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Jun Fukuyama is a voice actor known for his roles as t

Jun Fukuyama is a voice actor known for his roles as t


Jun Fukuyama

Jun Fukuyama

10:23 AM - 26 Nov 2017

Jun Fukuyama

Fukuyama, Jun

This week's voice actor is interesting, and has voiced for numerous popular Anime of the decade. His name is Jun Fukuyama!

Top 20 Most handsome Seiyuus (by some random person's opinion) : Miyano Mamoru -

Jun Fukuyama and Mamoru Miyano on their "date" on Valentines day!

Hiroki Yasumoto is a voice actor known for his roles as: Germany in Axis Powers

Jun Fukuyama

Japanese+Actors | Jun fukuyama - japanese-voice-actors Photo

The voice actors!

Jun Fukuyama

Jun Fukuyama :33

Ono Daisuke : 小野 大輔 #seiyuu #voiceactor

Jun Fukuyama Picture

KFC Holdings Japan revealed the details on Thursday of voice actor Jun Fukuyama 's ( Black Butler , Assassination Classroom ) appearance in the second part ...

Mamoru Miyano and Jun Fukuyama Nothing can defeat their deadly fangirl killing wave of beauty and sexiness!

Jun Fukuyama · Voice ActorSearchingJun ...

Jun Fukuyama

Jun Fukuyama

runner up Best Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama Lelouch and Grell.

And here Mamo with Jun Fukuyama!

"Blue Exorcist" Movie's Custom Jersey Worn By Jun Fukuyama.

Voice Actor: Nobuhiko Okamoto < < I can read Rin Okumura but hear his name being yelled by Amaimon

Jun Fukuyama and Noriaki Sugiyama

Voice Actor: Kōsuke Toriumi he played the guy from Hey Class President!

Mizuiro Kojima Mizuiro Kojima

Japanese voice actors

That is just the beginning part of it. The next part should be a list of 5 of my favorite roles he played. Even though some are not in the notable credits ...

hosoyaan: “Fukuyama Jun - Voice Newtype No. 55 **Please do not repost any of my scans without linking back to my post** ”

Crunchyroll на Твитеру: "⭐ November 26, Happy Birthday to the Japanese Voice Actor Jun Fukuyama! 🎉 https://t.co/Tl9yUjJ4Bd"

Fukuyama Jun : 福山潤 #seiyuu #voiceactor

Jun Fukuyama

じゅんじゅん · Jun FukuyamaAnimeMe ...

埋め込み画像 More. Voice ActorJun ...

Doesn't he also voice Viktor/ Victor in Yuri!

Fukuyama Jun : 福山 潤 #seiyuu #voiceactor

Jun Fukushima

by the same voice actors. HUGっと!プリキュア:ハムハム・ハリーがイケメンに変身 福島潤が声優に https://t .co/FuOZ87Tsjz

20 Anime Characters Voiced by Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch Lamperouge) - YouTube

Hiroki Yasumoto

Jun Fukuyama Fukuyama Jun Jun Fukuyama Photo 19880145 Fanpop

Jun Fukuyama

It's time for our next Seiyuu Spotlight, and today's post is all about Jun Fukuyama. Jun was born on November 11th, 1978, and first started working in the ...

Miyuki Sawashiro

All by jun fukuyama~ · Jun FukuyamaVoice ActorOtakuActressesFemale Actresses

Seiyuus appreciation series: Yūki Kaji

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Protagonist - Jun Fukuyama & Xander Mobus. ‹‹ ››

Takahiro Sakurai

Jun Fukuyama

“My most favorite moment [in the making of The Little Mermaid] was, after years of being serious and being very strict [with the recording] – because you ...

... Miyano Mamoru, known for his role in Steins;Gate as Okabe Rintaro. I also like Junko Takeuchi. She provides the voice for Naruto Uzumaki.

Ray Chase

Same Anime Character Voice Actor with Kono Subarashii Sekai's Satou Kazuma

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Crunchyroll - Japanese Fans Pick Most Disconcerting Character and Voice Actor Matches

10 Anime Characters with Same Voice Actor as King from Nanatsu no Taizai

The titles of the new three-minute episodes are "Jonetsu na Shakō Dance Kōshi" (Passionate Ballroom Dance Instructor), "Iitokodori no Danshi" (Guy Who ...

Anime Japanese voice actors <- Actually Sebastian and Erwin have same voice actor in english too

on Twitter: "It is dubbed, Fukuyama Jun is the voice actor for Minho's role. The DVD will be dubbed in Japanese.💕… https://t.co/0Jv5pmtnN9"

Liam O'Brien

I know 5

Jun Fukuyama

Tomokazu Seki

35 Characters That Share The Same Voice Actor As Assasination Classroom's Koro-Sensei - YouTube

... that the wide-eyed boy protagonist of one of the most lighthearted and quirky Gundam series, Turn-A Gundam, could be played by the same voice actress as ...

Jun Akiyama

... Serpah of the End which is a great voice that perfectly fits the character, it's hard to watch the dub because the voice actor doesn't fit the Colonel ...

Tone Loc Lyrics, Songs, and Albums | Genius. Voice actor.

... Voice Acting Awards WINNERS! Gackt

Ken Narita

Top 10 Jouji Nakata Voice Acting Roles

He has tons of other nicknames that people call him. My best one is Junjun, cute right? Jun started his occupation in the year 1996 - present.

Hiroshi Kamiya

22 Anime Characters That Share The Same Voice Actor as Noragami's Yato

Endou Aya, Irino Miyu, Fukuyama Jun and Ueda Youji Live Voice Acting at Osomatsu-san Seiyuu Event

Fukuyama Masaharu has been announced to have a short role in Hosoda Mamoru's animated film “Mirai no Mirai” (Mirai of the Future), which will be released on ...

Takuma Terashima

Join us in welcoming voice actor Elizabeth Maxwell to ClexaCon 2018! She's known for her voice work in RWBY, Attack On Titan, Ghost In The Shell, ...

Jun Fukuyama - right now I'm having a wtf moment trying to process the fact that Yukio from Ao No Exorcist and Grell from Black Butler have the same voice ...

Jun Hirose

I saw this on Crunchyroll's Facebook. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ICHIMATSU'S VOICE ACTOR!

Jun Fukuyama's Sleepy Noises

Jun Fukuyama Fukuyama Jun Jun Fukuyama Photo 19880132 Fanpop

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Jun Osuka

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Hiroshi Kamiya Voices Attack On Titan's Levi And Angel Beats!!'s Otonashi

Mamoru Miyano

Kamiya Hiroshi : 神谷 浩史 #seiyuu #voiceactor

Ahh, such a beauty behind the screen too.

30 Characters That Share The Same Voice Actor as Code Geass's Lelouch Lamperouge

Maaya Uchida