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Late Republican and early Imperial Roman shields Roman Army

Late Republican and early Imperial Roman shields Roman Army


Late Republican and early Imperial Roman shields (Roman Army - Brasseys History of Uniform).

(Roman legionary. His curved scutum, bronze helmet, and lorica hamata are typical of the late republic era. By the early empire, they would have mostly ...

Legionary infantryman, late Republic period; Legionary infantrymen, late Augustan to Tiberian period. Pax RomanaRoman ...

Roman commander officer legate tribune legionary centurion army shield scutum


In the very Early Republican times, the middle-class Romans used Greek phalanx tactics and used similar equipment, like a round shield and a spear, ...

Roman Republican Army - early to middle period

Late Republican and early Imperial Roman shields (Roman Army - Brasseys History of Uniform). | Roman Soldiers | Pinterest | Roman, Army and History

28mm Late Republican Roman Army

[research] republican Rome hastatus - hastati 1. Montefortino helmet 2. bronze pectoral · Roman HelmetAncient ...

The Roman army of the Late Republic (107 30 BC) marks the continued transition between the conscription-based citizen-levy of the mid-Republic and the ...

What colours should the legions be in. Find this Pin and more on Late roman shields ...

Republic Roman Army

Auxiliary units of the Roman army . The end of the Ist century BC

Roman Shield · Pinterest Projects · Military Art · More

Ask almost anyone to describe these ancient soldiers and I'd bet you a solidus that they use the word 'armour'. Good armour allowed the legions to dominate ...

Find this Pin and more on Historia de Roma by cachoprimo. See more. Scutum - Roman ...

Legionary Scutums

10_Facts_Roman_Legionary_12. 10_Facts_Roman_Legionary_12. The traditional shield of the Roman ...

roman shield cutout - Google Search

A selection of shield designs from the Notitia Dignitatum, each shield representing a different unit.

Republican Rome had an alliance with other Latin to defend against raids by central Italian ...

28mm Late Republican Roman Army


The Early Roman 'Levy' –. Animation_Evolution_Roman_Battle_Tactics_1. Animation_Evolution_Roman_Battle_Tactics_1

Reenactor wearing the typical equipment of a late 3rd-century foot soldier. The helmet is a Niederbieber type, with cross-pattern reinforcing ridges on the ...


15mm Painted Rroman Army Early Imperial Auxiliaries.jpg

Replica of a Late Republic/early Imperial Roman legionary helmet.

The Augustan army of the Principate was perhaps the most powerful army ever created by the Romans. It was made by Augustus so that generals did not need to ...


This is the "popular" image of the Roman legions that most people are familiar with.

Had they met, my guess is that Caesar's professionals would have made short work of Diocletian's semi barbarian and poorly trained legions.

Imperial Roman legionaries in tight formation, a relief from Glanum, a Roman town in what is now southern France that was inhabited from 27 BC to 260 AD ...

Scutum (shield)

15mm Painted Roman Auxiliaries.jpg

Legionary Helmets. Legionary Helmets. Second-century Roman ...

Finally, as you can see in the screenshots, I've also been working on the Late Republic shields. You can see the look I'm going for in the prototypes,


10_Facts_Roman_Legionary_9. 10_Facts_Roman_Legionary_9. A Roman legionary was only considered ...

relief of legionaries. LEGIONARY ARMOR

Detail from the Ahenobarbus relief showing (centre-right) two Roman foot- soldiers ca. 122 BC. Note the Montefortino-style helmets with horsehair plume, ...

Webstore: EIR Legionary shield designs 10

Roman military standards. The standards with discs, or signa (first three on left) belong to centuriae of the legion (the image does not show the heads of ...

The gladius end up serving the Romans as the main Roman weapon through the rest of the Roman Republic and partially through the Empire (4th century BC - 3rd ...




Interesting animation shows the 'reactionary' evolution of Roman battle tactics. TOPICS:ancient romanbattle ...

Steam Community :: Guide :: Late Republic and Principate Army Composition (Historical)

Reenactment of an early imperial legionary shield array.

... Imperial-Gallic helmet that are often depicted without crests, but it should be noted that attachments existed on most helmets to which plumes and ...

Late Roman Army

[Imperial Roman Army] Armor & Shields - YouTube

Both the Montefortino and Coolus helmets, as well as the later Imperial types, had the helmet bowl and the neckguard made from the same piece of metal.


The LBM decals provide a good variety of patterns and fit the Warlord shields perfectly. I also applied one to the optio's rectangular scutum (lent from an ...

Roman cavalry

I polished off another 48 figures for my late Republic era Romans, this time using the plastic sculpts from Warlord Games.

Painting Lead and other stuff.

A cursory examination of this evolution has led to the traditional view of "barbarization" of the Roman legions. The legions had adopted the same weapons ...

A legionary's Basic Equipment


Roman Legions

... just wanna post up a pic to show that the Late Republican Scutum #1 has been re-done. Working a bit slower today as I feel like I'm getting a cold hehe.

Late Roman Army

They have animal skins over their helmets, are carrying the "acorn" shield and four or 5 short javelins or darts; those depicted here ...

So this guy, on ...

Roman Republican Shields.

The Late Roman army (284 476 and its continuation, in the surviving eastern half of the empire, as the East Roman army to 641).

TOPICS:guardlegionaryPraetorianPraetorian GuardRomanRomeyoushouldknow. 14-praetorian-guard-facts_15

Arms And Armour of the Imperial Roman Soldier: From Marius to Commodus: Graham Sumner, Raffaele D'Amato: 9781848325128: Amazon.com: Books

How Were Roman Shields Used By The Roman Army?

Top right: Roman sword, a gladius, with baldric and dagger belt, mid

Early Imperial Roman Army. Senior-Officer-Rank-Distinctions-654x503

... triarii


Late Roman Army


Praetorian Cavalry Shield

Warlord Games "Caesar's Legions" with metal command figures

Ancient Roman Scutum Shields. Roman Army Weapons, Legionary, Soldier cuirass.

The men that made up the Principes were said to be “men in the full vigor of life” and tended to range in age from their mid to late twenties.

Early Imperial Roman Legionary Shield Transfers 1

... and the Early Imperial Roman list in the WAB rulebook, as well as ideas culled from posted lists on the internet, WABlist, and DBM army lists.

28mm Late Republican Roman Army

Late Roman Infantry

Ancient Cavarly

The Roman infantry differed from the phalanx type forces of the Greeks/Macedonians/Pontians/Thracians/Dacians. Indeed while the phalanx would deepen their ...

Caesar's German bodyguard cavalry black-washed.