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Jetavanaramaya Stupa Types of Buddhist stupas and pagodas

Jetavanaramaya Stupa Types of Buddhist stupas and pagodas



Ancient stupas of Sri Lanka

Phra Sri Ratana Chedi within Wat Phra Kaeo, Bangkok, Thailand

Dambulla cave temple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Find this Pin and more on Types of Buddhist stupas and pagodas ...

A Pagoda at the Golden Temple of Dambulla ...

Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok, Thailand

Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Line drawing of the Eight Great Stupas, using Kagyu school proportions. Based upon drawings


Kiri Vihara stupa, Polonnaruwa has the 'Bubble shape'

More Photos (and Video) from Jetavanaramaya

Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda, Birmingham, England. A Buddhist peace pagoda

The five-tiered Peace Pagoda Japantown, San Francisco ...

47 best Types of Buddhist stupas and pagodas images on Pinterest | Buddhists, Buddhist temple and Temples

Frontal view of big white stupa of Hsinbyume Pagoda, Mingun, Sagaing Region, Myanmar

Peace Pagoda, Ampara - Image: Peace Pagoda, Ampara 2

Shanti Stupa, Nepal

Buddhists in Myanmar generally believe that the rock boulder and the original stupa were built last

most amazing temples in the world

เจติยสถาน “ธรรมศาลา” ปริศนาทวารวดี สถูปเจดีย์จากโลกโบราณ


The Chinese Songyue Pagoda (523 CE) is thought to derive from the Gandharan tower-stupa model.

The Great Stupa in Sanchi

History of Stupas[edit]


image hogstrom-inger-golden-stupa-of-shwedagon-pagoda-yangon-myanmar for term side of card

Brick dagoba - csp0779473

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 1 | by asienman

Somawathiya Stupa

Image from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-p7ATWHNT7ZQ/UWrl9tNb87I/AAAAAAAAAac/rs86k7HdN20/s1600/Gandhara,_merlo,_da_surkh_kotl,_II-III_sec.

Kalachakra stupa - The Kalachakra Stupa in Karma Guen, Spain

Kek Lok Si pagoda tiers labelled with their architectural styles

The white stupa in Miaoying Temple, China

The Buddha statue inside the stupa

Abhayagiri Dagoba stupa, Jetavanaramaya, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Ruwanweliseya Dagoba buddhist stupa tourist and pilgrimage site. Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Bodhnath Stupa by Patrick Klauss


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "kadampa ...

Evolution of the Butkara stupa in Pakistan, through the Mauryan, Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian and Kushan periods.

Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

(Qing dynasty) A bejeweled Golden octagonal stupa Pagoda masterpiece inlaid with pearls, red

Majestic ancient white stupa at sunset in Anuradhapura, Sri Lank — Stock Photo

Buddhist monuments: Torana of Big stupa (1st century AD), UNESCO World Heritage

Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar Myanmar

The Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan was built in the 11th century by King Anawrahta whose reign lasted from 1044 until 1077. The king built Shwezigon to be a ...

Big branches and some of the 729 stupas known as the world's largest book at the

Perspective view of Stupa and Pagoda in Wat Mahathat Temple, Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand

Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa, one of the many international Buddhist temples surrounding the birthplace

Enlightenment Stupa[edit]

Palsangjeon, a five-story wooden pagoda, at Beopjusa Temple - Google Search

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 56 | by asienman

The Shwedagon Pagoda, a gilded stupa located in Yangon, Myanmar. The oldest Buddhist

Похожее изображение. Buddhist ...

Stupa Pool

A gray schist stupa with gold leaf. Gandhara, 2nd/3rd century

If you ever happen to visit Burma, one thing you'll notice pretty quickly is that the Burmese sure do like to build large golden stupas. Stupas are Buddhist ...

Wooden Pagoda Ssangbongsa Daeungjeon [6] Stupas or Pagodas (glossary)

531 best Buddhist: Stupa and chorten images on Pinterest | Buddha, Buddha art and Buddhist art

Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara - Image: Mahiyangana Pagoda

A marvel that never ceases to amaze me. #jetavanaramaya.

Jetavanarama Dagoba

A Stupa is a mound-like structure containing the relics such as the remains of Buddhist Monks. Jetavanaramaya in Sri Lanka is an beautiful example

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten & Giant Bell - 44 |

Andaw Thein Ordination Hall in Mrauk U, Burma. The name means "Tooth Shrine

Hōryū-ji - Buddhist Monuments in the Hōryū-ji Area

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 39 | by asienman

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 33 | by asienman

Woman carrying basket on her head walks across plaza in front of Shwezigon Pagoda stupa in

Since our arrival in Sri Lanka, stupas (or dagobas as they're also known) have confused us. The simple, round domes aren't particularly lovely, ...

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 31 | by asienman

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 11 | by asienman

Buddhist stupa Muslim village, Swat, Pakistan

Seokgatap of Bulguksa in South Korea, built in the 8th century, made of granite. In 1966, the Mugujeonggwang Great Dharani Sutra, the oldest extant ...

Tissamaharama Stupa across the paddy fields (Gharbaya, Hatharas Kotuwa, Devatha Kotuwa, Koth Kerella and Kotha of the stupa are visible).

The Jethawanaramaya or Jetavanaramaya is a stupa located in the ruins of Jetavana in the sacred

View of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, China. The Pagoda

Mankiala Stupa situated near Islamabad / Rawalpindi Pakistan. It is a holy site for Buddhist

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 13 | by asienman

Jetavaranama dagoba stupa, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Sanchi, India Sanchi is a great monumental historical site in India which is crowned by 50 magnificent Buddhist monuments. It's mainly famous for its 'Great ...

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 16 | by asienman

Boudhanath or Boddnath is among the largest stupas in South Asia, and it has become

The stupa build at the spot the Buddha visited Sri Lanka

Kalutara Chaitya - The white concrete stupa - Kalutara Chaitya

Big golden stupa at Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar - Stock Image

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 32 | by asienman

The Dharmarajika Stupa, a semi-hemespherical, classic Indian-type Gandharan stupa,

Mounds for the relics of the Buddha (5th century)[edit]

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten - 25 | by asienman

Sanchi Stupa No.2, the earliest known stupa with important displays of decorative reliefs

Further south into the Sacred City, we found the Mirisaveti Stupa, also built by King Dutugemunu. According to legend, the king wished to bathe in a nearby ...

Great White Pagoda

... India - Sikkim - Tashiding - Tashiding Monastery - Chorten & Mani Stones - 46 |