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Idiot A little political OMG t Fake news and Donald trump

Idiot A little political OMG t Fake news and Donald trump


Funny Donald Trump Images to Make You Laugh and Cry: The Nerve

627 best Idiots images on Pinterest | Politics, Donald tramp and Donald trump

Donald Trump v Adolf Hitler

Funniest Political Memes of the Week

Trump isnt a stupid man. A stupid man cant consistently "fail" as spectacularly as he has and come out on stop. Trumps not stupid. He just knows what stupid ...

Question everything & think for yourself. Never rely on media hype. Trump is not all wrong, neither is he politically correct. But is a wealthy businessman ...

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Today there are actual people believing faux news.

Funny Donald Trump Memes. Republican ViewsPolitical ViewsRepublican Party Stupid ...

Funniest Donald Trump Memes: Donald Trump and Founding Fathers

If Donald Trump is the answer, how stupid is the question?

Study: Donald Trump speaks at a fourth grade level. No wonder he sounds smart

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Funny Donald Trump Memes

Drumph / Trump exposing a nation of bigots.

Funny Donald Trump Memes

Donald J. Trump on. Random StuffPoliticsFake NewsAmerican ...

this article shows fake news because the portrait of the magazine does not look legit and does not include an author.

PP: Donald Trump - - Shitty body and shitty mental health! >>> His ego certainly needs to go on a diet!

Funny Donald Trump Memes

Donald Trump is regarded as an 'idiot' and a 'liar' by most

'Either Trump is lying about the visa lottery or he's a dumbass who doesn'

If you ever want to hear about what ISN'T actually happening, tune in to Fox "News". Find this Pin and more on Stupid Politics ...


Saying, "I like Trump because he speaks his mind" is really saying,

Find this Pin and more on A little political OMG by tucsonpatty.

One of the officials said in an election night text that the prospect of a Trump

Funny Donald Trump Memes

Donald Trump Didn't Want to Be President

Fuck #DonaldTrump 2016. #FTP

1000+ images about Trump, the Village Idiot. on Pinterest | Donald .. Political ...

US President Donald Trump speaks before signing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018

Funny at Trump. Not funny at Puerto Rico.

The fake quote has been floating around the internet since about the time Trump announced his

Tanya Gold

5 Reasons a Trump Administration Should Scare the Sh*t Out of Anyone Who Cares About the Environment. News Article · Politics · Science · Skepticism


Stephen Colbert in Hot Water Over 'Homophobic' Donald Trump Joke – Variety

THAT'S ENOUGH! White House press secretary Sean Spicer lost his patience with reporters over examples

A TEAM of senior White House staff has advised Donald Trump to tackle his job as US president with a little more care and tact, adding that it might be best ...

No, Trump Never Told People Magazine That Republicans Are "The Dumbest" Voters

Roseanne Barr and John GoodmanABC 'Roseanne' TV show panel, TCA Winter Press Tour

Fran Lebowitz: 'The only people who live in Australia are those who came to Australia and couldn't face the trip back.' Photograph: Cybele Malinowski/Sydney ...

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Donald Trump is an Idiot

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Donald Trump affair

Kathy Griffin Trump photo: Tyler Shields explains decapitated image | EW.com

Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper Call Trump Racist Over 'S—hole' Remark – Variety

Doyle McManus, L.A. Times columnist

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At the candidate's rallies, a new understanding of America emerges.

“We're going to have to redesign the social compact,” Obama said. “And I know how to build a bridge to that new social compact.”

“After being forced to apologize for its bad and inaccurate coverage of me after winning the election, the FAKE NEWS is still lost!

This is what happens when you yell about actual news being fake while spreading "alternative facts." Your followers become idiots.

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BREAKING: Eric Trump Is Staggeringly Stupid

Donald Trump Is Not Invited to the Wedding

Donald Trump Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

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8 wild details from the Stormy Daniels Trump interview

Donald Trump

Macron says long Trump handshake 'not innocent'

The Mystifying Triumph of Hope Hicks, Donald Trump's Right-Hand Woman

Bill Maher Gets No Smiles From Tyranny Expert: “I'm Not Going To Laugh At Any Of That”

[VIDEO] Stephen Colbert's Donald Trump Monologue — Watch 'Late Show' Clip | TVLine

The Trump White House, with Melania Antoinette watching ballerinas dance, is remarkably Stepford-Wife-ish. But at least she casts a shadow, however ghostly!

It's attributed to an interview he supposedly did with People magazine in 1998. But a search of People's back issues did not turn up an interview with Trump ...

Steele told friends that Trump supporters were using him as a “battering ram” to “take down the whole intelligence community.”

rachel maddow

Louis CK Oscars 2016

Jake Tapper Tucker Carlson Rachel Maddow

... Trump at the 100-day mark: Stable support but few achievements ...

[VIDEO] Fox News Interrupted By Protestor — Watch Fox & Friends Clip | TVLine

Adam Schiff

Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein listens during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing in Washington, DC on Tuesday, March 7, 2017.

Donald Trump pulls out of climate accord, says bad for U.S.

Make America great again - We Impeach Trump (

…and above, Donald “The FRUMP” is making such an embarrassingly idiotic face, that it bears serious comparison with two OTHER “presidents” that were making ...

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Jessica Chastain" Episode 1736 -- Pictured: (

Who are these idiot Donald Trump supporters? Trump loves the poorly educated — and they love him right back | Salon.com

Trump Press Conference Cold Open

Jon Healey, L.A. Times deputy editorial page editor

Bill Maher Roseanne

Her show permits liberals to enjoy themselves during what may be the most unenjoyable time of their political lives.

Graham: Lot of hot air over climate decision

JANUARY 26: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waits to be introduced during a campaign event

The Donald Trump-Rosie O'Donnell feud: A timeline