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Images of Rudolf Brazdathe last surviving man known to have

Images of Rudolf Brazdathe last surviving man known to have


Brazda in2008 in Berlin in front of a memorial for gay victims of the Holocaust

Rudolf Brazda

Rudolf Brazda

Rudolf Brazda June 26, 1913 was born in Brossen (now part of Meuselwitz, Thuringia, Germany), the last of eight siblings, born to parents originating in ...

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Rudolf Brazda

'I Had Always Been Blessed with Good Fortune': At 98, Gay Concentration Camp Survivor Shares Story - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Rudolf Brazda, the last known survivor of the 'Pink Triangles', deported by the Nazis for homosexuality, has died at the age of 98, AFP reports:

Rudolf Brazda

Rudolf Brazda, believed to be the last surviving man to wear the pink triangle — the emblem sewn onto the striped uniforms of the thousands of homosexuals ...

Rudolf Brazda was interned at Buchenwald for 3 years. Credit Gérard Bohrer


The Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, right, and Holocaust survivor Rudolf Brazda, left, talk in front of a memorial for homosexual victims persecuted by the ...

At 98, Gay Concentration Camp Survivor Rudolf Brazda Shares Story | Bodies | Pinterest | Gay, History and History mysteries

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Rudolf Brazda, last of the Pink Triangles, tells his story of surviving the Buchenwald concentration camp, where he was sent for being gay.

Rudolf Brazda, Last Man to Wear the Pink Triangle During the Holocaust, Tells His Story | Open Culture

Karlsbad: Rudolf before war with two friends of the Fischl-Theater-Bühne troop. Private collection - booked Rights

Photo Gallery: Persecuted by the Nazis

"It was a wonderful time, we had so much fun," He and his boyfriend even had a mock wedding with his mother and siblings joining in the celebration of them ...

Rudolf Brazda

What's Past Is Unfortunately Prologue

Rudolf Brazda went through three years of hell at the Buchenwald concentration camp. He survived. Today the 96-year-old is the last known former victim of ...

Entre os 10.000 homossexuais deportados pelo regime nazista, um sobrevive: Rudolf Brazda conta sua

Rudolf Brazda Mente Aberta NOTCIAS Rudolf Brazda quotAlguns me

French Rudolf Brazda (C), prisoner detained in the Buchenwald concentration camp during the

Last 'Pink Triangle' Holocaust Survivor Dies at 98

The last known homosexual Holocaust deportation survivor, Rudolf Brazda, passed away on 3 August

On Saturday, September 25, 2010, Brazda was symbolically present on the site of the former Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp on the occasion of a ...


Former homosexual concentration camp prisoner Rudolf Brazda dies aged 98 | Daily Mail Online

Édouard Mayer & Rudolf Brazda - Elisa - My reviews and Ramblings ?

In recognition of his commitment to testify to lived sound, Rudolf Brazda was named knight in the National order of the Legion of Honor in the promotion of ...

Last gay survivor of Nazi death camps dies aged 98

Attitude.co.uk | Wes Streeting MP: Don't forget LGBT victims on Holocaust Memorial Day

Rudolf brazda et jean luc schwab

LGBT Snapshots: Rudolf Brazda

Albrecht Becker was an actor and production designer, who lived with his partner in Würzburg

Former Nazi concentration camp 'pink triangle' (distinctive sign for homosexuals during the Nazi

Rudolf Brazda

Rudolf Brazda Rudolf Brazda a homenagem ao ltimo tringulo rosa

In the summer of 1933, at the age of he met Werner, his first love at the Phönix public swimming pool located next to a coal factory. Brazda said, "I pushed ...

Gay men in concentration camps were made to wear pink triangles

Nazi leader: Adolf Hitler ordered concentration camps to be built

His death was first announced by Yagg.com, a French gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender news and online community site. Immediately following his death, ...

LAST OF HIS KIND: Rudolf Brazda at home

21. One Survivor's Story Plant interviewed one man ...

Prisoners wearing pink triangles on their uniforms are marched outdoors by Nazi guards at the Sachsenhausen


Rudolf BRAZDA was the last survivor of the Deportation for reason for homosexuality (repression under the § 175 of the old German penal code).

Amazon.fr - Itinéraire d'un triangle rose - Jean-Luc Schwab,

Pierre Seel

On May 15th, 2010, accompanied by Jean-Marie Bockel, Secretary of State to Justice, Rudolf Co-reveals a memory plate paying homage to Pierre Seel and the ...

Obit of the Day: Oldest Concentration Camp Survivor In 1939 Leopold Engleitner was given a


Gay men who were working in the camps.

They have the title of Yugoslav refugees and take part in effort of the industrial and agricultural reconstruction. The family is established definitively ...

On August 3rd, 2016 marks the fifth birthday of the disappearance of Rudolf Brazda last survivor of the deportees stigmatized for homosexuality and last ...

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Holocaust survivors have regularly protested against IG Farben

Jacob Avigdor - Image: Jacob Avigdor

Rudolf Brazda at the Memorial for gay victims of Nazi persecution in Berlin

- Attitude.co.uk

The New Normal

Emil Filla - Emil Filla (date unknown)

Last gay survivor of Nazi concentration camps dies | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 08.08.2011


Reception by Mrs. Marinot, principal of the College Mal Leclerc - photograph Gilles KNIFE DR. ...

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Rudolf Brazda, survivor of the Holocaust, looks at a video installation inside the memorial for the homosexual victims of persecution by the Nazi regime in ...

... in front of more than hundred schoolboys and many guests, of which Monsieur Raymond Aubrac, Rudolf Brazda, 97 years, last known survivor ...

Rudolf Brazda in front of the Orangery of Meuselwitz (Thuringe),

Miervaldis Birze - Image: Miervaldis Birze

Sophie Masereka

Last gay holocaust survivor dies

Jarlath Gregory: “Boom and bust aside, one major social change which has happened

Reception by Mrs. Marinot, principal of the College Mal Leclerc - photograph Gilles KNIFE DR. ...

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Jean-Luc Schwab, biographer of Rudolf Brazda and general secretary of the ODLM - photograph Philippe COUILLET DR.

Rudolf Brazda answering the questions of the schoolboys - photograph Gilles KNIFE DR.

Obit of the Day: A Member of the “Pink Triangles” During the years

Some Men who were arrested under Paragraph 175 ...

... 28. The Last One Rudolf Brazda ...

Julien Cain - Julien Cain.


Rudolf Brazda wwwdevoiretmemoireorgrudolfbrazdaJPG

Littell's book evokes many strong feelings

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Among the operations he carried out at Buchenwald was the inserting of artificial hormone glands into the groins of homosexual men - without the distraction ...