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In loving memory of Bob the Titan also known as Iapetus t

In loving memory of Bob the Titan also known as Iapetus t


(No copyright intended) In loving memory of Bob the Titan, also known as Iapetus the Piercer. Bob was enemy to the demigods from birth, but he chose a new ...

Dem Ruf werden folgen der Halbblute sieben, die Welt wird sterben in Sturm und Feuer, ein letzter Atemzug zur Erfüllung des Eides geblieben, und der Feind ...

In Honor of Zoë Nightshade and Bob the Titan.

Bob. “

"Bob says Hello" he told the stars.' This makes me teary

by cinash (pt2): As they sailed farther from the coast, the sky

Pendant Necklace | Inspired by The Fault in Our Stars

Depicted on the Chinese cover


k mira prro ( @mundo.lector_5h_hp )

Yes Percy!

Bob the Titan. Percy and Annabeth fell in to Tartarus (the realm of the god of the pit, well "realm" wouldn't be the best choice of word to describe it ...

Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson

Well this just hurts.

New headcannon that Iapetus knew Zoe and was really close with her and when he started getting back his memories in Tartarus he remembered her and that's ...

Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon


twicehalf: Thumbs up for Damasen and his sacrifice in all his drakon-wielding glory. <--- and also Bob and Small Bob.

Bob says hello.

Percy Jackson-- Bob and Small Bob by Golden-Flute ...

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To be clear, it's not okay!

The Blood of Olympus

... the sky darkened and more stars came out. Percy studied the constellations—the ones Annabeth had taught him so many years ago. "Bob says hello," he ...


Gustave Doré's illustrations to Dante's Inferno, Plate LXV: Canto XXXI: The titans and giants

bob says hi!


Iapetus. Bob; Alt

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Frank has always been a little awkward, but in this book he definitely stepped up his game. We thought he was awesome when he destroyed every single ...

Quest to the Doors of Death


The Battle of the Labyrinth

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Rivalry with Arachne

Titan Of Life

Tumblr mud8220wku1r8wufco1 500

Will Solace, current love interest and boyfriend

Leo has gotten the short end of the stick for several books. He liked Hazel, but she loved Frank. While that would be tough in any circumstance, ...

Bob says hello! #bobsayshello #tinystar #star #moon #fullmoon #bob

Heroes of Olympus, The, Book Five The Blood of Olympus

Annabeth asked me to post this since she's not on until she finishes the book,

I'm here to name some, so if you're not into I'm-so-curious-I-want-to-know-what-happened-before-I-read-the-book ...

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The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus Series #4)

Leo Valdez ( @mr.belongstocaly )

Mount Othrys, The Titan Army's headquarters

Percy Jackson

The titan's curse.jpg

Saturn, raw

Which is true and you don't often observe but it does. Success in school would make your free time for your family less. Success in business also ...

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2 BIG FANGIRLS!! ( @camphalfblood_forever )

Fearing The Hill "Titan"

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Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls Series #1)

In the book, Leo had to sacrifice himself to make the mission on killing Gaea midair possible. He died, but his dragon Festus had injected him the drug they ...



And! Behold, the greatest news of all: Nico had a crush on Percy. That's all. Well, in the previous book Percy thought that Nico had a crush on Annabeth but ...

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Iapetus reaches greatest eastern elongation on June 17th, when it appears relatively faint at magnitude +12. By July 26th, it swings to the opposite end of ...

Yesss put up some new drawings and a new quote :) Bob ;-;


Athena's kid, Uncle Rick fan ( @cabin_six_fever )

The Warriors of Perseus

I want a Greek Mythology based season. Maybe the titans or Gaia coming to steal back earth? Goddessix anyone?

Happy New Year of 2017!!

Does anybody else feel more inclined to eat blue things when reading any of the Percy

Randa 🐼 ( @randa_panda1999 )


Cassini Regio

Losing Your Memory by AwayWithWriting

Now, now, let's continue to the example I mentioned on the second sentence of the second paragraph. You studied hard for the exam/quiz (whichever) and you ...


since they are deities, that's not important XD but if you really want a logical explanation… I guess I can say… “it runs in the family"

Saturn ...

Summer's Star Planet

שלומות! אני בלופי! 💣 ( @blue.food.yaaaas )

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Heroes of Olymps Logo

The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus Book 4) (Heroes Of Olympus Series

After he slew Polybotes in The Son of Neptune, Percy received a tattoo of a trident and SPQR on the underside of his arm to signify that he is a full member ...

You know, like the white light at the end of the tunnel? I can