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KATHY GARVER as Cissy on Family Affair Last and Final TV

KATHY GARVER as Cissy on Family Affair Last and Final TV


buffy upset cissy upset

Cissy Kathy ...

1966-67 Television Season 50th Anniversary: Family Affair (Kathy Garver & Johnny Whitaker) - YouTube

Her big moment on television was as the teenage niece of Uncle Bill Davis named Cissy Davis on “Family Affair” (1966). After the show ended in 1971 She went ...

It's Kathy Garver who played the older sister, Cissy on Family Affair which ran from 1966-71.

Cissy Davis. Fashion TvFamily Affair

KATHY GARVER as Cissy on Family Affair

Conversations With Kathy Garver: Kathy vs. Cissy

Kathy Garver

Family Affair Cast Cissy | Cissy takes this news about as well as a careful viewer of Season 1 .

Family Affair TV Show 1966 | Kathy Garver as Cissy actually got her start in the

Kathy Garver & 'Family Affair'. Decades TV Network


Most remembered for her starring role as the older sister, Cissy, in the television hit, “Family Affair,” Kathy Garver has also garnered critical acclaim in ...

Family Affair Season 1 The Mother Daughter Dinner P1

KATHY GARVER - Biography

Kathy Garver Family Affair

Kathy Garver

Family Affair Friday: Season 1, Episode 4, A Matter of School, 10/3/66

Kathy Garver Interview


Actress Kathy Garver on Surviving Cissy

Fashion Tv · Family Affair · Carlos Santana · Cissy Davis

Kathy-garver-250x250-1.jpg (250×250). Fashion TvFamily AffairRetro ...

'Family Affair's' Kathy Garver looks back on childhood stardom in new autobiography

Meet Cathy Garver most remembered for her starring role as “Cissy” in the long-running CBS international television hit, Family Affair


Kathy Garver on the Tragic Fates of Her "Family Affair" Co-Stars | Where Are They Now | OWN - YouTube

Family Affair 1966 to Cast: Kathy Garver (Cissy), Anissa Jones (Buffy), Johnny Whitaker (Jody), Brian Keith (Bill Davis), and Sebastian Cabot (Mr.


RARE Kathy Garver and Johnny Whitaker 1993 Interview

Family Affair - Tribute Page

Kathy Garver as Cissy Davis

Wish You Were Here Poster

Portrait of the cast of the television series 'Family Affair,' August 10,

1966-67 Television Season 50th Anniversary: Family Affair (Kathy Garver interview) - YouTube

Family Affair - TV show. Pictured are Kathy Garver (Cissy), Anissa Jones ( Buffy), Johnny Whitaker (Jody), Uncle Bill Davis (Brian Keith), and Mr.


Cissy ...


"Family Affair" (1966-71) Anissa Jones as Buffy Kathy Garver as Cissy Sebastian Cabot as Mr. French Johnny Whitaker as Jody c. 1967. "

"Family Affair" Anissa Jones as Buffy Johnny Whitaker as Jody Kathy Garver as Cissy Sebastian Cabot as Mr. 1968 = Loved htis show

Family Affair. See more. KATHY GARVER

Cissy's looking prettier, I think. Her hair is flufflier or something.

Family affair · kathy garver


Buffy and mrs. Beasley

Family Affair's Kathy Garver Has Opened Up About The Tragedies That Have Plagued The Sitcom's Cast

Kathy Garver - Cissy on Family Affair. Celebrity guest May 15, 16 2015 at

KATHY GARVER – Cissy on Family Affair, Death Valley, Night of the Hunter and

Kathy Garver does a good job expressing genuine emotion in this scene.

Oh, Cissy. Always playing that orphan card.

The title role in "Santa`s Dog" will be played by Hercules, a pit bull from the popular Animal Planet reality series Pit Boss. "Hercules" is owned by the TV ...

Tym Moss of UBC TV & Artists Exposed talks to KATHY GARVER (Cissy on Family Affair) at Comic Con


Cissy Davis. Fashion TvFamily Affair

Kathy Garver pin-up ...

Cissy Davis

That time Kathy Garver, Cissy from Family Affair, talked to a Puppet at WonderCon 2017

Image: Valerie Macon/Getty Images. Family Affair ...

Actress/Author, Kathy Garver(Cissy from FAMILY AFFAIR)Discusses How Different Life Was in The 1960's

images of Sissy on Family Affair - Google Search

Actress Kathy Garver, famous for her role as Cissy on Family Affair, stopped by

Kathy Garver - played cissy on family affair

The cast of Family Affair. Kathy Garver. Johnny Whitaker

Family Affair Anissa Jones 1970.jpg

Family Affair - Anissa Jones (Ava Elizabeth "Buffy" Patterson-Davis),

Mary Anissa Jones Alias Buffy (3 Nipoti e un Maggiordomo) ♥ Sweet Angel

Family Affair Get full season 5 on YouTube

buffy closeup

Family Affair Friday(ish): Season Episode “The Substitute Teacher,”

sisterly moment

Surviving Cissy: My Family Affair of Life in Hollywood: Kathy Garver, Patty Duke: 9781630761158: Books - Amazon.ca

Kathy Garver, Anissa Jones, Brian Keith, and Johnny Whitaker (Family Affair)

Kathy Garver's lengthy list of credits include her role as the series regular "Cissy" in CBS TV's Family Affair and the voice of "Firestar" in the animated ...

Family Affair TV Show 1966 | Family Affair" (1966-71) Kathy Garver

Kathy Garver. Family Affair


family affair

Left: Charlton Heston (Moses) and young Kathy Garver in The Ten Commandments (1956). Right: Kathy Garver as Cissy on Family Affair (1969).

'Family Affair' Actress Kathy Garver Talks About Tragic Deaths Of Her Co-Stars

Kathy Garver~("Cissy" from The TV Show "Family Affair" ...

Kathy Garver

photo child star Anissa Jones TV show Family Affair

She asks Bill if she was wrong to accept two dates with Norton for the upcoming

Buffy from Family Affair.

Actress Kathy Garver from The Family Affair talks about child actor pitfalls with Dr. Marissa

Episode #772 - Kathy Garver

Anissa Jones

Family Affair Friday(ish): Season 2, Episode 22, “A Matter of Tonsils,” 2/12/1968

Family Affair

Sissy & Buffy from Family Affair

Kathy Garver Discusses Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot at Larry Edmunds Bookstore