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Jack Gaughan t

Jack Gaughan t


Ace Double G-606: Time to Live by John Rackham (aka John T

Ace Double G-576: Danger from Vega by John Rackham (John T.

Samuel R. Delany, Empire Star Cover by Jack Gaughan and John Schoenherr

Two Hundred Million A.D. by A. E. van Vogt, 1964. Cover by Jack Gaughan.

The Einstein Intersection Delany, Samuel R. Ace 1967 cover art by Jack Gaughan T

Cover art by Jack Gaughan. http://scifi-covers.com/post/107175132952/ace-double-g-592-the-beasts-of-kohl-by-john …pic.twitter.com/OfTjATb2KZ

cover by Jack Gaughan

Starwolf 1-3 by Edmond Hamilton, 1967-68. Covers by Jack Gaughan

3:12 AM - 7 Apr 2018

art-of-illlustration: “ Jack Gaughan - The Crystal Gryphon, ”

Jack Gaughan

... by Jack Gaughan; 1965) and M-115b JOHN BRUNNER Enigma From Tantalus (cover by John Schoenherr; interior illustrations by Emsh and Jack Gaughan; 1965)

John Rackham - Dark Planet - Ace Double 13805 - cover artist Jack Gaughan | Flickr

JACK GAUGHAN - art for Skylark of Valeron (Skylark 3) by E.E. 'Doc

The Brains of Earth by Jack Vance - art by Jack Gaughan

If Science Fiction Digest May 1961 Jack Gaughan Cover Pulp SF | eBay

16 John T. Phillifent Genius Unlimited Jack Gaughan Jul-72 a.k.a. John Rackham.

scificovers: Worlds of If July 1967. Cover by Jack Gaughan.

JACK GAUGHAN - art for The Eater of Worlds (Cap Kennedy #8) by

Samuel Delany: Einstein Intersection pb 1967 sci-fi cover art by Jack Gaughan

Image is loading E-E-034-DOC-034-SMITH-Skylark-Three-3-

LAURENCE M. JANIFER and S. J. TREIBICH The Wagered World (cover and interior illustration by Jack Gaughan; July 1969).# | Pinterest | World, Interi…

Jack Gaughan

Ace Double M-141 Paperback Original (1966). Cover Art by Jack Gaughan

Jack Gaughan (1930-1985) cover, “The Herod Men” by Nick

Jack Gaughan

Original Comic Art:Covers, Jack Gaughan - "Moon of the Three Rings"

JACK GAUGHAN - art for Eight Against Utopia. A version of this was used in 1967 book by Douglas Mason

Jack Gaughan - Home From The Shore, 1963. No idea if that's its'

The Hugo Awards started in however, the Best Professional Artist category wasn't created until Since then, seventeen pro artists have been recognized with ...

Phoebe and Jack Gaughan: two digest-sized magazine covers

Solar Lottery Comic Art

King Kobold Cover Art. Jack Gaughan

Berserkers Planet - Fred Saberhagen, cover by Jack Gaughan

scificovers: “ If vol 20 no 2, February 1970. Cover by Jack Gaughan illustrating “Whipping Star” by Frank Herbert. ”

Clifford D. Simak, Time and Again

jack gaughan

The Path Beyond the Stars by Emil Petaja. Dell 1969. Cover artist Jack Gaughan

scificovers: Ace Double - The Herod Men by Nick Kamin and Dark Planet by John Rackham (aka John T. Phillifent) Herod Men cover by Jack Gaughan Dark Planet ...

JACK GAUGHAN - art for The Wrecks of Time by Michael Moorcock - 1967 Ace Doubles paperback H36 | To the Stars and Beyond | Pinterest | Sci fi, ...

No.10 May 1961 Cover Art. Jack Gaughan

Jack Gaughan - Moon of Three Rings, 1967.

Cover art by Jack Gaughan 1963

Jack Gaughan (USA 1930-1985)

H-40 E. C. TUBB C.O.D. Mars (cover and frontspiece illustration by Jack Gaughan; ...

... Original Comic Art:Covers, Jack Gaughan - Worlds of IF, December, 1966 ...

Answering Service - Worlds of If Dec 1967 Jack Gaughan

Tales from Weirdland on Twitter: "Jack Gaughan's cover art for the (unauthorized, but pivotal) first paperback edition of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy in ...

scificovers: “Ace Double We, The Venusians by John Rackham (aka John T. Phillifent), Cover art attributed to Jack Gaughan.

