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List of Messier objects Wikipedia Catalof every known Nebulae

List of Messier objects Wikipedia Catalof every known Nebulae


Crab Nebula.jpg

VST images the Lagoon Nebula.jpg

Orion Nebula - Hubble 2006 mosaic 18000.jpg


Portion of the Carina Nebula

Dumbbell of the Ball: Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope / Coelum Dumbbell Nebula shines with spectacular colors in this amazing image captured by the ...



messier 17,m17

lagoon nebula,messier 8,m8,ngc 6523

Messier Objects - M1 - Crab Nebula, NGC 1952, Globular Cluster in Taurus constellation, M2, M3, M4, M5...M110

Messier 5 Hubble WikiSky.jpg

Messier catalogue - Messier objects from M1 to M110

The "Pillars of Creation" from the Eagle Nebula. Evidence from the Spitzer Telescope suggests that the pillars may already have been destroyed by a ...

The Messier 50 open star cluster, shown in proximity to the Seagull Nebula (IC 2177). Credit: Wikisky

The Crab Nebula (aka. Messier Object 1) is a source of cosmic rays

dumbbell nebula,m27

M15 Globular Cluster credit: NASA/ ESA


M12 to M22

Messier Objects

Today this catalog is known as the Messier Catalog. We know it today as a listing of the brightest galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.

Hubble images of Eagle Nebula's Pillars of Creation


SH2 157 Claw Nebula

Image ...


M1 – Crab Nebula. Wikipedia

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messier objects,messier 7,ngc 6475,ptolemy cluster

New General Catalogue - List of NGC Objects - Special Selection (HD)

M16 - The Eagle Nebula (aka NGC 6611 and the Star Queen Nebula), a young open cluster of stars in the constellation Serpens.

The Lagoon Nebula (M8, NGC 6523)

Infrared Ring Nebula

Image credit: © 2008 by Patrick Freeman, via http://www.

Dumbbell Nebula

The Iris Nebula

Image of the object. – Alternate designation, such as NGC number. – Common name or nickname, if any. – Type of object: galaxy, nebula, globular cluster, ...



The Cigar Galaxy, also known as M82, is located 12 million light years away. It is a Starburst Galaxy, which means it is currently undergoing rapid star ...

Messier Object Names · Icon Sheet: Clickable icons for all Messier objects in one screen, or static Messier poster ...

... The Milky Way and Messier Objects 6 to 8 - Barton - Canberra - ACT -

The view looking southwest at 9 p.m. on March 15 (except for the changing Moon position, this mid-month view is accurate for all of March).

New view of the Pillars of Creation — infrared

Messier 82 on Wikipedia

Nebula. From Wikipedia ...


List of Messier objects - Wikipedia Catalof every known Nebulae, Stars and Galaxies | Astronomy | Pinterest


It is a large nebula that is best imaged with a small refractor. To truly appreciate the details in this amazing object be sure to capture some HA data to ...

Centaurus A Galaxy

... (3.0M) ...

EarthSky Facebook friend Josh Blash captured this image of the Andromeda galaxy in July, 2014

The Dumbbell Nebula (M27) was the first planetary nebula discovered, by Charles Messier

IC 443 The Jellyfish Nebula

... Calabash Nebula - 5,000ly ...

The extremely high-excitation nebula shown here is powered by an extremely rare binary star system: a Wolf-Rayet star orbiting an O-star.

Messier 76 – The Little Dumbbell Nebula in Perseus

New view of the Pillars of Creation — visible

M53 ...

Portrait of Charles Messier, author of the Messier catalog of deep sky objects

NGC 7635 - Image: Bubble Nebula

My image of the Flaming Star Nebula consisting of over 17 hours of exposure time!

M76 The Little Dumbbell Nebula. "

Chandra celebrates the International Year of Light

click for larger image

Omega nebula


NGC 55 is 7 million light years away from us - to help you visualise that, the Milky Way is 0.1 million light years wide, so if you imagine 70 Milky Ways ...

M67 Open Cluster (credit:- Palomar Observatory/STScl/WikiSky)

It was discovered by Philippe Loys de Chéseaux in 1745. Wikipedia. (ref - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega_Nebula) Here's my previous attempt in my 6"

Orion composite1

and then a 10 minute image of the globular cluster M5

We now know that these Messier objects are enormous star-studded structures like galaxies, nebulae, and clusters, and sophisticated modern telescope have ...

Stars and Gas of the Running Chicken Nebula


Crescent Nebula bicolor

NGC 7635 - Image: Bubble Nebula NGC7635 Goran Nilsson & The Liverpool Telescope

A whole new view of the Crab Nebula

Further interest in this constellation (from Wikipedia)

NGC 6820 and NGC 6823 - NGC 6820/NGC 6823 (north is down)

WR7 at the centre of NGC 2359