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Japan quake endangers a quarter of world39s chip production

Japan quake endangers a quarter of world39s chip production


The Japanese quake has suspended the production of silicon wafers in that country, potentially endangering the world's supply of chips, which are used in ...

Notebook Components Disrupted by Japan Quake

The infrastructure in northern Japan was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami, as at this petroleum refining plant. Credit Kimimasa Mayama/European ...

Feature: Japan Disaster Threatens Economic Recovery, Affects Economies Globally

Agence France-Presse

Computer chips prices rose further on Tuesday, as damage at Japanese plants and infrastructure caused by Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami ...



Kumamoto quake info: where to go, how to help

Agence ...

chip industry is growing, in China

Rescuers look for survivors in a multi-storey building flattened by a powerful quake in Mexico City. Photo: AFP

AMD has built hardware at Samsung could tap foundry for future products

Villagers walk past a damaged house in quake-hit Yuxi village of Lushan county,

Despite assurances, quakes prompt calls to switch off Japan's nuclear reactors

Kumamoto couple hard time parting son lost earthquake Apr 25, 2017

earthquake. The wave that washed over the eastern coast of Japan was more than 130 feet high.

... as damage at Japanese plants and infrastructure caused by Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami threatens to disrupt the global manufacturing ...

Workers at National Semiconductor's South Portland fabrication plant must don full "bunny suits" to

Nearly a quarter of indirect Kumamoto quake deaths linked to sheltering in vehicles

Deadly earthquakes and tsunamis could be spotted minutes sooner by reading tiny changes in gravity (

Welcome to Photolithography.

Kumamoto government estimates %c2%a53 8 trillion damage done april earthquakes Sep 29, 2016

Li Jing

Chip prices jump as Japan quake threatens supply

Toyota Seen Losing $277 Million as Quakes Halt Japan Output

Soldiers stand guard beside a collapsed house after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in San Gregorio


(Approx) years after the earthquake & tsunami.

Kumamoto railway struggles rebuild devastating016 quake Aug 21, 2017

#MARKETS: "Japanese Chip Maker Shutdown Threatens IT"

You may have heard of semiconductor wafers, but have you ever heard of thin wafers

Intel designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world's computing devices.

Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC is by far the largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips in the world. The company is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan,

Risk: Smoke is seen billowing from the No.3 reactor at the Fukushima plant

The clean room of a semiconductor chip fabrication plant is 1,000 times cleaner than the typical

Watermelon Man (1970) ** directed by Melvin Van Peebles

Devastating: A new 7.1-magnitude earthquake has struck Japan, affecting roughly the same

However, when you finish the packet, you can see a whole bunch of herbs stuck to the foil thanks to the oil. It seems almost wasteful.

Abe's questionable handling of the Kumamoto quakes

Corporate Apr 28, 2016

Two gender-swapping cartoon teenagers have taken Japan by storm | The World Weekly

... are used to protect the clean -particle and static free- environment of the Cleanroom where electronics such as semiconductors, LCD, etc are produced.

ASML - Powering the next phase of semiconductor manufacturing

... international; 27.

Sombre scene: Earthquake and tsunami victims are buried at a mass grave site in Higashimatsushima

AMD 80186

Intel's new 18-core Haswell Xeon chips will try to preempt the ARM server onslaught

Fab 32 - Intel's first high-volume 45nm chip factory

This photo illustrates the devastation of the Haiti earthquake

Vintage Intel R80286-8 S40194 Gold plated Ceramic LCC Processor Chip S40194 i286

Is A Major Earthquake Along The New Madrid Fault In Our Future? | The Future

Kyodo via Reuters

Agence France-Presse

However, the earthquake (Magnitude 9.0)6 and resulting tsunami claimed thousands of residences and produced a large number of evacuees, seriously damaging ...

Yemenis stand on the rubble of houses near the presidential palace in Sanaa that were destroyed

Christy Leung


Japan quake damage 3

The Guardian

Tokyo (CNN) -- Japan is poised to declare a toxic water leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant a level 3 "serious incident," its gravest warning since the ...

Storage of energy in rocks causes an earthquake. The diagram is described thoroughly in the

Packaging It's green. Not in an environmentally friendly kind of way, but because limes are green and they feature prominently on the front of the packet.

Japan quake damage 2

Workers, who stepped into radiation-contaminated water at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear

Tesco is celebrating another period of growth (Nick Ansell/PA)


With a prominent chilli and half a lime, the chips on the packet are reminiscent of grain waves, which makes us feel a little dirty for even looking at ...

Pyongyang, North Korea, following a U.S. air raid in the early stages of the Korean War in 1950. U.S. bombers operating mostly out of Japan dropped more ...

Puritech's Cleanroom Lint-Free Garments are garments that are used to protect the clean -particle and static free- environment of the Cleanroom whe…

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Two gender-swapping cartoon teenagers have taken Japan by storm | The World Weekly

There's always something slightly disconcerting about a photo that has both potatoes and potato chips in it. It's like being served a lamb shank while a ...

Japan has shifted back to a reliance on coal, oil and gas for power after

Behold Summit, a new supercomputer capable of making 200 million billion calculations per second. It marks the first time in five years that a machine from ...

In the aftermath of Haiti's devastating earthquake, nervous citizens can be forgiven for wondering where the next Big One will hit. Major quakes strike with ...

My heart goes out to everyone in Japan and in Ecuador affected by the recent series of terrible earthquakes. I was once where you are.

The story of Mitsuha and Taki has taken Japan by storm and will soon run in

Wrecked: Waves swallow a seaside village on March 11 after an earthquake leads to a

Figure 2: Anti-nuclear demonstration in Shinjuku, June 6, 2011. Photograph