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Koryak girl fishing through ice Siberia Russia circa 1900 My Style

Koryak girl fishing through ice Siberia Russia circa 1900 My Style


I am amazed at the similarities to our own indigenous peoples in North America. It really lends credence to the theory that people migrated across ice ...

Itelmen Girl in Traditional Clothing: The Itelmen (AKA Kamchadal) are the indigenous people

The Nenets, Khanty and Selkup peoples are indigenous to Yamal-Siberia, Russia

Koryaks (or Koriak) are an indigenous people of Kamchatka Krai in the Russian Far East, who inhabit the coastlands of the Bering Sea to the south of the ...

(Koryak people) Koryak of Kamchatka, Siberia, Russia

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indigenous people of russia | In the village of Kainyranthe you will witness a colourful Koryak .

Indigenous Russia - Travel Back in Time with Ancient Traditions. White SalmonSiberia RussiaRussian BeautyIce FishingIce ...

Tenderness and responsibility in their treatment of children is a virtue of the Eskimo which binds them closer to the brotherhood of civilized peoples.

Indigenous Russia - Travel Back in Time with Ancient Traditions

(Buryat people) Beautiful girl from Buryatia, Siberia, Russia.

Eurasia: Shurik, a young Tundra Nenets boy poses with an Arctic Hare he has hunted, Gydan Peninsula, Western Siberia, Russia.

Koryak of Kamchatka - Russia Ossora Village Kamchatka Peninsula Bering Sea

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shaman photo: Yukaghir shaman in ceremonial dress with drum Siberia Russia 1902

Eskimo mother with child on back

Koryak people in fur lined coats and clothes holding a spear and fish, and a tattooed Chukshi woman with her children all wearing animal fur clothes.

National clothing of the indigenous people of Siberia, Russia. By http://sergeevpavel.livejournal.com/

Travel to Esso in central Kamchatka, home of Evens and Koryaks native people.

Image of at a khanty reindeer herder's winter camp, rima pyrseva (right) poses

“Koryak girl fishing through ice, Siberia, Russia, circa 1900,” Unknown, AMNH Digital Special Collections

Koryak grass mask, Siberia, early 20th century

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Pictured is a Nanai girl from the Nanaysky District of Khabarovsk Krai, Siberia. The Nanai community is largely Shamanist, and believe that their shamans ...

Indigenous Russia - Travel Back in Time with Ancient Traditions

(Koryak) Native Koryak Smile from Kamchatka, Northeast Siberia, Russia. The Koryaks are indigeneous to northeast of Siberia, to the northern part of the ...

Anapel :Koryak/Siberian - this goddess of the Koryak people of Siberia is Matron

Coastal pink salmon fishing near Nevelsk, Sakhalin oblast, Russia, 1963

Orochi woman from Khabarovsk Krai, Siberia, in traditional fish-skin clothing. The Orochi people never had a written language, but now their spoken tongue ...

Four girls in Russian national dresses are watching the show at one of the folk festivals.

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Native Siberian Koryak Elder from Kamchatka in her traditional dress, Northeast Siberia The Koryaks are indigeneous to northeast of Siberia, to the northern ...

Majority of Mansi and Khanty people live in Khanty–Mansia, an autonomous okrug within Tyumen Oblast in Russia. In Khanty–Mansia, the Khanty and Mansi ...

Evenk Woman In Beaded Headdress | Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Khanty woman in traditional dress. Wycliffe.

Nedigal basically means living by the river and this small community survive by fishing. According to the 2010 census there were 513 Negidals in Russia. by ...

The dangling beads frame her face and making the overall headdress to

artist Gustav-Feodor Pauli from the album 'Peoples of Russia' published in He calls this image 'Kamchadal' [people of Kamchatka]; it shows Koryak costume ...

Chukchi and Koryak, Russia

yana nogo, a 2 year old komi girl helps to carry firewood at her family's

Koryak in Kamchatka.

Itelmens, the Indian tribe which lives in Russia.

The Khanty are hunters, fishers and reindeer herders who live in Yamal Province in western Siberia, Russia.

Evens (or Eveny), indigenous people in Siberia and the Russian Far East © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto

Chukchi and Koryak, Russia

Indigenous Russia - Travel Back in Time with Ancient Traditions

Through personal narratives and case studies, Hartley humanizes the Siberian wilderness. She tells the tales of the refugees, prisoners and pioneers who ...

