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Is Stem Cell Fluid the Key to Treating EPM in Horses Equine

Is Stem Cell Fluid the Key to Treating EPM in Horses Equine


... stem cell fluid persist in the horse's body for a longer time. Using ...

What Horse Owners Need to Know About EPM

EPM treatment with stem cell fluid

This is Ben, a novice-level eventer who has been battling EPM shown before (ridden) and after he started showing clinical signs. Note how close he travels ...

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Multi Radiance MR4 Laser

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AQHA: Equine Stem-Cell Therapy

Researchers See Possibilities in Stem Cell Therapy for Horse Injuries

What We're Learning About Senior Horses

Published by the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners, an Equine-Exclusive Division of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association Issue 4 • ...

Icy Edge toward the end of his career, but before EPM. Courtesy Sarah Church

Therapeutic lasers have been being used on the equine athlete since the 1970s.

Do you have a horse that's #BeatingEPM ? Anyone who's managed a horse with the

Inflammatory Airway Disease in Horses: Causes and Treatments

Schematic diagram of equine undifferentiated cell sources and plasticity, from State of the art:

Stem Cell Homing: What Happens Post-Injection?

Published by the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners, an Equine-Exclusive Division of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association Issue 4 • 2016


Certain feeding strategies can help your horse weather equine Cushing's disease.

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Fluid Therapy Choices for the Sick Foal

Photo: Chiropractic treatment of a horse

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Diagnosing Neurologic Disorders

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Horse obstacle

In the absence of a definitive diagnostic test for EPM, the efficacy of this treatment has not been determined.

Sometime I watch kids, at the gate of the hunter show ring, waiting on a horse standing still. They talk with others or interact with their cellphone.


N. Hughesi Life Cycle Graphic. “


A Review and Update on Tendon and Ligament Injuries

If you're looking at purchasing your next sport horse, we highly recommend you have a pre-purchase exam performed in order to educate yourself on what ...

Chance 6 months ago (August 2014) Pre-EPM diagnosis or treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen and Stem Cells in Equine Medicine

Snow. Snow. And…. MORE SNOW!

Starting back slowly

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The equine respiratory tract is so highly specialized for exercise that even the slightest deviation from normal can limit a horse's athletic career.

Heat and humidity can take a toll on working horses, writes Dr Brianne Henderson, of Ferguson Equine Veterinary Services and Toronto Equine Hospital.

The recording of vertical forces created by the hind and front limbs and vertebral column mechanism

Photo of horse traveling by plane

February 2015: Second round of EPM treatment and 6 months of upped feed with higher fat and protein content.

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S. Neurona Life Cycle

Rehabilitating the EPM Horse

As well as horses cannot become infected by other horses. The transmission of Neospora hughesi has yet to be identified.

Horse making you feel miserable? Their sweat might be to blame

A horse works on a treadmill at the CSU Orthopaedic Research Center. Photo: Joe


Early, accurate diagnosis is key and treatment should follow immediately after. University of California (Davis) provides the most current, updated tests.

Promoting Lifelong Equine Joint Health

Tildren and similar drugs are used in human osteoporosis and were designed to inhibit osteoclast activity in order to reduce bone resorption.

Stem Cell Treatment in Horses Shows Promise for Treating Lameness "I did this with my horse and it worked beautifully.

Hydration in horses: Staying cool can be crucial to success - Horsetalk.co.nz

Good hydration is crucial in getting horses to their destination in good condition.

Can an EPM Horse Be Ridden Again?

Starting back slowly

While every horse owner should pay attention to their horse's neurologic function, senior horse owners should especially watch out for Wobbler syndrome and ...

Lameness Evaluation

The ...

Photo: Geographic distribution of horses with antibodies against EPM-causing parasites


Ice Packs & Horseshoes

EPM in Horses (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis)

Locking of the patella is very common ailment particularly of ponies and young horses. It can also be seen in adults, especially those that have a ...

Stem cell and Platelet Rich Plasma treatment lead the way in equine regenerative medicine

and ...

Horses with sepsis—a systemic inflammatory response to a suspected or diagnosed bacterial infection, such as colitis, endometritis, or pneumonia— are already ...

Novel Use of Stems Cells in Horses Reported (AAEP 2012)

4-1 Diagram of layers of meninges of the horse.

... Susannah hospital

EPM results 9-8-16 copy.jpg

In the end, EPM is a complex condition with a multitude of opinions on how to treat and manage. We need to stop looking to pharmaceutical medications as ...

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Standing on all fours!


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Equine Wellness Magazine ~ Vol. 3 - Issue 6 by Redstone Media Group - issuu

North American Trainer, issue 42 - Nov '16 - Jan '17 by Trainer Magazine - issuu

Looks dressagey to me!

Treatment of equine lameness

Dr. Sam Hurcombe listens to a horse with his stethoscope

Photo of horse escaping wildfires


The Matchy-Matchy movement

Overview of Equine Arboviral Encephalomyelitis - Nervous System - Merck Veterinary Manual

Figure 1.

Magic happens when horse and rider are in harmony.

Side-By-Side Video Shows Similarities Of Justify And American Pharoah

Forageplus Nitric Oxide in Horses