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Japanese is known mostly for sake but Ginga Kogen is brewed in a

Japanese is known mostly for sake but Ginga Kogen is brewed in a


Ginga Kogen is based in Sawauchi village, in the Iwate prefecture of Japan. The village is apparently a “special snowfall area”, with some of the heaviest ...

Ginga Kogen

Kagua Beer Rouge (Multi-Pack BTL 11.2 oz)

Ginga Kogen Beer description

Ginga Kogen Japanese Craft Beer

Ginga Kogen Ko Mugi Hefeweizen

Ginga Kogen served

Germany taught both China and Japan to brew beer. In the case of China the diktat about all-malt didn't last long - the vast majority of beer from China is ...

Ozeno Yukidoke IPA Beer (Multi-Pack BTL 11.5 oz)

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Baird Angry Boy Brown Ale (Multi-Pack BTL 11.2 oz)

Japanese Craft Beer Comes to Oakland -- And Here's What You Should Try | Bay Area Bites | KQED Food

Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock

Anchor Steam ($140/355ml, six-pack) California, USA Launched in 1896, this amber-hued brew is one of the first real craft beers to come out of the States.

Beers in Japan Ginga Kogen

Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer

Ginga Kogen American Pale Ale by Ginga Kogen Beer

Ginga Kogen bottles

5 Japanese Craft Beers Without a Major Price Tag

Shonan Beer Alt 1996 Tap your potential empty bottle with cap Japan limited 300

Ginga Kogen Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Ginga Kogen


Best Japanese beers: Izumi-Hakkaisan

Beers in Japan Ginga Kogen. Best Japanese beers: Otaru

THE CRAFTINESS OF JAPAN'S CRAFT BEERS – Japanese Culture in New York – Chopsticks NY

Ginga Kogen Weizen Bock by Ginga Kogen Beer

Japanese Craft Beer Comes to Oakland -- And Here's What You Should Try | Bay Area Bites | KQED Food

There are even a few other alcoholic beverages on offer, such as an unfiltered Ginga Kogen Beer. So far I've only tried the Wakatake, which is a pure, ...

Five to go

The sake bar tucked into the back of the Mitsukoshi store in Japan has been offering some unusual brews lately, and now is serving “The Plateau of the ...

... of the building, and I think she's trying to get us all to grow tropical fruits in our bedrooms. It's 77 degrees in my apartment right now.

Ginga Kogen Pilsner by Ginga Kogen Beer

Hidden gem in Epcot – the Mitsukoshi sake bar

Alcohol-free beers, like this Kirin beer, are popular in Japan.

Downstairs at Mitsukoshi, there's a sake bar in the corner of the room with all the food, candy, and drink options, which also serves a $10 bottle of Ginga ...

Slowly matured in cedar casks which are commonly used in the brewing of traditional Japanese sake.

Pale Ale | Ginga Kogen Beer

Ginga Kogen Ko Mugi no Beer

The other bars worthy of claiming the title of best are any of the three Kanto Baird Taprooms (Nakameguro, Harajuku, and Basamichi). All are good, but the ...


Food & Drink JapanSnowtripTips-best-beers-japan

Ginga Kogen Ko Mugi No Beer

Ginga Kogen Star Bottle

Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale by Ginga Kogen Beer

Ginga Kogen ...

See All

For those of us who don't care for sake there is a beer option! The Ginga Kogen beer is and unfiltered wheat ale. There is a nice yeasty cloudiness to the ...

Best Japanese beers: Sapporo

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Japan Beer Breweries List (regularly updated!)

Some more japanese craft beer cans

Top Beers in Japan - Zumona Golden Pilsner


Three to stay

1. Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout

Very fragrant and aromatic, but unfortunately with a long, light alcohol burn finish. Glad to have tried it.

... Four Japanese Craft Beers We're Currently Drinking

... Four Japanese Craft Beers We're Currently Drinking ...

Four Japanese Craft Beers We're Currently Drinking ...

A visit to the Sawaguchi Ginga Kogen Hotel.


Japanese convenience store selection of beer

Marin Hoppy Holidaze

Delightfully, the Ginga Kogen website also doubles as a tourism shill for the region.

Koshihikari Echigo Beer Can (Multi-Pack CAN 11.8 oz). From $8.99. Using Japan's most ...

soursop based brew a #kombucha especially made by @tepian.farm in collaboration with

Ginga Kogen Soyokaze Kolsch by Ginga Kogen Beer

Ginga Kogen American Pale Ale

If you are looking for the best beer in Japan then you also want to head inside, where you'll find a bottle of Ginga Kogen Weizen for $10.

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Wheat Beer by Ginga Kogen Beer

Origin: Japan Price: 300 Yen

Three-Year Genuine Fuku Mirin Mirin of Truth, Produced in Carefulness

Here below is the list of all 30 “kura”/breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture, which were “working” as of May 2014 (with some nuances and notes attached!)

This break also allowed me to prepare for the tour-de-force that would Tokyo. I did have intentions to stop at the Baird Brewery on the way to Tokyo, but it ...

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... best kept secrets located inside the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Epcot's Japan Pavilion. The Garden House Sake Bar serves Ginga Kogen, a wheat beer.


Photo of Nijiya Market - San Diego, CA, United States. 銀河高原 (

Ginga Kogen is a Japanese craft beer that built their first brewery in the snowy “Sawauchi” village of Japan in 1996. This aromatic, unfiltered Weizen has a ...

Ginga Kogen Pale Ale (Iwate Pref., all malt, 5% abv). Hazy orange amber, ivory head. Dusty, grainy aroma, very little hop aroma, way too much yeast in ...

21st Amendment Brew Free! Or Die

We're all familiar with the idea that, with big name 'international' beer brands, there is little relationship between the beer itself and the brand name ...

Kyoto Brewing Ichii Senshin - Kyoto/IPA

The Lost Abbey Lost & Found

Price: I think $11.99 for variety 10 pack, but it was awhile ago

Japanese Craft Beer Comes to Oakland -- And Here's What You Should Try


Victory V-12

Beer Club Popeye: Japan's First Purveyor of Japanese Craft Beer