Jack Gaughan - Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert Comic Art

Cover art by Jack Gaughan 1974

The Einstein Intersection cover by Jack Gaughan

JACK GAUGHAN - The Sorcerer Pharesm by Jack Vance - April 1966 The Magazine of Fantasy

Art by Jack Gaughan (1968)


His Hugo-winning novella "Nightwings" (1968) appeared in Galaxy Magazine, Sept.1968. Cover: Jack Gaughan.… https://t.co/Zq0HGyIkYK"

scificovers: Ace Double G-576:The Clash of Star-Kings by Avram Davidson 1966. Cover art by Jack Gaughan 1966. | Vintage Science Fiction Books | Pinterest ...

madddscience: devilflail: by Jack Gaughan

JACK GAUGHAN - Three Worlds to Conquer by Poul Anderson - 1968 Pyramid Books

Jack Gaughan - Three Worlds To Conquer, 1964. / The Science Fiction Gallery

Jack Gaughan

Jack Gaughan cover art to Samuel R. Delany's T..

Outermost: The Art & Life of Jack Gaughan: Luis Ortiz: 9781933065168: Amazon.com: Books

A Planet for Texans ~ "This new world couldn't be fenced ...

Original preliminary art by Jack Gaughan for Message From The Eocene. Note that this preliminary art was matted by Jack Gaughan and (in his cursive script) ...

Jack Gaughan - Entry To Elsewhen, 1972.#Jack Gaughan #Entry To Elsewhen

8 Jeff Sutton The Mindblocked Man Jack Gaughan

240 Donald A. Wollheim & Arthur W. Saha The 1977 Annual World's Best Science Fiction Jack Gaughan Reprint Anthology.

Cover by Jack Gaughan. https://mostlysignssomeportents.tumblr.com/post/155837477241/scificovers-ace-double-f-273-the-dark-intruder …pic.twitter.com/ ...

Humanoid History on Twitter: "Jack Gaughan #scifi cover art for a 1968 edition of "Children of the Lens" by E.E. "Doc" Smith. https://t .co/0V4482BDQR"

Cosmos Science Fiction And Fantasy Vol.1 No.3 Sept 1977.

Ace Books Short-story collection comprised of F&SF's output from edited by Robert P. Cover art by Jack Gaughan.

Link at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Jack Gaughan - Galactic Patrol, 1966. / The Science Fiction Gallery

JACK GAUGHAN - art for Tales in a Jugular Vein by Robert Bloch - 1965 Pyramid

Towards the Center by Jack Gaughan (unknown publisher)

JACK GAUGHAN - art for One Against the Legion by Jack Williamson - 1967 Pyramid Books

Cover Art by Jack Gaughan 1965.

Stormbringer (Book Six of the Elric Saga) (Lancer Books #73-579): Michael Moorcock, Jack Gaughan: Amazon.com: Books

A Promising Planet - Ace Double-24100 - cover artist Jack Gaughan by Cadwalader Ringgold

Jack Gaughan aka John Brian Francis (1930-1985) — Hellflower, 1969 (

by Jack Gaughan SF Illustrations · Ancient, My Enemy

Jack Gaughan Limited Print edition

Jack Gaughan

Jack Gaughan - Skylark DuQuesne, 1965.

Jack Gaughan

The Slave Planet by Laurence Janifer - Jack Gaughan 1963

Link at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database

The Weapon Makers: A. E. van Vogt, Jack Gaughan: 9780441131532: Amazon.com: Books

Ace F-367 Paperback Original (1965). Cover by Jack Gaughan

Jack Gaughan, 1972

Original Comic Art:Sketches, Jack Gaughan - "World's Best SF" Paperback Book

JACK GAUGHAN - The Planeteers - John W. Campbell - 1966 Ace Double G-585 - cover by tumblr - print by 70sscifiart.tumblr.com | Pinterest | Sci fi, ...

Endfray of the Ofay - If Mar 1965 Jack Gaughan

Artist Jack Gaughan - FindArtinfo

Cover by Jack Gaughan.

scificovers: Ace Double Duplicators by Murray Leinster Cover art by Jack Gaughan.

H-21 JACK VANCE (aka JOHN HOLBROOK VANCE) The Last Castle (cover by Jack Gaughan; 1967; listed as "first book publication") and ...