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It39s BIG it39s BAD and it39s UGLY This monster from the frozen North is

It39s BIG it39s BAD and it39s UGLY This monster from the frozen North is


It's BIG, it's BAD, and it's UGLY! This monster from the frozen North is called the Draugen. Scandinavian cultures are familiar with the dreaded beast, ...

Its BIG, it's BAD, and it's UGLY! This monster from the frozen North is called the Draugen. Scandinavian cultures are familiar with the dreaded beast, ...

Conan Exiles

Noekken 01C

Kanontsistonties: The Flying Heads

... local residents noticed it looked more like Frankenstein's monster than the famous comedian.

The 10 Most Terrifying Native American Legends

... such as which sled races it's already taken part in. Cut out these text boxes and hang them next to each pug as part of the classroom display.

The character is disturbing only in its laughability. Not one of these movies is any good.

Artistic renderings often depict it as having blue-hued skin, a forked tongue,

After two hundred years, are we ready for the truth about Mary Shelley's novel?

so ugly it's cute!

It's huge!

Grim Up North

I've had nothing but tremendous respect for Polish developer CD Projekt RED ever since I played their 2007 debut, The Witcher. That game quickly vaulted its ...

Fantastically Wrong: The Legend of the Kraken, a Monster That Hunts With Its Own Poop

From The Twilight Zone to Penny Dreadful, Doctor Who and more, Den Of Geek's writers revisit the TV episodes that truly terrify them…

I could have made a better movie with the video on my phone. It really was a joke. How this movie ever got made is beyond me.

They'd never dare kill off Jaime Lannster … Game of Thrones.

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

21. In the ...


The Critical Sin of 'The Greatest Showman': It's Defiantly Uncool – Variety

pugs of the frozen north: five ideas for the classroom - Sarah McIntyre ?

Hey-O! It's Bad TatToos Day! 15 of the Worst Horrible Messes! Definitely done in prison!

Have each child decide what sort of creature (real or mythical) will pull their particular sled, and how many of these creatures they will need to pull ...

Then Let Me Be Evil

Horror cinema is a monster. For years, the genre, unlike romance, action and science fiction, has been mistreated, misunderstood and subjected to vicious ...

It doesn't exactly earn its namesake.

With the naivety of a novice adventurer, I failed to appreciate just what an undertaking I was poised to embark upon, naked and unarmed.

America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny

__NO, IT'S *MY* PAIL__ Bob and Harvey Weinstein don't always get

Image for The 50 Best Animated Movie Characters

Swamfisk- Norse myth: a large fish that preys upon smaller fish by turning its


Photo-Illustration: Maya Robinson/Vulture and Photos by HBO

When it comes to Monsters, Inc., it's throw a dart time. You could go for Boo, arguably the cutest kid in movie history. Or Sulley, John Goodman's lovable ...

Still from trailer. “

After that, I encountered some huge rock monsters, larger than anything I've fought in the game before - even the elephant I got into an altercation with a ...

Miyazaki has a wealth of great characters, from bizarre gods to eccentric spirits and terrifying witches. But it's his heroines who are usually the best, ...

Unlike popular belief in France, this word therefore doesn't come from "navet" (literally 'turnip'), which is used to designate a movie so bad that it's ...

It's an insane concept that shouldn't work: Assemble an anthology film comprised of 26 shorts, each directed by a different independent genre filmmaker and ...

The Northern Kingdoms of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [official site] is a realm ravaged by war, pestilence, and greed. And, try as he might, Geralt continually ...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Click on any song title to view lyrics.

Instead of working away at crafting tables or grinding, I was on a proper adventure to escape the ...

Crocs footwear are not only ugly, they're bad for your health, says leading doctors | Daily Mail Online

The Awful, Sexist Plot of Starcraft 2

How sweet and innocent is Fiver, the visionary rabbit hero of Watership Down? Well, he's voiced by Richard Briers, perhaps the nicest man in the history of ...

10 Legendary Monsters of North America: Part Two

... its prey. Image Credit: iStock/frentusha

Elementary school, northern New Jersey, where everyone knows everyone and the same small group of kids follow you from first grade to senior year. It was ...

Jerusalem crickets of the ...

4. Hot Spring Rye Bread


Sadly, alps within the Witcher universe aren't nearly as wonderful as their mythic counterparts. In The Witcher, they exist as little more than blade-fodder ...

Image Credit: iStock/Mizu001

Sad woman in the rain

Oh an there's a jumping puzzle at some point...it's ...

What appears to be a ribbon worm ejecting a 'mobile nose' to kill prey

The Gold Laced Poland is a European breed known for its crest of feathers. In


We continue today in our journey to the bottom of the state-based cesspool that is America, praising eight more territories for their meager good and ...

Keeve Angline, 27, developed severe acne at age 24, which left her feeling

Canada Goose, Alan Herscovici, fur parka

Eventually, decked out in furs, I finally strode north again, and even managed to stand my ground, establishing a modest base by a picturesque lake.

Image for The 50 Worst Movies Ever

The most famous cartoon of all time, all the way down here? Why yes, because Mickey Mouse has never been a big character in feature-length animation, ...


Visitors to Arches National Park will need a day or two to fully explore its 73,379 acres of unusual rock formations.

The filmmaker and longtime "Star Wars" fantastic speaks out against the "vitriolic" backlash over the film.

... the problem is that you need high-level gear to be able to tackle the North, and Conan Exiles' crafting system is infuriatingly tied to its levelling ...

i do not know what this is, but it's freaking me out!!!

'A Quiet Place' Review: John Krasinki's Weirdly Silent B-Movie Bang – Variety

what you need to know about dating German men

Cerastes- Greek legend: a rather large snake that is so flexible, it is said to have no spine. It had two ram like horns in its head and its a desert ...

They would have been better off creating an incredibly stupid, campy musical version of the movie. At least that would have been worth watching, ...

... footage was added, as was the wonderful voice-over narration that worked so well in The Creeping Terror. Another horrible movie affected by the ...

It's not clear exactly what the species of worm is but it's thought it is displaying

Appearances. Frozen

The Jersey Devil (also called the Leeds Devil) has a history going back 300 years in the Pine Barrens area of New Jersey. The legend says that in 1735, ...

10: House of Wax (2005)

Looking for a Childhood Book? Here's How.

Ciarán Hinds plays expedition commander John Franklin, while Jared Harris (right) plays the man who is effectively his second-in-command, Francis Crozier.

7 Adorable Baby Animals That Grow Into Monsters

The Fuzzies ◊ from Little Fuzzy and its ...

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Photo-Illustration: Gluekit

Aside from having an undesirable nose, drawing comparisons to a young Barbra Streisand minus the talent, I was very pale with light hair and eyelashes.

It's ICE-land: Just a Land of Ice All Year Round

Miss Angline's skin was once so bad she cancelled a holiday to Berlin as she couldn

Throughout ...

ken baker e. Getty Images. E! News and its ...

Also at Nautilus Galley is this Frozen Beer. It's almost exactly like the frozen beer at the Japan pavilion in Epcot, which is to say, disgusting.

Edge of the Frame Ain't It The Truth Carolina Texas '81. Little Bird Not That Simple Wedding Song Hearts of Men