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In Sumerian mythology Ninsar from Nin Lady Sar t

In Sumerian mythology Ninsar from Nin Lady Sar t


Bellydance Vogue: Tribal bellydance: white is in!

Detail of Enki from the Adda Seal, an ancient Akkadian cylinder seal dating to circa 2300 BC

This is Allah's wife, her name is AL-LAT. She was worshipped at Mecca for 2000 years before Islam. The famous Muslim pilgrimage spot in Mecca was originally ...

well known pilot with many depictions of her flying around in her MU (sky-ship) given by Anu, wearing the 7 MEs given by Enlil

“ Assembly of the Gods” – 12 Royal Anunnaki Family Members; King Anu & Selected Descendants

Sumerian religion


... caster of the nation), Sag-zu-kalam-ma (midwife of the nation), Sag-zu-digir-e-ne (midwife of the Gods), Mud-kes-da (blood-stancher), Ama-dug-bad ...

Hera, queen of the Greek gods. Hera was Zeus' wife and sister, and was raised by the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. She was the supreme goddess, ...


Tablet of Shamash (2).jpg

2e - Ninhursag & DNA experiments

She belonged to a different kind of tale, but everybody wants to rule the world.

Inanna – Star of Heaven and Earth by Jo Jayson. Inanna - the name given to the exalted and prominent ancient Sumerian Goddess of Love, War, ...

Trine Muses ~ Apsara: Bring Forth Power in Triplet Form. Maidens of Beauty wrought

Inanna, the Goddess of love and war in Sumerian myth. Artwork by Thalia Took.

Trademark Fine Art 'Goddess Of Origami' Canvas Art by Kiyo Murakami, Size: 35 x White


Nanshe. topic. Nanshe · In Sumerian mythology ...

Ereshkigal - temna sestra Inanny. Obrovská a temná, páchnuca a zarastená, s leviou

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Terracotta plague dating to the Amorite Period ( c. 2000-1600 BC) showing a dead god (probably Dumuzid) resting in his coffin

Sumerian woman at the time of Gudea (circa 2130 B.C.), possibly a member

Kuan Yin - Goddess of Love and Compassion. This Spiritual teacher is very active to

"When my failing ashes fade to the wind, I will close my eyes from “

2bc - Ninurta & symbols of the gods

The word cereal is derived from her name. Goddess of self-nourishment, earth, abundance, She was personified and celebrated by women in secret rituals ...



1b - Nintu - Ninhursag, "creator goddess", discovers the physical limitations &

Gilgamesh (Sumerian myth/legend)

3g - Enki & attendees with baby Adapa

... Noksuna: Harbinger of Twilight-Chapter 1/ Preface

Ereshkigal, Sumerian Goddess of the Underworld Photographer: Yoann Kuszpa - People In Paris

... \_/:::Woe of Ninsar:::\_/

13 best hero and leander images on Pinterest | Heroes, Greek mythology and 17th century

Prometheus Naked Chained to Cliff Top as Bird of Prey Blinded by Bright Sun by Boris Vallejo

Representations of this type were once interpreted as evidence for a "sacred marriage" ritual in which ...

heir to father Anu, and son to Anu's official sister-wife Antu, born on Nibiru of the “double seed”, placing him next to be king, even before older brother ...

4h - King Eannatum Stele of Vultures ...

Qabbalah Tree of Life

Creation of man from clay

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... Enlil's heir to Nibiru & Earth Colony

Kaunakes. Sumerian ...

Juno Hera Statue Greek Roman Wife of Zeus Goddess of Marriage & Women Polos

4e - Ninhursag's devoted staff at the ready to help with the huge task of creating

Marduk (Sumerian spelling in Akkadian AMAR.UTU "solar calf"; Biblical Merodach) was the name of a late generation god from ancient Mesopotamia and patron ...

Adi Shakti, Hindu, and means - the primal, first power. Feminine in

5. of Shirpurla-ki (lagash), 6. his temple 7. has constructed. 8. His palace of Ti-ra-ash 9. he has constructed.

Theia was the Titan Goddess of Sight (thea) and the shining light of the

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... chief god of All On Earth

Imprint of a cylindrical seal showing a ziggurat and a priest or god. From Babylon

The mating of Hades And Persephone is such a primal story, filled with conquest,


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Gods and Goddesses of Olympus -- Eos, Goddess of the Dawn

[Maid of] Autumn by Agnieszka Szuban (Colchester, England)

w o m e n o f g r e e k m y t h o l o g y ↳ xxii. P A N D O R A

Mami (goddess) - Gypsum statuette of a female worshipper from the temple of Nintu


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a favored high priestess of Sin produced a mixed-breed son with god Nabu named Nabunaid, he built a temple to Sin, & was commander of the Babylonian armies, ...

1c - war dressed Ishtar atop lion - Leo

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(Ninurta & smaller king, queen on her knees; Ninurta with symbols of gods)

Nico and Hazel!

Themis was the first wife of Zeus during the Titanomachy.As the goddess of wisdom

A dryad is a tree nymph or hylas , that is a female spirit of a tree, in Greek mythology.

Women in Film: A Prevailing Imbalance Continues

Eingana is the Australian Aboriginal Goddess of Creation. She is the Mother of all things

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Parthian alabaster nude goddess. The so-called 'Great Babylonian Goddess', associated

(earthlings taught to pay attention to the stars by the gods) 9. His observatory (?) 10. he has erected.

An. In Sumerian mythology ...

Atlanta and the Golden Apples illustrated by Ana Varela for Storytime magazine

"Morrigan" "Celtic war goddess"

Mokosh - Water and Earth Goddess of the Ukraine. She is worshipped in the Slavic

I. The Magician: Universal Goddess Tarot

Goddess Uto

5b - Dumuzi the Shepherd, Adam, & Eve, Enki's son Dumuzi the Shepherd

Sumerian Gods [Archive] - Wendag - Debating Christianity and Religion Forum

Aoife - There are several legendary Celtic warrior queens named Aoife who may or may not

Venus of Willendorf

Zuhair Murad

The Keres were Ancient Greek female deities of violent, cruel and painful deaths. They

Lion in the garden of Palmyra Archeological Museum

Brighid "Blessed woman, come to me - woman of the fires, woman of

Destruction of 1900-year-old Lion of Al-Lat statue