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Table 2. Adjusted Hazard Ratios for the Incidence of Diabetes.

Mortality risk; 29.

Table 3: Correlation between GRISS score and BMI, waist/hip ratio in the population of women (n=176) in this study

These 24 articles present survival curves for 22 and 17 unique cohorts of women and men with hip fracture, respectively, as well as age- and sex-matched ...

Sex-specific impact of asthma during pregnancy on infant gut microbiota | European Respiratory Society

... 18.

Sex hormones regulate collagen remodeling and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) strength

The; 28.

Fig 1 Selection of patients for inclusion in study of effect surgeon volume on risk of complications after total hip arthroplasty

Fig 2 Probability of specific complications after total hip arthroplasty according to surgeon volume

Table 2. Variation in Rates of Burdensome Transitions among 474,829 Patients, According to State.

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Fig. 1

... 54. Adrenal Sex ...

Figure 1

Figure 1. The mean of the respondents' implied preferred object age for and realized

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Sexual Function, Obesity, and Weight Loss in Men and Women - Sexual Medicine Reviews

... 33.

Diagnostic properties of anthropometric indexes to detect diabetes mellitus according to sex

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Study Population

A Hip Dislocation is a painful and traumatic injury that occurs, when the head of the thigh bone is forced out of the socket of the hip joint, ...


... diabetes educator, physician; 57.

Table 2. Daily Dietary Intake of Several Food Groups in Relation to Mediterranean-Diet Score.

... 17.

Risk factor for secondary OP; 32.


5/4/2017 Burden Osteoporosis by Dr Selim 29 ...

Sex Differences ...

Figure 3

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Leg length discrepancy after hip replacement is calculated as the vertical distance between the middle of the minor trochanters, using the acetabular tear ...

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... 40.

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of Nursing Home Residents with Advanced Dementia.

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Subjects and Recruitment According to Study Center.

... Roanoke College 3; 4.

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Serious Adverse Events


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... 50.

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... 29.

Table 4. Primary and Secondary Outcomes in the Per-Protocol Population.


Table 1 Components, strength, and biomechanical outcomes of hip-focused intervention programs. Note: *Reported as statistically significant changes in ...

The Osteoporotic Event: Hip Fracture ...

TKA: Total knee arthroplasty, THA: Total hip arthroplasty, LEFS: Lower Extremity Functional Scale, WOMAC: Western Ontario & McMaster Universities ...

Hip replacement Image 3684-PH.jpg


Sex Differences ...


Table 4. Hazard Ratios for Death Associated with a Two-Point Increment in the Mediterranean-Diet Score.

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Intracranial complication: meningitis , cerebral abscess; 44.

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2005, Kling et al 2014; 58. Complications: Hip ...

Figure 1

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... Surgical intervention; 56.

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Metabolic Syndrome and Hypogonadism; 39.

23; 25.

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Percentage of participants indicating having been sexually interested in

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Histograms of limma moderated T-test raw p-values. For comparison of fibroblasts of young versus elderly donors, we performed nonspecific filtering to ...

... 60.

Excluded studies

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Appendix Table 6.


... 10.

Harris Hip Score (b)

Hip prosthesis zones according to DeLee and Charnley, and Gruen. These are used to describe the location of for example areas of loosening.


Figure 1

Fig. 2

Flowchart describing recruitment and reasons for nonparticipation. THA=total hip arthroplasty.

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Table 2. Event Rates, According to Status with Respect to Renal Disease.

Table 4. Incidence of Gastrointestinal Events in the Treatment Groups.

What are the cutaneouse & systemic findings in DM ?

Table 3. Hazard Ratios for Stroke or Systemic Thromboembolism.