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I39m writing an article about the Ottoman war with Romania FWW

I39m writing an article about the Ottoman war with Romania FWW


I'm writing an article about the #Ottoman war with #Romania #FWW

#Ottoman signallers checking phone lines at the frontline #Romania #FWW

#Ottoman signallers checking phone lines at the frontline #Romania #FWW | Cephe Galiçya Romanya | Pinterest | Ottomans


The Holy League took Buda after a long siege in 1686

A German postcard commemorating the entry of Bulgaria into the war.

Military recruitment near Tiberias, Ottoman Empire, 1914

Armistices and capitulations

Clockwise from the top: The aftermath of shelling during the Battle of the Somme, Mark V tanks cross the Hindenburg Line, HMS Irresistible sinks after ...

Winding down toward the armistice, 1918[edit]

... Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian terrorist — an event that escalated into unprecedented global conflict known today as World War I. Most historians ...

Locating Romania


Economic effects

Ottoman soldiers besiege Estolnibelgrad (probably Székesfehérvár) in Hungary.

Papers are invited that discuss the causes, progress and aftermath of the war from a language point of view – dialect, slang, swearing, officialese, ...

Battle of Franklin

Ottoman soldiers in the territory of present-day Hungary

Operations of the Romanian Army in the second phase of the Hungarian–Romanian War. The demilitarized zone proposed by the Allied council on 28 February is ...

To the north the Second Army under Pietro Frugoni, hindered by a lack of artillery, occupied the basin around Caporetto (later the scene of a disastrous ...

No D Radley is listed among the First World War dead in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

The Battle of Vassilika in 1821 marked an early turning point in the war.

Stephen the Great, on a 1957 Romanian postage stamp

A Guide for Locating Austro-Hungarian Military Records by Carl Kotlarchik

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#Ottoman signallers checking phone lines at the frontline #Romania #FWW | Cephe Galiçya Romanya | Pinterest | Ottomans


But the public is totally unaware because nuclear war is not front page news.


War news as food

Terrific website where students can learn facts, get ideas for activities, and take interactive

All bylined articles on today's Wall Street Journal are written by women

Especially by using ghazis on the borders to continually soften up Christian borderlands by raiding (including slave raiding) them.

Galata ottoman #ottoman

Images and perceptions of Hungary and Austria- Hungary in Ireland, 1815-1875 Zsuzsanna Zarka

Tanner, Marcus - Croatia~a Nation Forged in War | Croatia | Byzantine Empire

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europe map world war 1 before and after - - Yahoo Image Search Results

German war menu card 1915

Changes of frontier in Transnistria: blue-Romania until 1940;orange-actual Transnistria; yellow-fascist Transnistria during WWII; red line-Moldavia 1991; ...

Today in European history: the Battle of Vaslui (1475) – and that's the way it was

Ottoman occupation of the Hungarian Kingdom – 1629

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As for the Jewish issue, Friedman claims that “Horthy was no more anti-Semitic than any member of his class had to be.” First of all, I'm not sure why ...

American ...

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Ottoman woman. Detail from "A briefe relation of the Turckes", 1618,

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... 22. a ...

Bulgarian military operations during the Serbian Campaign

The Romanian Army reaches the Tisza line

Honved Identity Paper

1815 illustration of a British Captain horrified by seeing Christians worked as slaves in Algiers.

Download Guarded Neutrality: Diplomacy And Internment In The Netherlands During The First World War. by Katharine 4

What, then, would count as success after the fund has run its course? Mr Son has repeatedly said that even without Alibaba, his investments have produced a ...

Ottoman slavery in Central and Eastern Europe

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... Serbian Prime Minister Nikola Pašić (above) was privately warning the Great Powers that Serbia would go to war with Bulgaria if its demands weren't met.

... the Hungarians used torture, the Romans used crucifiction, Dracula had to innovate! I'm sick I know but it happened, no point hiding the thruth.

The Romanians cross the Tisza

I essay the golden tobacco of the English': its counterpart lies in a British nurse saying to a French soldier,'Tasy vous toot sweet or je vous donnerai la ...

I assume other military archives from the former regions of the empire also have these types of documents but I have not verified this. The examples are ...

... showed plainly the popularity of the idea of war with Serbia… Now the floodgates were opened, and the entire people and press clamoured impatiently for ...

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Map of Russian gas pipelines into Europe

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The card in Italian, Esperanto and German, sent to an Italian PoW in Austria, is a multiple choice print for correspondence from or to a prisoner of war.

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Map of projected and cancelled non-Russian gas pipelines

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... Battle ...

These weren't ordinary ottomans—they were all animals! Hippos, bears, moose, elephants and pigs stood on stout legs, begging for a nice home to live in.

... asked to write a book to help families who adopt abandoned children. The book, Abandoned for Life, was published in 2003 and sold over 30,000 copies.

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Hussars were a light type of cavalry between the 15th and 19th century. Here, French hussars during the Napoleonic Wars.

Images and perceptions of Hungary and Austria- Hungary in Ireland, 1815-1875 Zsuzsanna Zarka

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Statue of Decebal in Deva, Romania (author: Saturnian, 2014).