Louis Armstrong Picture

Louis Armstrong

Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong (subtitulos español)

Louis Armstrong's underrated legacy.

louis armstrong friends radio listen to music more louis armstrong friends radio listen to music more

Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Triptych, as part of Trendsetters in Triptych

... Trumpet Masters: Celebrating Louis Armstrong & Lee Morgan

Louis Armstrong Remixed

Portrait Of Louis Armstrong | 20th Century Music Icons

Godfather-figure ...

85 Years of Louis Armstrong's Session With Erskine Tate

Louis Armstrong & Lil Hardin Armstrong

When Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong tried to iron out how their 1953 joint tour would play out, egos clashed and Goodman dropped out.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: 1923-1934

American jazz singer and trumpeter Louis Armstrong - wearing a woolen suit, cap and argyle socks in London during his first tour of Europe, Photo by Frank ...

Musician Louis Armstrong with neighborhood kids in Queens. New York, 1965.

Louis Armstrong and Bird. Even though it would be nice to talk about the complete story of jazz, I can only concentrate on the era that started with swing ...

On June 28, 1928, a 26-year-old Louis Armstrong walked into a Chicago recording studio with five fellow jazz instrumentalists and walked out having changed ...

The Highlife Revolution Part 1. Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Performs Live in Accra, May 1956.

Louis Armstrong Plays W. C. Handy / Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars TIDAL

That seems to have been the case with Louis Armstrong. In his biography of the Jazz great, Lawrence Bergreen talks about Louis' baptism ...

Louis Armstrong in Paris Blues (1961)

Louis Armstrong: Music, Trumpet & Vocal Style - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

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JAZZ Richard Davis Louis Armstrong John Coltrane Miles Davis Ellington 5 1966


10 best Louis Armstrong songs

Louis Armstrong. By the end of the Second World War jazz was changing be-bop the new revolution in jazz was taking place. Its practitioners were northern ...

Louis Armstrong's Childhood

Pops – Louis Armstrong, “West End Blues”

Louis Armstrong is frightened by a skeleton during the song 'Skeleton in the Closet'

Eliot Elisofon/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty

Louis Armstrong & Ella FitzgeraldLouis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald


Louis Armstrong's Welcome Ceremony in Accra, 1956.

The Road to Mastery

Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World

What personal, cultural, and historical elements conspired to create such genius in one so poor, black, and uneducated?

Satchmo: The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong: Steven Brower, Hilton Als: 9780810995284: Amazon.com: Books

Label: Time Life

Who Was Louis Armstrong? Yona Zeblis McDonough


Armstrong played a bandleader in the television production "The Lord Don't Play Favorites" on Producers' Showcase in 1956.


Louis Armstrong: An Extravagant Life


Given all the musical firepower involved, it is an understated set. Most of the songs are downtempo, anchored by bassist Ray Brown's impeccable timing and ...

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Satchmo: The Genius of Louis Armstrong

Christmas Jazz Songs – Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald

Louis Armstrong's trumpet on display at an exhibit at Queens College in New York at the

Although he was a distinguished jazz artist, he remained a modest man who gave away as much as he earned. Matthew J. Bruccoli describes Louis as…

... “Armstrong...made it clear that from now on he's the man to see for future statements. He said he sent telegrams to 10 major newspapers around the ...

LISTEN: Louis Armstrong Hot Seven, 1927, "Willie the Weeper" A classic New Orleans piece replete with polyrhythm and polyphony. Following the guitar solo, ...

Watch the Earliest Known Footage of Louis Armstrong Performing Live in Concert (Copenhagen, 1933) | Open Culture

Lil Hardin Armstrong

Louis Armstrong. Making money ain't nothing exciting to me - you might be

Selmer trumpet, given as a gift by King George V of the United Kingdom to Louis Armstrong in 1933

310000 Louis Armstrong copy In May 1927 the ...

Nobody can explain why “Hello Dolly” hit #1 in 1964. But then, nobody can explain why Louis Armstrong didn't hit #1 all the time.

The fight goes on. Thank you, Louis Armstrong. Nobody knows the trouble you saw…

courtesy of the louis armstrong house museum

Louis Armstrong And The Blues Singers, 1924 - 1930, Vol.5Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. “

Music in Hardship. Armstrong ...

Louis Armstrong in 1966