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Let39s fight racism and misogyny on all fronts t

Let39s fight racism and misogyny on all fronts t


These don't even fully cover this baboon.

And, stop arguing with Black and other people of color when they tell you to stop: It really should be unnecessary to write more than just, 'Don't' in this ...

I Am Not Your Nazi

Not to mention the people who say "I hate men" aren't real feminists, and the people who say "I hate white people" probably aren't really for racial ...

*women telling the truth about men/male violence irritates men, male violence against women and girls, kills women and girls. Do not let primitive cults and ...

Feminism is about equality on all fronts

The struggles men face aren`t proof of the existence of misandry, but rather examples of misogyny backfiring on men.

"I wish men understood that when women are talking about feminism and rape culture,

Male conversation on unwanted sexual attention

... blog on racist issues in movement - blogger comment

"Dear Anti Feminists Females" --- Incredible reply to Anti-feminist "internet phenomenon".

History appears very likely to repeat itself on these and many other fronts following the Trump election ... Stand up and fight, make your voice he…

I'm a fan of almost any word that lets people know that I'm not straight, but gay is maybe second on the list for me. It's good for me when I want ...

Well the pond never pretended the dame wasn't biassed and bigoted, and could be relied upon to act like a cheerleader of the juvenile kind.

"'The best year on all fronts.' Think about that for a moment. If you want to know why congressional Republicans are opening an assault on the FBI in order ...

Honesty tho ppl always say mean things about being "gay" like its an insult , lets change that >>> I didn't know there were so many different terms.

Too many times...although haven't encountered a gay guy hitting on

The first gay people I really knew in life were all fictional television characters, so that tracks.


Interview: Richard Spencer

And yet people still hate on polyamory and non-nuclear families. Capitalism is super harmful to people, no if ands or buts about it.


Just wanted to chime in and tell you all about this event full of mouth-maticians, that is "BeastBox".

“The Society We Are Fighting for Has to Be Free From All Oppression”

Sign ...

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The hardest thing to do right now is to hold on to hope, but it's what we must do. We should feel our anger, mourn, pray, and then do everything we can ...

Work from a social justice framework, NEVER an industrial one: This 'movement' has been fragmented, and far too many people are now focusing on 'peer ...

The excuses for sexual harassment/assault don't work with any other crime. So why do people accept them with misogyny?

The first time I heard the word “lesbian” the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I was a child. I didn't even know what it meant.


Trump's audience is angry. So angry, it can barely see through the red fog

There's nothing prolific I can say that hasn't already been waxed poetic by my preceding lesbians, so all I really want to say is thank you for being so ...


... all. kent-allyship-quote

#2: Why we won ...

Following Accusations of Rampant Misogyny and More, a Raleigh Promoter's Career Is Effectively Over. What Comes Next?

At the Adelaide Reclaim Australia event, anti-Islam protesters were treated to a performance from a hip-hop artist calling himself Aussie Digger.

The Telegraph writes 'Stephen Lawrence: How the racist murder changed Britain':

Yet, this doesn't necessarily mean using a hoe or a blow torch as weapons. But they're the home front.

Incels Hope To Be Taken 'Seriously' Following Latest Woman-Hating Murder Spree


Now of course, having seen the movie yesterday, I had to express my opinion

I've tried to answer this ten million times and I'm having such a fucking hard time and maybe that's the thing, isn't it? Like, I'm a lesbian, ...

As if this American sailor can't help but show how many Japanese boats he's sunk. So proud of his accomplishments.

I'd never heard of Straughn, and having to listen to a a bit of her I know why — she's pretty much the Phyllis Schlafly of her day, getting her power from ...

Download this poster-size PDF HERE

Musings on the Current Presidential Race

#Gamergate, as we know it now, is a hate group. | MetaFilter

Too bad they didn't try to warn us during the 2016 election. Because our rights are now under attack from the Trump administration and the GOP as we speak.

Note they included religious bigotry on there but left out other faiths. Still, I'd worry more about Axis Sally than Tokyo Rose.

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... 7. than ...

Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley - Thurs. Sept. 14th, 6pm

If Misogyny Was a Factor, Is the Toronto Rampage a Terrorist Act Against Women?

We aren't fighting for the wimmin in the Third World,” they said, “we're fighting alongside them.” This defines Red Zora's struggle against imperialism.

Saw this the other day, ...

Cause you never know when the Axis powers would use it against you. So be smart and don't say anything about war stuff.

iirc the first time I used this sub, the topic was literature in jewish schools and this was posted


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Riyadh's token reforms provide political cover for creeping authoritarianism ...


How racially divided is the United States today?

One can only dream ...

Poster for the United Front Against Fascism conference, sponsored by the Black Panther Party held

This is the ninth article in a series that reviews news coverage of the 2016 general election, explores how Donald Trump won and why his chances were ...

What follows is a profeminist critique of Ariel Levy's foreword to the radical feminist book Intercourse (2007 edition). I began this piece of writing on ...

A useful warning: If you don't like posts about issues related to women and gaming, don't read this post, and maybe scroll to one of the 17,000 other ...

Text HELLO to 484-ASK-ABBY to get started sending postcards to Alabama voters

To end, J'onn lets Superman dispose of the last remaining kryptonite on Earth and Superman goes back to Metropolis. I guess I'm gonna miss the guy.

When I first realized I wasn't straight in my mid-twenties, I went with “gay” to describe myself because it was just the fastest way to say I wasn't ...

An NRA T-Shirt

Yet, serving in a submarine is absolutely no picnic at all. Still, at least they didn't have women on there fortunately for her.

I only really identify as a lesbian because it's easier. There isn't really a label for what I am, which is fine. Sexual identity labels, in my opinion, ...

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Because Mickey loves America and wants to protect it from Nazis. Despite that Walt Disney was anti-Semitic.

UK study quantifies Twitter's misogyny problem

ralph1 ralph2

Banking Crimes and Financial Criminals - The Global and Local Impact.pdf | Google Chrome | Gmail

African America Women - fiction

The multiple fonts as used simply to distract you from the fact that it is, in fact, an Emmure shirt. Don't believe me? Here's the back:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. (AP Photo / Stephen B. Morton, Reuters / Mike Segar)

An interesting week of politics has occurred in a former British colony | MetaFilter

40"x60" | 36"x54"

The fight for the privacy rights of celebrities is apparently meaningless to it's fans. If this had been ANY OTHER FANDOM, we wouldn't have allowed this ...

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... society would immediately find common cause with refugees and immigrants, because racism and sexism are too deeply ingrained for that. Anti-imperialism ...

Daily Mail 4 April 2018 page 1 Corbyn racist stunt of attending the anti-Jew "Judas" aka "Jewdas" satire on the Jewish Passover. The equivalent in terms of ...