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Little River Kachina Doll by Brendan Kayquoptewa Hopi Native

Little River Kachina Doll by Brendan Kayquoptewa Hopi Native


Little River Kachina Doll by Brendan Kayquoptewa (Hopi)

Traditional | Katsina Dolls | Kachina Dolls | Hopi Pueblo | Carver .

Cicada Kachina Doll by Eloy Talahytewa (Hopi)

Native American Hopi Carved Crow Man Warrior Katsina Doll

kachina House has the best in antique katsina dolls such as this beautiful Native American Hopi carved crow mother.

Brandon Kayquoptewa Brandon Kayquoptewa, a member of the Rabbit Clan from Hotevilla Village on Third Mesa, is a versatile carver who can create highly ...

Cow Kachina Doll by Raynard Lalo (Hopi)

Hopi Peeping Out Man kachina

Zuni Warrior Kachina Doll by Kory Jean (Hopi)

Hopi Pueblo Kwivi Koyemsi Katsina Doll - C3843C #adobegallery #SouthwestIndianArt #HopiPueblo #Katsina

native american kachina

Antique Hopi Pueblo Kachina Doll / C. 1940's / Native American Indian -Southwest.

Museum dolls: Corn Dancer Kachina Doll by Mark Taho (Hopi)

Hopi kachina dolls. My mom made many of these, and they were beautiful!


Albino Tsakwyna Kachina Doll by Ryon Polequaptewa (Hopi)

Parrot Kachina with Rain Kachinas Artist: Wilmer Kaye, Hopi

Kachina Doll - Hopi Cottonwood Root Hú Katsina Doll - carries yucca strips in each hand which are used to whip the children - not harsh but ceremonial

Hopi Polychrome Wood Kachina Doll Depicting Sio Hemis, Arizona wood, natural and commercial pigments.

Kachina Doll - Hopi Sowi-ing - Deer Katsina Doll by Silas Roy, Sr. The Deer Katsina has power over rain - when he dances, it is a prayer for increase of ...

This Hopi Kachina Doll was created by Leonard Taho, master Native American wood carver sometime

Frog Kachina Doll by Alvin Navasie (Hopi)

#Hopi #Katsina #Kachina by master carver Ryan Gashweseoma. This is the Nata

Hopi Kachina Doll - Crow Mother

Tobacco Flower Katsina - Tayron Polequaptewa (Winter Sun Trading Co, Flagstaff, AZ)

Kachina Doll – Hopi Pueblo – Little River Grandfather - Tunei-nili Katsina – very animated wood carving – dancer in motion inspired by the Navajo Rain Gods

Old Style Hopi Carved Bean Traditional Katsina Doll at Kachina House

Little River Kachina Doll by Brendan Kayquoptewa (Hopi) | Hopi Kachinas | Pinterest | American art and Samurai

Fine Native American Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Kachina Dolls

Old Style Hopi Carved Black Ogre (Nata-aska) Traditional Disciplinarian Katsina Doll by

Hopi Hon Or Bear Kachina Doll Carving Brendan Kayquoptewa KS41962


Hemis (New Corn) Kachina Doll

tawaquaptewa kachina doll

Native American Kachina Dolls

Badger Kachina Doll by Fannon Mowa (Hopi)

Specializing in Old Hopi Kachina Dolls. Large selection of Antique Hopi Kachina Dolls online.

kachina doll

Kachina Doll - Hopi Older Mastop Katsina Doll - Third Mesa - not seen on Second or First Mesa.

Old Style Hopi Carved Black Ogre (Nata-aska) Traditional Disciplinarian Katsina Doll by Augustine Mowa Jr. | Hopi Kachinas | Pinterest | Dolls

Hopi Talavai, Early Morning Katsina Doll - Price Estimate: $500 - $700

Kachina Doll (Kokopol) Culture: Pueblo, Hopi, Native American Medium: Wood

Native-American-kachina-doll Hopi Indian Deer Dancer

Katsina - Kachina Doll – Sikyaqöqlo Flat Style Katsina Doll – Hopi Pueblo - Flat katsina dolls are gifted to infants during the first few years of their ...

Sipiknitaqa "before 1934"

Hopi Kachina Doll (Side)

Hopi Kachina

Hopi Older Unsigned Tasap Katsina Doll by an unknown carver

Jimmie K Colorful Katsina

4 Kachinas

Hopi Katsina doll

Hopi Cottonwood Navankatsina - Velvet Shirt Katsina Doll - Hopi Pueblo - Brendan C. This Kachina represents blooming of plants - beauty of life. Kayquoptewa ...

