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If your pet is ever in distress it is helpful to be familiar with their vital

If your pet is ever in distress it is helpful to be familiar with their vital


If your pet is ever in distress, it's helpful to be familiar with their vital signs. Knowing how to periodically check and record normal vital signs is a ...

(The answer may surprise you!) | Pet Health Tips | Pinterest | Pet insurance reviews, Pet health an…

How to check your dog's vital signs - a dog wearing a stethoscope

Do you know what to do when you see a dog left in a hot car? Memorize these 4 steps to take so you can help.

Stocksy_txpee8019dcKsJ000_Medium_245239. Measuring Your Dog's Heart Rate

As soon as he sits, praise him and feed him the treat or let him play with the lure. After the dog has learned to sit with the lure, add the verbal ...

Stick to familiar routes and wear ID tags: How to keep you and your dog safe when walking in the dark - Mirror Online

How Do You Know if Your Dog Has Kennel Cough?

pet health and first aid

How to Check a Dog's Vital Signs

The news that your beloved dog or cat having cancer can be shocking and heart-breaking. Sometimes, there is little you can do except offer comfort and ...

how to take your pet's vital signs: heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature

Partnerships, planning and protocol are vital to emergency sheltering

Hold a lure (a tasty treat or toy that a dog loves) in front of his face at nose level. Let him sniff it so that he realizes you are holding something he ...

For calming dogs: 1 drop Peace and Calming essential oil blend 1 drop Lavender oil 1 drop Roman Chamomile 2-3 drops carrier oil (organic olive oil works ...

Practice checking the vital signs of your canine when you see him in a relaxed position so that you come to know about the problem. If you are finding it ...

Vital Signs and How to Check Them

Separation Anxiety: Separation anxiety is diagnosed in around 15% of behavioural cases. When left alone, most dogs find a familiar spot and go to sleep.

Initially, you should make the effort to introduce your pets to their new home, spending time guiding them around. If your cat or dog is allowed outside, ...

Is your puppy crying at night? And is the crying getting worse? Is he whining in his crate too?

How to Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on Pets

What To Do If Your Dog or Cat Is Stung By a Bee

Understanding dog eustress

how to feel a femoral pulse dog

how to check a dogs heart rate

How to Check Your Cat's Vital Signs. For those of us who really love cats

A large dog being hugged by a small girl

Getting Personal with Your Pet's Vital Signs <-- what a great article!

Fig 2 Surface Temperatures Of Giant Pandas Zebras Holstein Cows


It was late July and Scuba was out on a walkies when she decided to jump in for a swim. To her utter despair, Scuba's owner, Emily, had found that she had ...

What People Food Is Safe To Feed Your Dog?

Fleas and Worms

Now, you can schedule a wellness visit that includes a physical exam by a licensed veterinarian. From there you can opt to get your pet routine vaccinations ...

New Pain Management for Canine Arthritis

Following on from the last article about dog aggression and dog bites involving another dog, this article explores some vital information about dog bites ...

If you're not sure your pet can handle the stresses, noises and strange people, leave them with family or friends for the day. While this may distress them ...

But those are all dogs. I'm more of a cat person.

This reflective flashing dog lead is £12 from Pets At Home

If you're accustomed to your dog's sleeping patterns, you might notice that your pet sleeps more when feeling stressed.

Image titled Tell if Your Dog Is in Heat Step 1

If you and your dog are up to it, you could even try running together. Spending time together in a common activity will help strengthen the bond between you ...

If Your Pet Is Ever In Distress It S Helpful To Be Familiar With Vital Signs. Dogs Not Only Reduce Your Heart Rate They Actually Mirror

Never Ignore These 10 Serious Symptoms From Your Dog – Collective Evolution

3 Ways To Recognize A Dying Dog Wikihow

If your pup is looking for some playtime, chances are they're familiar with the local dog park. Dog parks provide an essential environment for pets in urban ...

Tarry Feces due to Presence of Blood in Dogs

It's not something I'd trust if a cyclist, jogger, dog or herd of cows went by, but for wagons, cars, motorbikes and general traffic, it's one of the most ...

If Your Pet Is Ever In Distress It S Helpful To Be Familiar With Vital Signs. Small Animal Cardiology Auscultation

I bred my first litter of puppies in 2017 despite owning and working dogs for 45 years

Talking With Children About Sick Or Dying Pets

Photo of St Francis Animal Hospice - San Mateo, CA, United States. Patches

Behavior and personality also affect the balance between both species. A cat will hold their tail up high in a curious, friendly approach, while a dog will ...


A dog should eat two or more meals a day in small portions

Soft Palate Disorders in Dogs

How to encourage your child to take care of their pet

The first trip when your pet is young is relatively painless. However, once they realise they might be handled by a stranger or have an injection, ...

Traveling With Your Pet? Check Out These Tips First

side effects of diazepam for dogs_canna-pet. If your ...

'My dog is family': domestic abuse victims and the pets they can't leave | Life and style | The Guardian

36 best Weather And Pets images on Pinterest | Animal rights, Pets and Your pet

be careful and protect your pets! Here are 10 tips on how to look after

Have you heard it said that when your car needs fixing you send it to a qualified mechanic and therefore when your dog has problems it makes sense to send ...

Judy Ramsey Animal Communication

While Golden Retriever, Serious Dog, Sad Golden Retriever

What to Do When You Spot a Pet in a Hot Car!

How to Groom a Dog: All-in-One Guide for Beginners

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Poisoning in Dogs

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How to Photograph Dogs: What Is Aperture and How Can It Improve Your Pet Photos?

Sammy the greyhound sleeps with his teddy

Where's the Best Place for Your Elderly Dog to Stay When You're Away?

Guilty Feelings After the Loss of Your Dog

The term “separation anxiety” is often misunderstood. True clinical separation anxiety is not common. Consult your veterinarian to get a correct diagnosis.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

SJ's Pet Care & Clinic


If you have a dog, chances are you've witnessed the zoomies. What are zoomies? Well, it's the equivalent to running around like a goofball as if you've ...

Why Grooming Your Dog Is Great for His Health

When Frankeigh was unable to calm down, he was removed from the pen and given over to Nanny Zahra, who laid down, invited him to join her, and then groomed ...

It is a myth that one can determine dog's fever by checking its nose. Wet and cool would mean the body temperature is good but if its nose is hot and dry ...

We are all familiar with 'Spring Cleaning', but what does that mean for pet grooming?

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Everyone likes a little treat every now and then - and especially now that Christmas is coming.

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Dog waits for their owner to come home

Have you ever gone out and come home to a scene of carnage? Got up and gone downstairs to find a canine midnight feast has taken place whilst you slept?

This is my Pack of ten dogs, eight of whom are rescues...they are lucky, so many wonderful dogs are not so lucky - so please SPEAK OUT for those who cannot!

Lovin My Pup

If Your Pet Is Ever In Distress It S Helpful To Be Familiar With Vital Signs. How To Measure A Resting Respiratory Rate In Dog You

One of the first choices you have is small, regular, or large breed puppy food. Generally speaking, small breed refers to puppies that will stay under 10 ...