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Image result for modified dh17 blaster DH17 t

Image result for modified dh17 blaster DH17 t


Image result for modified dh-17 blaster

Image result for modified dh-17 blaster

Image result for dh-17 blaster anh

Image result for dh-17 blaster anh

dh-17 Star Wars ANH Nerf Blaster for cosplay

Image result for dh-17 blaster anh

DH-17 Blaster

Image result for dh-17 blaster anh

Image result for dh-17 blaster

K'nex Armoury: Star Wars E-11 and DH-17 blaster rifles

DH-17 Blaster

All ...

Other than that detail, I see no other difference from the Planet Hollywood blaster. Hey, this blaster could have been damaged and the trigger guard ...

DH-17 Blaster

Image result for dh-17

A lot of time between the last picture to this one. Most of that time has been spent on detail stuff such as priming, sanding and filling, though, ...

Star Wars 49212: Dh-17 Rotj Rebel Blaster - Diy Kit -> BUY

Image result for modified dh-17 blaster

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Another view.


MGC Sterling replicas may also have been used as the basis for the Rebel blaster, or they may have been based on Sterling L2A3s. In their un-modified form ...

StarWarsBattlefront (77). DH-17 Blaster

And ...

[IMG] ...


I thought it might make a cool holo-projector prop. And....since it's hollow and can be opened...you could actually modify one with a battery powered light ...

STAR WARS REBEL DH-17 Rare NERF preparation

Star Wars: Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster - Ultimate Edition

DH-17 negwt.jpg


... DH17 Inv View2 ...


And here is my mod:

Admiral Ackbar includes what appears to be a modified DH-17 blaster. The handle seems to be angled back further while the barrel has a slightly different ...

Just as in the original trilogy, the Rebels use the BlasTech DH-17,

[IMG] ...


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DH-17 Blaster


DH-17 Heavy Blaster Pistol

I found that the trigger's sliding action did not work properly with a lowered trigger, so I modified them to have a rotating action instead.

DH-17 blaster rifle

Law Enforcement Blasters

Looks ...

A stunt prop as seen in A New Hope.

MoviesReal life guns that were used to make the firearms of Star Wars (part one) ...

In this article we'll check out some better-known blaster pistol models (don't expect any hold-out blasters, sporting blasters, heavy blaster pistols, ...

The ...

blaster DH-17 by mirage2000 ...

StormTrooper Blaster.jpg

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Star Wars Dh-17 Blaster Pistol - Custom Paint - Cosplay

Rebel Trooper Electronic Blaster

[IMG] ...

SUBJECT: STAR WARS - DH-17 BLASTER. KIT MAKER: BLASTER MASTER SCALE: 1:1. SPECIAL FEATURES: 3d printed parts. Working spring-loaded bolt mechanism (not used ...

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Plz note that all the information from here onwards about the E-11, is from EA's video game, Star Wars Battlefront, ...

The Merr-Sonn Model 57 looked very similar to BlasTech's DL-44. The Rebel Alliance acquired some of these blasters from an arms dealer on Ord Mantell.


Toy Prop Gun Modification

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Pretty happy with the results although I need to fix the recticule as it moved once I'd glued the scope ring in place. I also designed a small stand which ...



The Modified DH-17 is a Fully Automatic Pistol with High Rate of Fire with Reasonable Accuracy and Makes a Medium Range Weapon and With Less Recoil but When ...

Making E - 22 Blaster prop from a hasbro E - 11 in a budget

Here is a break-a-part view of the blaster prior to painting.

Screen-used, live-firing blaster as seen in A New Hope.

[IMG] [/IMG]

Modified (Nerf) Star Wars Rebel Trooper Blaster!

[IMG] ...

Blaster Rifle Tech Readout [New] by unusualsuspex ...

The Blaster Pics! The standard "before" picture:

So you wanna have some knowledge on blasters? Well sit down kid and maybe you'll learn a thing or two. - Album on Imgur

Even thinking of buying another if I run into it in a store.

... " Another happy landing "

T-21B Targeting Rifle | Star Wars Battlefront Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The DH-17 used by rebels troopers in the opening seen of ANH also use modified L2A3's.

Star Wars DH-17 Blaster Pistol

DICE A280C 1 DICE DH 17 blaster pistol 1 ...

Star Wars Rebel Fleet Trooper blaster DH-17 gun custom prop painted modified | #443698023

The K-16 Bryar Pistol is a blaster pistol that has a alternate fire that can discharge it's entire heat source into one shot, however the charge time on ...

STAR WARS REBEL DH-17 NERF BLASTER Conversion (Completed)

Star wars Hasbros Rebel DH-17 nerf blaster V Chinese Copy


Imported from Game Front ...

"Heavy" Death Troopers use a blaster that looks a lot like the DLT-

... 34), ...

The Rifle has a much longer barrel than the Carbine (the rifle pictured here is actually a bit too long for my tastes, but it's what we see in the films).