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Lesser Bush Baby Lesser bushbaby Galago moholi Mother

Lesser Bush Baby Lesser bushbaby Galago moholi Mother


Lesser Bush Baby | photo of lesser bushbaby : Galago moholi

Lesser Bush Baby | Lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi)

Primate Factsheets Image: South African lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi)

Lesser Bush Baby | Lesser bushbaby

Lesser Bush Baby | Lesser Bushbaby (Galago moholi)

Bushbaby. Small bush babies ...

23556_og-2866-pretoria_DSC0402ED. Bush babies, or galagos ...

Lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi) eating meal worm, captive, Duke University Primate Center

South African Bushbabies

Galagos, also known as bushbabies, bush babies or nagapies (meaning "little night

Portrait of the nocturnal Lesser Bushbaby (Galago moholi), South Africa

Also known as Galagos, bush babies are small, nocturnal primates native to Africa.

Galago moholi

Galagos also known as bushbabies

The Bush Baby | Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

A bush baby has a silver grey to dark brown colored coat with a small head.

There ...

rondo bushbaby | Primate Factsheets: Lesser bushbaby (Galago) Conservation

funkysafari: Southern lesser bush baby by Joachim S. Müller

The Senegal bushbaby, also known as the Senegal galago, the lesser galago or the

Southern lesser bushbaby, Galago moholi, sometimes uses tree holes for shelter, southern central. RM. Lesser Bush Baby ...

"The squirrel-sized lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi) weighs only 150g and is

Young Bush Baby

Lesser bushbabies, or lesser galagos, are strepsirrhine primates of the genus Galago. They are classified, along with the bushbabies and the rest of the ...

Lesser bush baby or galago

Интересные новости. Интересные новости. More information. More information. South African Lesser Bushbaby (galago)

... Bush baby AWF

Portrait of the nocturnal Lesser Bushbaby (Galago moholi), South Africa

Brown Greater Galago.jpg

Bush Baby AWF · Bush baby Daryl and Sharna Balfour ...

Bush baby

Galago moholi

bush baby | Mammalia - Primates | gotta love the expression

Galago moholi

Galago senegalensis.jpg

The Senegal bushbaby, Galago senegalensis, isolated on white background

Bush Baby

Moholi Galago or Bushbaby. They have the cutest big eyes and you should see them leap from tree to tree.

South African Bushbabies

The Senegal bushbaby, Galago senegalensis, isolated on white background


Galagos, also known as bushbabies, bush babies or nagapies, are small, nocturnal

Young Bush Babies

Young Bush Baby

Bush Baby or Galago

bush baby my sister looks sort of like this

A bushbaby is a small-sized, nocturnal monkey from Africa. Also known by it's name of lesser Galago, these small primates got their name either based on ...

northern needle-clawed bushbaby | northern needle clawed galago euoticus pallidus click caller

The Senegal bushbaby, Galago senegalensis, isolated on white background

Lesser Bush Baby | Lesser Bushbaby. Mother EarthWildlifeAfrican


Bush baby or greater galago

My dream pet... a mohol bushbaby

... Bush baby Philip Muruthi ...

Lesser Bush Baby (or Senegal Galago)

Lesser bush baby or lesser galago

Carnivora is a forum for all those interested in everything to do with animals.

Scientific Name: Galago moholi. Common Name: Lesser Bushbaby ...

A lesser bushbaby, lesser galago, Galago moholi perches in a tree at Marloth Park

Bushbabies (and other monkey types!) | ✦ m o n k e y ✦ b u s i n e s s ✦ | Pinterest | Monkey types

Le Galago du Sénégal vit dans les forêts et savanes d'Afrique tropicale

Brown greater galago (Otolemur crassicaudatus)

Bush babies are so precious & adorable looking. I adore bush babies.

Northern lesser galago in tree hole - View amazing Northern lesser galago photos - Galago senegalensis - on Arkive

creatures-alive: Mohol Bushbaby (Galago moholi) at Woodland Park Zoo (2) by iaakisa_zna on Flickr.

Moholi-Galago (Galago moholi) - primata.de

mother elephant with her baby in the bush

African bush baby Makes me think of Grammy

Little Bushbaby Gets a Checkup The Woodland Park Zoo has no shortage of babies these days. Check out these adorable little galagos, African primates that ...

southern needle-clawed bushbaby | Needle-clawed bushbaby

Find this Pin and more on Bush Baby by Kaye.

Senegal Bushbaby

Spectacled lesser galago (Galago matschiei)


Bush baby~Marloth Park

There are many reasons why Africa is called the Mother Continent, and the discovery of a new primate species is one of them. Africa is constantly b…

Rescued Bush Baby Loves To Play Hide-And-Seek. More information. More information. Moholi Galago or Bushbaby.

Bushbaby (by bossejonsson59)

Baby bush babies!

Find this Pin and more on Galago <3 by Alicja Alja.

Lesser Bush Baby | Lesser Bush Baby, with Persimmon Fruit, Diospyros Virginiana .

How do they mark their territories?

hummingbird sad bush baby Ridiculous God is the funniest person in the world proven by the fact that he made this animal.

Lesser Bushbaby, Galago moholi, with Persimmon fruit

The bush baby is especially well known for its amazing jumping abilities. In fact, this species can jump up to 6.6 feet (2 m) in the air and it is believed ...

Bush Baby family

Galago aka Bush Baby Galagos, also known as bushbabies, are small, nocturnal primates


Lioness mother carries her baby to a new safe place in Masai Mara National Reserve,

A new Moholi Bushbaby, born at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chcago. *massive squee*

The lesser bushbaby, known to scientists as Galago moholi, is a small, tree-dwelling primate active by night.

Bush Baby

The Philippine tarsier or mawmag is a species of tarsier endemic to the Philippines. It. More information. More information. Bush Babies!

Lesser Bushbaby, Lesser Galago, Galago moholi, Marloth Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Lesser bushbaby. Original soft pastel drawing by Ingrid Fouche