A Zuni kachina doll

Hopi polychrome wood kachina doll, 17 inches high, Sotheby's 1999

ELOTRO: Kachinas

Kachina dolls of the Hopi Native American Tribe Poster

Native American Hopi Carved Prickly Pear Fruit-Cactus Katsina Doll at Kachina House

Hopi Kwahu or Eagle Kachina Doll by Artist Silas Roy at SilverTribe.com

Hemis kachina tihu [jcx] Hopi, Colton 132Tableta: upper border: three semicircles

Kachina Doll (Hon [Bear]) Culture: Hopi Pueblo, Native American Medium

Kachina Doll – Hopi Pueblo Susöpa - Cricket Katsina Doll - appears as a racer, although many Hopi will say that he appears only at night in the kivas.

Chasing Star Kachina Doll by Sandra Suhu (Hopi)

Squash Kachina Doll by Andrew Sahmie (Hopi)

Old Style Hopi Carved Black Ogre (Nata-aska) Traditional Disciplinarian Katsina Doll by Augustine Mowa Jr. | Hopi Kachinas | Pinterest | Dolls

Hemis kachina tihu, Hopi (Colton 132) [jcx]

Prickly Pear Kachina by Clark Tenakhongva | Kachinas | Pinterest | Native art, Sculpture art and American art

Tseveyo "late 1800s to early 1900s"

Hopi Kachina Doll by tricky (rick harrison), via Flickr

Hopi Kachina Doll YO WE Priest Killer with by CharmedCollectibles, $1000.00

A Hopi Polychrome Wood Kachina Doll, depicting Hemis

Southwest Polychrome Carved Wood Kachina | Sale Number 2473, Lot Number 316 | Skinner Auctioneers · Hopi IndiansAmerican DollsCarved WoodSamuraiNative ...

#Hopi #Katsina #Kachina by master carver Ryan Gashweseoma. This is the Nata'aska or Black Ogre katsi - buffalobarrys_indian_art | Kachinas | Pinterest ...

A Hopi Polychrome Wood Kachina Doll, probably depicting Lenya height 13 7/8 in

Spotted Corn Kachina Doll by Charles Chimerica (Hopi)

Pot Carrier Kachina Doll by Rick James (Hopi)

Buffalo Maiden Kachina Doll by Augustine Mowa III (Hopi)

A Hopi kachina doll Cow kachina

Sun Maiden Kachina Doll by Kevin Sekakuku (Hopi)


Katsina - Kachina Doll – Hopi Palhikmana - Butterfly Girl Katsina Doll - part of Mamznau society - towering tabletas topped by clouds of eagle feathers


Hopi Deer Kachina by Michael Talahytewa

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Kachina House has a Native American Hopi Carved Cactus Mana Katsina Doll and many other Kachinas!

Hopi Katsina figures (AKA kachina dolls); Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona.

Hopi Warrior Mudhead Kachina Doll Native American Keith Torres KS44479 | Kachina dolls | Pinterest

Hopi Kachina doll by Wilson Tawaquaptewa - Kachina - Katsina Dolls - Hopi Pueblo

Kokopelli Maiden Kachina Doll by Herb Talahaftewa (Hopi)

Warrior Mudhead Kachina

Hopi Kachina c. 1930 | Kachina 's | Pinterest | Indian art, Pueblo pottery and Native art

Old Style Hopi Carved Longhair Redbeard Traditional Rain Dancer Katsina Doll by Wayland Namingha

Old Style Hopi Carved Black Ogre (Nata-aska) Traditional Disciplinarian Katsina Doll by Augustine Mowa Jr. | Hopi Kachinas | Pinterest | Dolls

Hair Hungry Kachina Doll by Manfred Susunkewa (Hopi)

Hoho is a runner who challenges Hopi boys to foot races. Indian DollsAmerican DollsAmerican ...

Katsina Category: Traditional Culture: Hopi Pueblo Medium: Wood, paint, yarn,

From The Nancy Sue and Judson C. Ball Collection

"Hopi Old Style Kachina Doll by Manfred Susundewa"

Hopi Rte. 66 Kachina Doll, c. 1940

Eagle Culture: Hopi Pueblo Category: Traditional Carver: Unknown Medium: Cottonwood, yarn

Kachina Ogre. Hopi, Arizona, 1930 - 40