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Johann SchmidtRed Skull IPowersSuperhuman Physical Abilities

Johann SchmidtRed Skull IPowersSuperhuman Physical Abilities


A.R.C.H.I.V.E.. Red Skull ...

Full Name. Johann Schmidt

Red Skull

red skull (johann schmidt)

Captain America: The First Avenger || Johann Schmidt (Red Skull)

RED SKULL #5 (of 5) Written by GREG PAK Art by MIRKO COLAK Cover by DAVID AJA History, destiny, and tragedy collide, as young Johann Schmidt reaches his ...

Red Skull · Gallery

Red Skull (Marvel Cinematic Universe) | VS Battles Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ultimate Red Skull shown on the variant cover to Ultimate Comics: Avengers #1. Art by Leinil Yu.

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The Avengers Protocol, Part 1

Red Skull nearly killing Bucky in Captain America's body.

Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) as Dell Rusk, US. Johann Shmidt :

Red Onslaught

The Red Skull received an intensive physical training, became an expert tactician, and received a deep brainwashing, that made him the “perfect Nazi”.

Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)

Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) by Joe Jusko castle

The Red Skull by ChrisOzFulton || Johann Schmidt || Captain America TFA || 719px × 1,111px || #fanart #poster | RED SKULL | Pinterest | Capt america

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Angered at how another would take Captain America's role, Red Skull would violently torture and

The Red Skull holds the Cosmic Cube

Steve defeating the fascist Captain America


Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) brandishing the Cosmic Cube in

Even though Red Skull fought other heroes throughout World War II, none could ever reach


Red Skull Johann Shmidt

The Red Skull in a leather trenchcoat with the Cosmic Cube

The Red Skull. Cosmic Cube

Uncanny Avengers 23 pg 21

After Captain America's creation, it was bound that both Red Skull and Captain America would meet in their climatic battle that would only set a long and ...

Red Skull in the 1994 Spider-Man animated series.

Captain America Comic-Taschenbuch

Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) in a green business suit

Red Skull would be known as Marvel Comics first super-villain that led a long

The Red Skull and the Exiles spy on Captain America and Sharon Carter

Johann Schmidt

Red Skull's biggest plan was Falcon, where Red Skull planned for the new hero to

Red Onslaught

Ret-Con Tweak AV032 Red Skull

Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) green jumpsuit, pistol and

The Red Skull in Alexander Lukin's mind. Art by Steve Epting.

Red Skull aka Johann Schmidt by @hammers0784 #RedSkull #JohannSchmidt #Exiles #Marvel

It's a Red Skull kind of world.

The Red Skull's iconic red face almost personifies evil and villainy. Originally it was just a mask worn by Johann Schmidt, a lowly bellhop working at a ...

Red Skull ( Hugo Weaving) -Captain America: First Avenger

The Soviet Government would have Albert Malik capitalize the Red Skull identity, despite the hostility

#5: Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull: The Man Who Scared Hitler – The B-List Defender

Captain America 298 pg 14

Alter ego Johann Schmidt. Red Skull Why Red Skull Wasn39t In Captain America 2 CINEMABLEND

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when Captain America and Black Widow discover Anim Zola's hideout, the good old scientist offers a summary of ...

Red Skull's face now fully becomes the horror that he hid behind for so long.

Red Skull

gotg066 U Red Skull Team: Hydra Range: 0


The Red Skull - Johann Schmidt was a member of Hitler's Third Reich, and would sew seeds of evil for generations after the Nazis fell.

death: only the obstetrical's intervention saved baby Johann, and Hermann committed suicide the morning after, making his son an orphan.

Magneto 11 pg 18

Serpent Squad.jpg. Cover art for Captain America ...

Magneto confronts the Red Skull, echoing the words he uttered to the fascist mastermind years before when he buried him alive in a bomb shelter.

Iron Skull · Red Skull MarvelSchmidtIronSteel

Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) with a cigarette holder

Johann Schmidt started out as a bellhop, but a chance encounter with Adolf Hitler allowed him to become the villain known as the Red Skull!

Red Skull ( Hugo Weaving) -Captain America: First Avenger

Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) - Aleksander Lukin

Funko: Possible 'Avengers: Infinity War' Thor Figure; Cap Vs. Red Skull In New Animated Short

Captain America by Jim Cheung

Super-Soldier Serum

Find this Pin and more on Comics. Checkout my other work---> Ghost Rider. See More. Red Skull by J.R. Leal || Johann Schmidt || Captain America TFA .

At first glance among the Cosmic Cube, Red Skull saw his oppurtunity to do what

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Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) - Johann Shmidt

Real Name: Johann Shmidt Occupation: Former beggar, thief, menial laborer and bellboy; later terrorist leader for the Third Reich, would-be world conqueror

Where are the Infinity Stones when 'Avengers: Infinity War' opens?

It seems like the Red Skull is always hovering over Captain America “

Johann Schmidt was hand-picked and trained personally by Adolf Hitler to become the Red Skull, the embodiment of the Third Reich.

avm016 Red Skull Team: Hydra Range: 6


Red Skull. See more. Baron von Strucker screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Red Skull (Captain America enemy) (Marvel Comics) grey and black

Red Skull Teaser Poster by SkinnyGlasses || Johann Schmidt || Captain America TFA || 500px × 800px || #fanart #poster | Captain America | Pinterest | Capt .

Red Skull Captain America 339 Directors Talk About 39A Greater Villain39 amp The

Art by Declan Shalvey.