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The Buckatron is known for Spontaneously Exploding (FTL First Blind Attempt)

So, you can call it a management game, a space game, an indie roguelike. Whatever the case, these days it isn't too often you'll find a game that revels in ...

The nuances and precise roles of the new stuff, especially the new room types, aren't going to make themselves known until I've used them in double figures' ...

Gallery: FTL: Faster Than Light | 14 Photos

'FTL' Review: Dying Faster Than Light (PC)

FTL diary: one desperate battle in a brilliant space roguelike | PC Gamer

FTL: Faster Than Light - Deep Space Confidential

FTL: Advanced Edition details

FTL TRAVEL !!! Damn son | Kerbal Space Program


Thet's Play FTL: Faster Than Light #17: The Little Ship That Couldn't

I'm the Final Boss, can't step to this!

FTL: Faster Than Light: I Got This, I Got This…I Don't Got This.


FTL is a top down, real time strategy roguelike. The game puts you in control of a federation star cruiser, on a dire mission to cross a sector of space ...

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Newest screenshots

Bug Report Episode 1 Faster Than Light; a list of bugs included in this game

Deepspace Delux EP DIY Integration Mod 1.1


Beautiful, isn't she? Take some time to name her and her crew - make a bond, they aren't just pawns, they need your care if you are to survive.

FTL Mod Playthroughs Episode 37: Infinite Space (Rebel Flagship Prototype) - YouTube

Shirt #2: FTL - Space Time by iPancakes ...

Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Valeriya? Let's hope she doesn't meet her DOOM

FTL Artwork 5 Rock Cruiser.jpg

LEGO FTL Lanius Cruiser instructions are now avaliable for purchase!

FTL never-ending fight

The Kestrel from FTL: Faster Than Light in a non-pixelized art style

Games TV představuje dungeon StarCrawlers a nástupce i předchůdce FTL

I found Pre-FTL humans in the steam age in Stellaris... I don't think the developers meant to do this ...

Your "elite" ships can't stop me!

BugThere ...

Space Station 13 | SS13+FTL? |

Question reality with The Adept at https://vimeo.com/121643211 , or head to space with FTL at https://vimeo.com/253308808 .

Chaos is a lapser

Getty ...

Giant Alien spiders are no joke... by rioluxxandromeda ...

Combat: Because Missiles Can't Solve Every Problem | FTL: Faster Than Light

Space Engineers - FTL Engi Ship Torus

We're in Space?! [official site] is a game and not a question. “Holy potatoes!” probably isn't something anyone would exclaim, not even about some extremely ...

The problem I tend to have with random single player games is I don't like losing by pure luck. This is a problem I often find with computer adaptations of ...


The Flares were intense, but we were able to deal with the resulting fires by opening the ship to the vacuum of space. Bastard wouldn't ...

FTL: Kestrel Adventures Races and Uniforms by Wonderwig


Bugbyte on Twitter: "New screenshots from Space Haven, inspired by Rimworld, FTL and original X-COM: https://t.co/aS5x2qq2FH #gamedev #indiedev… ...

Far Beyond: A Space Odyssey VR - Stream #1 (FTL in VR? I can't believe it!)

writing prompt - Sci-fi universe where space travel is possible, but FTL isn't. There is some minor human colonization of the Solar System and areas nearby, ...

Space Decentral Network

The latest release adds in a change to screen mode switching, with the game no longer requiring a restart when you change between windowed and fullscreen.

FTL is so great, I wish BioWare had borrowed some of its gameplay ideas.Credit: Subset Games

... having been up til nearly 2am playing the freebie 'Advanced Edition' expansion for impeccably clever/brutal space survival sim/strategy/RPG FTL: Faster ...

Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Road to Crystal Cruiser -- Kestral B victory; got lucky in 2nd phase, if firebeam hadn't caught the drone room on fire I'd ...

FTL: Faster Than Light is one of the most addictive spaceship simulations you can play — and it turns out it's even better with a touchscreen.

Later in the game, enemy ships come equipped with teleporters, so you can expect to be boarded. Once on your ship, enemies attack your crew and sabotage ...

Cybertron Space Camp T-Shirt

BugMarauders don't know how FTL ...

'FTL but on a…' is a formula that sounds like it can just keep on giving, but it's entirely telling that the creators of FTL have moved onto whip-smart ...

But even after arriving there, a certain amount of time has to pass before the FTL drive for fast space travelling can be activated, making the turn-based ...

The Mother Ship -FTL by pudic

Craig posted about it semi-recently, and yet the entire surface of planet Earth isn't ablaze in the slightest.

The Enterprise goes plaid.


... entering FTL, or even beating down enemies in a rain of rockets that'll tear them apart quicker than a hailstorm in August. But this doesn't make the ...

NASA scientist and Advanced Propulsion Team Lead Harold White has the kind of job thousands dream of and few achieve — he's in charge of the space agency's ...

Often it doesn't come down to how real the game looks or how well fleshed out the character are, but how real it “feels”.

FTL: Faster Than Light Game: Screenshot #3

Hacking, meanwhile, seems to exist as much to give people who don't have the Drone system installed something else to do with all those drone parts they ...

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FTL: Faster Than Light on the App Store

HEAT SIGNATURE Hot Line Miami meets FTL in Space - Let's Play / Gameplay

FTL: Faster Than Light Game: Screenshot #2

FTL: Advanced Edition is an Adventure-based, Strategy, Puzzle, Sci-Fi and Single-player Simulation by Subset Games. It is an advance pack of the original ...

Experiment set-up

FTL: Kestrel by andyfromiowa

FTL: Faster Than Light Review for Mac OS X

It's got hints of XCOM, FTL, 4X space games, and JRPGs, plus gobs of humor and personality. I've taken to calling it 4XCOM ...

FTL Artwork 3 Engi Cruiser.jpg

Martin Anward on Twitter: "Today's @StellarisGame dev diary is about the FTL rework: https://t.co/f7FPcJFGbx… "

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FTL Screenshot

FTL: Faster Than Light

Peter Smith on Twitter: "Project #FTL #Rodina Protip: When testing interior mods, park your ship first or go into deep space http://t.co/nnSOFIVqqI"