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Joan Crawford Smoking in her Cigarette Bra Icons t

Joan Crawford Smoking in her Cigarette Bra Icons t


Joan Crawford Smoking in her Cigarette Bra


Joan Crawford Smoking in her Cigarette Bra | Icons | Pinterest | Famous people and Beautiful people


marthaivers: Joan Crawford photographed by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1927

Twilight Chance: Joan Crawford on the set of Autumn Leaves

Happy Birthday Joan Crawford (March 1906 – May

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford wearing a top with diagonal lines, and loose pajama trousers with side stripe

Joan Crawford in a publicity photo for Mannequin (Frank Borzage, 1937) wearing a

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford Joan Crawford - This classic film star loved a number of women throughout her lifetime. She even reportedly had a one night stand with Marilyn ...

Joan Crawford was the next lip shape trend-maker. Her wide, exaggerated “smear” of red lipstick dramatically overran natural lip lines and the resulting ...

Pier Angeli and Joan Crawford (early

J.Lo: Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number

How Joan Crawford ruthlessly used her body to control co-stars, directors, and anyone who could advance her career

Bette Davis at 104: Still smokin'

Joan Crawford 1937

Joan Crawford ( March c. 1904 – May was an American film and television actress who began her career as a dancer and stage showgirl.

Joan Crawford in Rain (1932)

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford photographed by Yousuf Karsh, 1949.

Brigitte Bardot with a carton of Kool Cigarettes at her home in 1962 .

Adam X: Joan Crawford is so disturbing, like some leering maniacal she-clown

Joan Crawford


A candid of Joan Crawford taken October 1936


Joan Crawford.

Joan Crawford wearing Joseff Hollywood Jewelry See beautiful pics like this in soon to be released

Joan Crawford Smokes!

wehadfacesthen: “ Joan Crawford, 1947 'There was a saying around MGM: “Norma Shearer got the productions, Greta Garbo supplied the art, and Joan Crawford ...

1934 Joan Crawford - Photo by George Hurrell - http://georgehurrell.com/

wehadfacesthen: “Don't mess with Elizabeth Taylor ”

I Live My Life Joan Crawford Wearing Evening Gown Designed By Adrian 1935 Photo Print x

Joan Crawford

maudelynn: “ Joan Crawford ” The camera loved her for a long time.

Joan Crawford with her poodle, 1950's

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

peaceful prey — madam-crawford: Love on the Run (1936) | "SMOKING STARS" | Pinterest

Joan is being fitted with a new dress at the seamstress.

A rare portrait of Joan Crawford by George Hurrell, publicity photo for “Today We

Smiling in blue, and smoking a cigarette of course, after a successful photo shoot! 1960's.

Joan Crawford

Clutching a knife between her teeth film star Joan Crawford as she appears in the film 'Rose Marie' directed by Lucien Hubbard for MGM

A middle aged Joan Crawford at her dressing table having a drink and smoking a butt

Joan Crawford Dig the eyebrows

Joan Crawford @ 5MinuteBiographies.com

LOS ANGELES (1988) -- Bette Davis must have a cigarette.

Joan Crawford promotional sitting for "Rain".

yooo hoooo

Joan Crawford, Ethereal, Hollywood Icons, Special People, Divas, Cinema, Actresses, Nature, Filmmaking

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford - Photo by George Hurrell from Love On The Run in a gown by Adrian

Joan in Susan and God

Joan Crawford, 1959 Willy Rizzo

Joan Crawford @ 5MinuteBiographies.com

Joan Crawford at a Hollywood social event

Actress Joan Crawford in director Hobart Henley's film, “A Slave of Fashion,” 1925

Joan Crawford

sparklejamesysparkle: “Joan Crawford shills Pepsi whilst plotting her escape from the ill-fated

JOAN CRAWFORD (March 1904 - some sources list 1906 or 1908 – May year of birth is uncertain.born Lucille Fay LeSueur, was a noted, Oscar-winning American ...

Joan Crawford.

Sunday Style Icon: Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford: A Remarkable Talent : Photo

Joan Crawford

In the grand style of a movie queen holding court, Miss Davis delivers pronouncements. She speaks in periods and exclamation points, punching out brief, ...

Joan Crawford publicity shot for The Damned Don't Cry, 1950

Joan Crawford - IMDb

Defined brows, corner heavy eyeshadow, rich lipstick // Joan Crawford attends a premiere at Grauman's

Joan Collins smokes while relaxing on a sofa

Joan Crawford & Douglas Fairbanks ...

Joan Crawford looking quite terrible in a Lustre-Creme Shampoo ad, 1952

1950 - The Damned Don't Cry, Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford In a polka dot dress by Adrian,

Joan Crawford 1920's

Bette Davis by Lawrence Shiller, 1964.

Before she was Joan Crawford, Lucille LeSeur was a petite, freckle-faced redhead

Joan Crawford 1967

Rain (1932) starring Joan Crawford, William Huston

Joan Crawford photographed by Edward J. Steichen, 1931

Joan Crawford portrait 35m-2366

Sophia Loren photographed by Angelo Frontoni, c. 1972.

A candid of Joan Crawford, 1959

Joan Crawford rocks some hot shades in "The Damned Don't Cry",

Joan Crawford, 1966

Joan Crawford in a Gilbert Adrian gown

Joan Crawford in a late photo by the legendary Hollywood photographer Hurrell. He was the first portrait photographer to erase freckles etc.

0 joan crawford walking her 3 poodles and holding the fourth one in her arms 1959

Clark Gable and Joan Crawford on the set of Possessed, 1931.

1928 Joan Crawford sitting on a bench

Joan Crawford (i love that you can see her freckles in this photo)

"Gratefully, Joan Crawford" 1939. 1940s icon, the cocktail hour

Joan Crawford wearing Joseff Hollywood Jewelry

George Hurrell - Joan Crawford, 1935 George Hurrell was a photographer who made a significant contribution to the image of glamour presented by Hollywood ...

Joan Crawford. Photograph taken by George Hurrell, 1935.