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Lebanese homemade ricotta cheese called Arisheh t

Lebanese homemade ricotta cheese called Arisheh t


Lebanese homemade ricotta cheese called Arisheh.

Labneh bruschetta, olive tapenade instead of olives.

Shaikh Al Mehchi. Long male stuffed aubergines in tomato sauce.

Homemade areesheh cheese

Tabbouleh ingredients

Sauted shrimps in Lemon-Garlic-Cilantro sauce

How to Make Cheese

Melted Kashkaval Bruschetta


Typical Lebanese cake.


Lebanese cream (Ashta)

محشي الملفوف

Chicken garlic paste sandwich with pickled cucumber

Lebanese homemade ricotta cheese called Arisheh. | Lebanese Cuisine | Pinterest

Split Lentil Soup with Vegetables | Hadia's Lebanese Cuisine

Spinach triangles. A mezza plate

Substituted lebanese pita bread with mexican tortillas.

Manal's Bites: Kunafa with Muhalabiaالكنافة بالمهليبة

The basic dough is flattened and topped with arisheh whey cheese and drizzled with honey. I was unable to locate arisheh, so I substituted with ricotta.

Salatet Al Raheb or monk's salad. Mezza plate

Shanklish is the only "blue" cheese of Syria and Lebanon. I say blue because the cheese is left to age and develop mould layer on the surface.

Lebanese homemade ricotta cheese called Arisheh. | Lebanese Cuisine | Pinterest


Barbara Abdeni Massaad immigrated to the United States from Lebanon when she was 10 years old and returned in 1988. She now lives in Beirut with her husband ...

Man'oushé: Inside the Lebanese Street Corner Bakery, written by Barbara Abdeni Massaad, highlights the versatility and variety of Lebanon's national pie, ...

Cucumber salad. Mezza plate

Sfiha Traboulsiyeh. A minced meat pie, typical city of Tripoli pie.

Lebanese Bread

Lebanese stuffed meat balls in a yogurt sauce

Cheese Fatayer

LEBANESE SWEET: "Riz B'Halib" ...

Pickled turnips

I also made Fatayer bi-sele' (Swiss Chard Turnovers), Za'tar akhdar (Fresh Thyme Pie), Ribb al-haar (Red Pepper Paste), and Arisheh wa'asal (Whey Cheese Pie ...

Lemon-Garlic-Cilantro roasted chicken wings

Loubye b zeit decorated with fresh mint leaves Loubye b zeit is a popular vegetarian dish in Lebanon. It is usually prepared in summer and spring when fresh ...

Ruccola salad. Mezza plate

Loubieh Bi Zeit: Green beans in tomato sauce eaten with hot Lebanese bread. Also

Bayd wa Khodra is a pie topped with a savory mixture of beaten eggs, onion, tomato, mint, and parsley. A little cinnamon, salt, and pepper are added for ...

Maghmour (Lebanese Style Moussaka, Vegan)

Sayadieh Samak. Fish rice with a thick onion sauce

Traditional Syrian Breakfast: Jebneh (white brined cheese), Makdous (eggplant pickles)

Spinach Stew

Baked Potato Kibbeh

Candied orange rinds

Serve the meat and all the side dishes and the warm tortillas. Guests can make their own wraps on the table. This recipe is enough for four people.

White Bean Soup

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Sulu Kufteh

"Chickpea fatteh"

I can't believe a whole month has passed without me writing a word on my blog. To my defence (I keep telling myself) I moved house, I moved job, ...

Cheese paste dessert

Here is my Oven Baked Cheese Fatayer recipe:

Seasonal pickled cucumbers

Technique: How to roast chicken for Lebanese hushwe | Maureen Abood

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Few weeks ago I discovered a new ingredient, Lavash bread. I have always seen it on Middle Eastern grocery shops in West Ealing but I never thought about ...

Fattet Hommos B'Laban - Boiled Chickpeas, Toasted Bread, Crushed Garlic and yoghurt

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Fake because it doesn't contain any meat of course!

Shish berak, yummy!

In Lebanon chickpeas is a common extra. The Turkish and Egyptian versions call for ground meat and the Greek one you all know with the traditional layers ...

Lebanese stuffed meat balls in a yogurt sauce | Lebanese Cuisine | Pinterest | Yogurt sauce, Yoghurt and Meat


One Hundred and One Mezze: 24. Okra in Olive Oil

The dessert "kishk el ...

Syrian Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe | The Chef In My Head: Stuffed Grape Leaves~

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Who doesn't love a syrup cake? And I am a big fan of Rosemary and orange together. Both Oranges and Rosemary are abundant in Winter.

Best Egg Sandwich

Pizzelles. When you want to taste a waffle but crunch like a cookie. Italians

Cheese + Egg Hand Pie

Here is my mum's recipe of Mufaraket Kemeh:

The chapters are divided according to ingredient: Introduction; Life's Journey; Ingredients & Cooking Tools; The Basics; Wild Thyme; Cheese; Dried Yogurt ...

Although I am not particularly the religious type, I can't ignore the presence of the holy month. The culinary tradition of Ramadan ...

Typical Lebanese cake. | Lebanese Cuisine | Pinterest | Kakor

April 11, 2017 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Cheese Kounafa

Syrian sweets سورية

I have been sitting on this recipe for a little while. I wanted to get it just right. After all, musakhan is as important to Palestini.

Syrian Cabbage Rolls (Mihshee Malfoof bi Burghul)

#homemade Greek Breadsticks #recipe

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Typical Lebanese cake. | Lebanese Cuisine | Pinterest | Kakor


The person who invented and named this dish, very clearly, has never been to India, never tried Indian food, never smelled Indian food ...

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Typical Lebanese cake. | Lebanese Cuisine | Pinterest | Kakor

Borak, or as commonly known by the Turkish variation of the name Borek, is an umbrella term describing a huge variety of filled pastries eaten in all ...

Typical Lebanese cake. | Lebanese Cuisine | Pinterest | Kakor

Chicken Shawarma

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... Al Rayess Men Chtaura: A Kiosk on Hamra Street

Lemon Ricotta Stuffed Syrian Pancakes with Lavender Passionfruit Syrup | halfbakedharvest.com @hbharvest

Typical Lebanese cake. | Lebanese Cuisine | Pinterest | Kakor

Kalamata Olive Hummus

If soup is your go-to comfort food in winter, you won't be disappointed with this nurturing spinach soup, topped with more-ish crispy prosciutto and ...

جارنك .. جانرلك .. خوخ ... تعددت الأسماء والعشق واحد

The Best of Irish Country Cooking Review and Beef and Mushroom Pie with Guinness