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In Indonesia the fruit is called Duku or langsat In the Philippines it

In Indonesia the fruit is called Duku or langsat In the Philippines it


In Indonesia, the fruit is called Duku or langsat. In the Philippines, it

Health benefits of Duku or Langsat Fruits for Women Pregnant and Prevent Cancer


Langsat tree. Picture. Langsat fruits for ...

Lanzones / Duku (Lansium parasiticum) - http://www.vegetafruit.

Worldwide Fruits List: Lansium domesticum ( Duku - Indonesia, Malay, Burmese)

Lanzones, a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia

Benefits of Duku Fruit

BUAH DUKU / LANGSAT (Lansium domesticum) - Indonesian and Malaysian seasonal fruit

JP: Lanzones (Duku Langsat) - a jungle produce with thick skin and sweet sourish flesh

Duku Langsat

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Langsat Fruit

In Malaysia the langsat and duku (Lansium domesticum) are very popular fruits in tropical Asia and particularly so in Thailand, Indonesia and the ...

It's Duku Season

Duku of course. Langsat (Dukong)

duku idk what it is but i wanna try ...

L. parasiticum sold in a bunch in a roadside stall in West Kutai


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Dukuh or duku is the name in Indonesian, small fruits with thin skin

Langsat (Lansium domesticum) - A tropical fruit tree grown mainly in the Southeast Asia

Lanzones Lansium parasiticum, also known as langsat or lanzones, is a species of tree


Menteng (Baccaurea racemosa), the fruit and name inspiration of an elite area in

Lanzones fruit tree (Chan's backyard) Davao, PH I have climbed numerous in my lifetime. Call me shallow, but i REALLY WANT to climb this tree!

Bon bon (Langsat fruit)

Dokong is a hybrid between duku and langsat - used to be called duku-langsat

Lanzones one of my favourite fruits from the Philippines.

11 best Duku images on Pinterest | Benefits of, Fruit and Fruits and vegetables

A partially peeled langsat fruit held in the palm of a young woman. The langsat

Langsat, a tropical fruit with thin soft skin,yellow with latex when broken. Small seed, green colour with flesh strong, sweet-sour and bitter taste ...


Rattan fruit/ Snake fruit/ Littoko/ Alimuran


In Vietnam, the “eye” of the longan seed is pressed against snakebite in the belief that it will absorb the venom.


Download Ripe Lanzones Fruit On Wooden Table Stock Photo - Image of duku, health:

Langsat Lansium Parasiticum Domesticum Lanzones Duku Tropical Fruit Tree Plant

Langsat (Lansium domesticum) - A tropical fruit tree grown mainly in the Southeast Asia

Asian Tropical Exotic Fruit: Longkong (found in Thailand, Philippines, etc.) #Lanzones in the #Philippines - Peel then eat the flesh but not bitter seeds.

Do You Know “Duku”

Langsat tree. Picture. Langsat fruits

Duku - a tropical fruit

TOPIC-LANGSAH Balwinder Kumar L-2k16-A-87-M • It's a less edible fruit of ...

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Manfaat Buah duku untuk Kesehatan

Lanzones (Lansium domesticum) was originally native to the Malaysian peninsula and known locally as Langsat. Lanzones fruits are ovoid, roundish orbs around ...

Lanzones- The Exotic Fruit


amazing fruits in philippines - Google Search Salak fruit, also known as the snake fruit, comes from a species of palm native to Indonesia.

Lanzones Fruit Tree

Lanzones Fruit from The Philippines (sweet)

philippine lansones - Google Search


Siniguelas, also known as Spanish plum (Spondias purpurea), is a typical summer

Langsat - The Exotic Fruit

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Star Apple, sometimes known as Breast Milk Fruit

Ceroring is called Duku in Indonesian and Langsat in English with a touch of Latin it becomes Lansium Domesticum. The fruit is spherical-shaped, ...

Lanzones Images

Fruit Warehouse | Langsat ( Lansium domesticum ) | L. Mainly domesticum is cultivated for its fruit, the which can be eaten raw. The fruit can also be ...

It's native fruit from Malaysia and now grown in Southeast Asia and India. Malaysia and Indonesia are the countries that produce a lot of langsat fruit .

L. domesticum var. aquaeum is distinguished by its hairy leaves, as well as the tightly packed dark yellow fruit on its bunches. The fruit tends to be small ...

Bunches of lanzones fruits.

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Food from the Philippines: Lanzones fruit | strange/exotic fruit | Pinterest | Philippines, Food and Filipino

A visit in the Philippines would not be complete if you didn't taste any of the tropical fruits it offers. The Philippines has a handful of fruits to keep ...

They even have a Lansones Festival for a grand celevration of the lanzones fruit held every


lanzones | by Farl lanzones | by Farl

Philippine Fruit, Lansones, my favorite of all fruits in the world! Canada imports

L. parasiticum cultivation in Mandi Angin, Rawas Ilir, Musi Rawas.

Sweet Lanzones of Paete, Laguna

Langsat is still a family with duku with latin name Lansium domesticum. Although it has many similarities in terms of outward looks, but Langsat has many ...

Sera como arbol plantado junto a corrientes de aguas que da su fruto a su tiempo

In Indonesia, Langsat is very popular fruit in West Kalimantan (Pontianak, Indonesia) and South Sumatra (also called 'Duku'). In Sarawak, northern Borneo, ...

langsat - Indonesian fruit

The bigger variety called "Bangkok" is sweeter, the smaller variety is on the sour end. It is also used as souring agent for some Filipino ...

Find this Pin and more on fruits and Vegatables!! by grasso0222.

Lanzones is fruit which has similar appearance with grape. However, they're entirely different fruits.

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Cambodia fruit sweet and sour

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Minatamis na santol.

Lanzones Fruit

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Health Benefits of Rarest and Exotic fruits of the world

Santol: The santol is believed native to former Indochina and Peninsular Malaysia, and to have been introduced into India, Borneo, Indonesia, the Moluccas, ...

Kedondong, the unique fruit from Indonesia, by Elyta Achmad

Lanzones Pictures

Lansium domesticum, also known as langsat, buahluku or lanzones, is a species of tree in the Mahogany family. The tree bears edible fruits.

The greatest producers of lansium domesticum are Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. The production is mostly for internal consumption, ...

"Kaimito" in Tagalog, star apple in English, fruit in the Philippines