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Jaws Portaits of James Bond Villains by MUTI characters

Jaws Portaits of James Bond Villains by MUTI characters


Jaws james bond.jpg

Jaws from Moonraker & The Spy Who Loved Me

James Bond Villains Jaws

Jaws - Portaits of James Bond Villains by MUTI

Jaws - Profile (2)

James Bond character

Bond villain Richard 'Jaws' Kiel dead at 74

Rick's Cafe Texan: Nemesis: The Ten Best Bond Villains


He cries blood…do we have to say much more?

Actor Richard Kiel - who played steel-toothed villain Jaws in two James Bond films - has died in California aged The towering American star, who appeared in ...

What list of James Bond Villains would be complete without Karl Stromberg.

Richard Kiel («Jaws» in «The Spy who Loved Me»),


Actor Richard kiel (played Jaws in James Bond movie)

Jaws and Bond (Promotional Photo) -1-

Kiel, who is best remembered for playing steel-toothed Jaws in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME & MOONRAKER, died on September 10th, 2014, just 3 days before his 75th ...

Jaws (James Bond) Richard Kiel Dies 39Jaws39 From James Bond Movies Dead At 74

James Bond 25: Christoph Waltz's Blofeld to return with Daniel Craig? | Films | Entertainment | Express.co.uk

In this May 31, 2000 photo, Richard Kiel, the actor who is known for his roll as Jaws in the James Bond films in the 80's, is photographed in Coarsegold, ...

Jaws (James Bond) Jaws James Bond enemy Richard Kiel Character profile

James Bond villain Jaws art by Steve Willaredt



Ian Fleming's character James Bond has been escaping villainous lairs, femme fatales, outlandish vehicular chases & a wide array of saboteurs for over 6 ...

Spectre - Christoph Waltz not in James Bond 25

Richard Kiel as Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me

Richard Kiel, the towering actor who played 007's Jaws, has died - Daily Press

Top Five Tuesday: James Bond Villains

James Bond character. Le Chiffre by Mads Mikkelsen.jpg

Despite being a henchman of sorts, Oddjob is one of the most remembered James Bond

Mr White was one of the recent James Bond Villains.

Mads Mikkelsen played one of the James Bond Villains: Le Chiffre!

James Bond

James Bond character. Hugo Drax 1.jpg

My Top 10 Favorite Bond Villains

007 Villian collection James Bond

Goldfinger is one of the most unforgettable James Bond villains.

We revisit every film, rating the best and worst Bond girls, 007 theme songs and leading actors with the licence to kill

James Bond character. DrJuliusNo.jpg

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 05: Actor Richard Kiel attends The Hollywood Show held

Can You Identify These James Bond Villains?

GoldenEye-Character-Render Jaws-

James Bond character


Dr Julius No is a fictional character in the James Bond film and novel Dr No. He was the very first James Bond villain in the film series.

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Die: Our 10 Favorite Bond Villains

James Bond character. Alec Trevelyan.jpg

All The New James Bond Actors Ranked (According To Their Style)

'Spectre' Star Daniel Craig Clarifies 'Slash My Wrists' James Bond Comments (Video)

The American Film Institute's top villains include some of the most evil

This mastermind of SPECTRE was featured in multiple Bond films.

Jaws (Multiple Films)

Historical Swatch watches and the new Swatch Plastic Chrono dedicated to Villain «Mr. Greene» («Quantum Of Solace»)


Elliot Carver

Finally, a relatively unknown former milkman, coffin polisher, and Mr. Universe named Sean Connery was thrown into the mix. Producer Albert Broccoli had ...

This of James Bond Villains includes Xenia Onatopp, who is a deadly lady.

Goldeneye 007 Video Game - Richard Kiel (Jaws) Behind The Scenes Video (James Bond) [HD] - YouTube

Blofeld is considered to be Bond's arch-foe on the list of James Bond villains

Image is loading Jaws-16-Villains-007-James-Bond-Spy-Files-


Richard Kiel as Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me

Jaws, Large Marge, Scar, Medusa, Judge Doom... did these movie characters have you shaking in your boots as a child?

Amazon.com: Moonraker: Roger Moore (James Bond), Lois Chiles (Dr. Holly Goodhead), Richard Kiel (Jaws), Corinne Clery (Corinne Dufour): Amazon Digital ...

Zao 1

A James Bond Race For Space

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Moonraker - Drax

Roger Moore as James Bond in Moonraker

Jaws Lookalike

james Bond 007 Eidolon

Top 10 James Bond Facts

GoldenEye 007 [NPGA Edition] Team Jaws vs Team Oddjob

MGM Studios

Shall we do Elektra and Renard now? It's premature but why not. Their relationship is easily one of the most complex between two characters in a Bond film.

Richard Kiel's Jaws: the Bond villain whose bark was worse than his bite | Film | The Guardian

Every great hero needs a great villain, or several of them, and over the years super spy James Bond's franchise has given the world some of cinema's best ...

Pierce Brosnan angling to join next Expendables movie

After the OTT japes of Moonraker, Roger Moore takes it down a notch with For Your Eyes Only. Here's our lookback.

Bond Villains party with crowd at playful Plastic Royale by Swatch.

Chiwetel Ejiofor Eyed to Play Villain in Next James Bond Movie (Exclusive)

Luis Mazón

I've never considered General Gogol to be a villain, and I don't think the series does, either. He's antagonistic on a few occasions, but the sense you ...

In the movies, not only does it signify that he's part of MI6's secret service elite, but that as a Double O agent, he holds a license to kill at his ...

Pierce Brosnan's second outing as James Bond may not be Goldeneye strength, but Tomorrow Never Dies still has its moments.

During my review of You Only Live Twice, I mentioned how The Spy Who Loved Me was the second James Bond film I ever purchased on VHS.