A Sakha-Yakutian girl in traditional dress She's hair... Unbeliaveble!

(Tuvan or Tyvan) Tuva girl in traditional dresses. Tubans Indigenous Turkic peoples of

Koryaks (or Koriak) are an indigenous people of Kamchatka Krai in the Russian Far East, who inhabit the coastlands of the Bering Sea to the south of the ...

Khanty women in traditional dress at a Spring festival in the village of Pitlyar. Yamal

Credit: Steve Morgan/Survival International A Nenets woman outside her chum, or teepee, in Siberia's Yamal Peninsula. Her homeland is a rem.

Chukchi woman - The Chukchi, Eskimos of Western Chukotka - are an indigenous people inhabiting the Chukchi Peninsula

Nganasans famuly in traditional dress. The Nganasans are an indigenous Samoyedic people inhabiting the Taymyr Peninsula in north Siberia, Russia

6. Koryak legends ( Kamchatka, Russian ...

Traditional dressed 'Koryak-Girl' from Kamtchatka-Peninsula; located: Far-East Turan

Tuvan beauty,in traditional clothes.jpg

Vladislav Nagornov-Владислав Нагорнов ( was born in 1974 in the old town of Penza.

Tuvan beauty,in traditional clothes.jpg

Inuit girl near Nome, Alaska - circa 1920.

Sebastiao Salgado “In Siberia”

Tuvan girl in national dress.The Tuvans or Tuvinians (Tuvan: Тывалар, Тьvаlar/Tıvalar; Mongolian: Тува, Tuwa) are a Turkic people ethnic group living in ...

Chukchi girl - Kamchatka - Russia

Beautiful Russian Women

Nadiya Asyandu (right), a Nganasan woman in traditional dress, poses with elder Saibore Momde. Taymyr, Northern Siberia, Russia

Buryat man, Baikal lake, Siberia, Russia. *The Buryats, numbering approximately 500,000, are the largest indigenous (aboriginal) group in Siberia, ...

Ulan Ude City, Siberia, Russia.


Find this Pin and more on Народы России by vepdui. See more. Koryak girl fishing through ice, Siberia, Russia, circa 1900

(Yakut people) Yakut girl in a headdress.


A Russian girl with big blue eyes in the national shawl. #cute #kids

Koryaks from Siberia

Koryaks fishing at Covekovo, Siberia, ca 1900

Wealthy Yakut woman in elaborate clothing, Siberia, Russia, 1902 | Photographer Waldemar Jochelson

Ice fishing in Vladivostok

7. Koryaks.

Koryaks drying fish, Siberia, 1901


Nenets, Nganasan, and Selkup people

Magadan Oblast indigenous peoples are the Evens, Koryaks, Yupiks, Chukchis, Orochs,

Nenets woman wearing a traditional Yagushka (coat) made from Reindeer & Arctic Fox skins (Yamal-Nenets Territory, Siberia, Russia).

The Chuvash people are a Turkic ethnic group, native to an area stretching from the Volga Region to Siberia. Most of them live in Republic of Chuvashia and ...


Nenets, indigenous people in northern arctic Russia © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto


Image of elderly even woman holding a traditional wooden calendar. chukotka. siberia. russia

Inspired: Connecting line, geometric, biological synapse style inspiration, Via: Breathtaking Photos of Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia Pics]

Russian woman in traditional clothes

The Itelmen, sometimes known as Kamchadal, are an ethnic group who are the original inhabitants living on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.


We were taken in the city's bus fleet - two odd and decrepit machines, to see the airport (the first time foreigners could see it). ...

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Eurasia: Nenets girl eating raw reindeer meat, Siberia, Russia

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Interesting news from Russia in English language.

Nanets Nomads - Russia An Even woman wearing a pair of traditional reindeer skin boots decorated with bead work. Evensk, Magadan, E.

Koryak men dressed in traditional armor with bows and arrows, Siberia, 1901. Photo by Waldemar Jochelson.

Indigenous Russia - Travel Back in Time with Ancient Traditions. Siberia RussiaMy ...

Beauty of Sakha Republic Russia.