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Lil Bub mouth t


Lil Bub - a cat born with congenital deformities - she can't walk properly

Which Celebrity Cat Should Be Your BFF? You got: Lil Bub Lil Bub can


Lil Bub - a cat born with congenital deformities - she can't walk properly and can't close her mouth, but she is dearly loved and isn't letting anything ...

It's BUB's party, and she'll hiss if she wants to. And she

Meet Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Colonel Meow, Nora the Piano Cat, and Henri le Chat Noir—five felines who rule the Internet.


lil bub has a paw up

Lil Bub - a cat born with congenital deformities - she can't walk properly and can't close her mouth, but she is dearly loved and isn't letting anything ...

Lil Bub is called a “perma-kitten”, which means she will always have the appearance of a cute kitten all her life. She weighs only 3.9 pounds.


lil bub. “

Bloomington's Lil Bub: Quirky Kitty, Internet Star

Lil Bub - a cat born with congenital deformities - she can't walk properly and can't close her mouth, but she is dearly loved and isn't letting anything ...

Popular: Lil Bub's first film debuted at the acclaimed Tribeca film festival last week

Lil Bub.

Lil BUB in a tub: The Internet's cutest cat takes a bath

Lil Bub

So cute: Lil Bub, the latest famous feline to become a global web sensation

But Lil Bub wasn't going to let any inborn issue prevent her from waddling around with her twenty-two (yes, twenty-two!) toes and claws and living her life ...

Enjoying each other's company: A photo shows the two pussies contently napping side-by

She was adopted by Mike Bridavsky, who christened her Lil Bub—because of her adorable little tongue. The happy ending would have to wait, ...

Sussing each other out: Two of the internet's most famous felines, Grumpy Cat and

Lil BUB and me (her dude) are doing an AMA about all things BUB: from space travel, to telepathy, to pet food. Ask Us Anything! : wholesomememes

Call of the BUB square

Lil Bub Adopt Don't Buy PSA

On how Lil Bub has changed his life. “

10 Lil Bub Facts You Need to Know

Lil BUB's Lil Book

Casey Weldon - "Lil Bub Kittypillar"

On his approach to fame and fortune with Lil Bub

What's next for Mike and Lil Bub?

Erin McCarthy

Mike Bridavsky Lil Bub's unique look makes ...

On Lil Bub's health issues

On making business deals

lil bub

Visit Lil Bub's Store.

Lil Bub

Lil BUB's Lil Book

A happy, recovering, squonking, snorting, slurping, drooling Lil BUB

A Typical Evening with Lil BUB

Because of the shape of her mouth, Bub couldn't nurse, so she was bottle fed until she could eat on her own.

Polydactyl and dwarf cat Lil Bub!

Run the Jewels' new video for "Meowpurrdy" features famous feline Lil Bub (Run the Jewels via YouTube)

Lil Bub announces ASPCA grant for special needs animals ...

Mike Bridavsky Obviously ...

Lil BUB's Lil Book

The Story of Lil BUB

BUB and Josie the Cat Takeover. Lil BUB

Relaxing: The cat became an internet hit after her owner Michael Bridavsky began posting pictures

While Bridavsky prepares the daily Bub blog post, she naps in his lap. Later, they might shoot some photos for the blog or go outside and hang out.

Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub met and hung out like super cuties!

Lil BUB's Big SHOW Premieres With Whoopi Goldberg as the First Special Guest

Lil Bub

Meet Lil Bub

Lil BUB's Lil Book, Lil BUB

Lil Bub, the Internet's Cutest Cat, Is Building a Not-So-Lil Media Empire. Lil Bub ...


Fortunately, this doesn't affect her appetite. Her dwarfism is due to smaller limbs, compared to the majority of cats.

The popularity of the Internet Cat has only increased since the dawn of the web and 2012 was no exception. This year saw plenty of feline celebrities ...

Not lost in translation: Appeal of Lil Bub stretches around globe

Lil Bub in Lincoln Park

Meet Lil Bub

Lil Bub's “Dude” Talks About How a Cute Little Cat Got Famous and Changed His Life - Catster

Despite these challenges, BUB's an amazingly chill cat who's content in just about any environment—whether on the road meeting and greeting fans with her " ...

Are you Grumpy Cat or Lil' Bub

'Perma-kitten' known as Lil Bub to visit Portland on Sunday | OregonLive.com

lil bub

Born to a feral stray in 2011 in rural Indiana, one could say that she had a rather challenging start in life. But being thrust into the world with nothing ...

Lil Bub - MoW

The average cat has 18 claws, Bub's unique, she has 22.

Cuddle Barn Lil' Bub Adorable Kitten Cat Plush Toy - Cb8240

Lil Bub

Re: Internet Cat: Lil Bub

The Story of BUB's Miraculous Recovery as She RACES UP THE STAIRS

Scientists Aim to Decode the Genetic Mystery of Lil BUB

Lil Bub montage

Kayla Sweeney

Artist Ricky Stink's Illustration Of The Final Step In Our “How To Make Your Own Lil' Bub” Process

Please put #FeatureThis in the comments or repost this to raise awareness for all these poor kitties (And to share adorable Lil' Bub with the world!)

The most important thing to know about Bub, though, is that despite the challenges she faces, she's a happy, healthy cat.

A chunk of Bub's earnings go to support other needy animals.


Lil Bub has teamed up with Norbert, a unique registered therapy dog with a BIG heart. At just 7 inches tall, Norbert inspires others through his volunteer ...

Bub's favorite internet cat/boyfriend is Smoosh, another celebrity feline from Bloomington, Indiana. His owner, David, designs Bub's merchandise.