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Looking for an extra performance cooling system for your CPU

Looking for an extra performance cooling system for your CPU


liquid cool your CPU

In the pantheon of nerd achievement, water cooling ranks near the top-somewhere between installing Linux and becoming fluent in Klingon. And there's a ...

Alienware Aurora

If you want performance similar to the big Noctua, but don't a big brown behemoth living in your PC, the Cryorig R1 Universal should be your go-to.

The heat is expelled from a laptop by an exhaust centrifugal fan

How to Best Cool a PC: Your Air and Water Cooling Options Explained

If you are serious about the looks of your gaming PC, it would be a good idea to set out a chunk of your budget to acquire one of these coolers.

In this article, we are going to take a look at three coolers, two of which we have previously benchmarked on our Intel Core i7-4770k system, ...

Installation for this type of cooler is simple. It's a backplate-mounted water block for the CPU, connected to a small, one-fan radiator.

Antec Kühler H2O 620

All-in-One Liquid Cooling

Water cooling masterclass

maingear closeup 2

The Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler has an extra-thick radiator and dual PWM fans for efficient, customizable cooling for your high performance CPU.

Cool it down

The updated H.P.M.S. II mounting system allows for quick and easy installation and offers full compatibility with AMD's new AM4 socket.

If you're looking to overclock, build a silent PC, or just get your rig operating at peak performance, you may want more than stock cooling for your ...


Test-fitted all the components on standard cooling to make sure everything works.

Brilliant liquid cooling performance, in a single case fan mount


It's Corsair Link compatible, so you can customise cooling performance, monitor system temperature, and change the colour of the RGB LED lighting.

Air Cooling

A PC with Custom Loop Liquid Cooling Setup

CPU Water-cooling


The flexible, powerful 120mm liquid CPU cooling system for high performance PCs.

Where there is an improvement is in how quickly the temperature dropped again after the load was withdrawn and how cool the CPU is during normal use.

ORIGIN PC Debuts FROSTBYTE and CRYOGENIC Liquid Cooling Systems Offering the Highest Performance and Most Customization Available Now for the Most Powerful ...

best cpu 2017


Laptop cooling system upgrade. How to add a heatsink to a chipset without mounts - YouTube

The system is designed for easy installation and includes tubing, coolant, and a Zalman CPU waterblock (additional waterblocks are optional).

Best CPU coolers

Overclocking Your CPU

My first impression with this piece of cooling was its large and hefty box, all round black with just a couple of white and blue accents – trademark of ...

For some builds, especially in smaller form factor enclosures, using a conventional tower cooler is not an option. It's possible that you have a pre-built ...

Going by this comparison video, the company's last-gen stock cooler for many of its CPUs is sorely lacking in the acoustics department.

digital storm bolt ii cpu fans

How to install the Corsair Cooling™ Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler - YouTube

Other parts will require a quick once-over will your cloth. Do not worry about leaving your PC dust-less. Just try to clean as much noticeable dust as ...

cooler master hyper compcat cpu cooler

AMD's Ryzen CPUs: Good For Games, Better For Everything Else

Image titled Install a Desktop Computer Fan Step 1

The blocks look great, the installation is straight forward and as we'll get to in a moment, the performance is spot ...

Thermaltake WATER 3.0 Triple Riing RGB High Static Pressure Fans 360 AIO Water Cooling System CPU

CORSAIR - Hydro Series 120mm Liquid Cooling System - Black - Front_Zoom


Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition PWM TR4 LGA2066 Ready AIO Liquid Cooling

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate 360mm AIO Enthusiast Liquid Cooling System CPU Cooler CL-W007-

This method ejects CPU heat into the case, but the large volume of air passing through the radiator diminishes its effect on other components.


Commodore 128DCR computer's switch-mode power supply, with a user-installed 40 mm cooling fan. Vertical aluminium profiles are used as heatsinks.

thermaltake water cpu cooler

... CryoRig A40 - box right ...

Your Guide to New Technology

Sale Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performer C 120mm AIO Liquid Cooling System CPU Cooler CLW0222-B

When using large heatsink coolers, extra care must be taken to ensure that clearance for things like memory sticks is available.

Our Ultimate RGB Elite Performance rig featuring Ryzen and GeForce was a knockout with the community. Now we're back with another surprise, pairing the best ...

3 Best Laptop Vacuum Cooling Fans to Improve Performance

AMD Overdrive Performance Tuning

What You Need To Know About Overclocking

Call it seasonable by sticky Manhattan standards or a bracing Spring cold snap for Aussies. But it's over 90 in old money and the ...

The company also offers a full line of similar tower coolers priced accordingly with their heat dissipation capabilities.

How To Spot a Dead CPU Water Cooler (My Asetek Water Pump Failed) - YouTube

Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler

amd ryzen 1800x build 7

STH Project Xavier EPYC And Skylake SP

Is Aftermarket CPU Cooling Worth It? - Overclocking Examination - YouTube


In today's review we will be having a look at some of the most popular single tower 140 mm CPU coolers currently available. Considering that height usually ...

There is no perfect solution for CPU cooling performance, as each of the two common approaches have their pros and cons. The solution that is best for your ...

Computer cooling systems are required to remove the heat produce by computer components. It's not a secret that high performance of modern computers comes ...

menyen Liquid CPU Cooler High Performance Liquid CPU Water Cooling System (Dual Fan) -

Water / Liquid Coolers

Amazon.com: Deepcool Genome II 360 cpu water cooling system pre-installed atx mid tower gaming pc case, black green, am4 compatible, 3-year warranty: ...

Pi 2 heatmap image


Please Note: Only one fan is supplied with this cooler. If you require a

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