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I like thisalways let the people you care about know t

I like thisalways let the people you care about know t


Love this! Always do things for yourself, don't get caught living for someone else. The worst thing you can ever do is make someone a priority over yourself

Don't let other people tell you otherwise.

Shit like this always happens and I let it get to the deepest parts of me. I fucking hate myself right now. I just wanna sleep forever and forget about all ...

I don't care about what other people think about me. If they don't like me, that's fine. But I like who i am.

This always has been the worst thing about me. I say I hate everyone but then I let people worm their way into a part of me that cares and they fuck ...

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As much as I want this certain someone to come around.. I

Baby, I love you just as you are. You are perfect for me. I wouldn't change a thing about you. Please trust me and realize that you love me.

This always happens to me! And then you feel bad and don't want to disturb ...

Never waste your feelings on people who don't value them. Photo: Never waste your feelings on people who don't value them. This Photo was uploaded by rte.

give people time. give people space. don't beg anyone to stay. let them roam. what's meant for you will always be yours.

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth. You ARE special. You ARE unique. You ARE you.

Accept what you have and make the best out of it. Learn to love what

Reputation Management - Some Pointer For Success Managing your reputation is significant if you are committed ...

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*please read and share* How awful that people would do this! Always support ALL artists ♡ #JHopeYourePerfect

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You can do it by the strong willpower.

For some reasons things like this always show up exactly when I need them to. Things to do to feel better when your sad.

Hope it helps you.

So many reasons are there to love you. Your cute smile, your sweet laugh

Are they secretly attracted to you? This super helpful list will help you to immediately

Romeo and Juliet was not a love story. That's unbridled love.

... I was in for too long and this was the outcome. If you're in a toxic relationship please let 2018 be the year you walk away.pic.twitter.com/0HxhzIGE8v

Some how fix a time to met her. Now get down on your knees hold her hand gently you could use either of two options.


If I can give any advice at all about verbal abuse and words that can affect our lives is this: always see the bigger picture if you can.

I love you because I know no matter what happens, you'll always love

We came together underneath the stars above. What started out as liking soon turned into

... and doing these absurd things you never thought you would but regardless of how crazy you might look it's okay because you love the person. I don't ...

Leona Lewis Updates! on Twitter: "I'm so sorry about this. I truly didn't believe people were still like this / always seeing the good in everyone. Love ...

ADHD quote about what ADHD feels like

Relationship advice: an older couple walking together

The worst feeling in the world is having your heart broken, when you know damn well it's your own fault. You knowingly went into a situation, ...

Does your friend hang around you for no other reason than the fact that they like

Here is a few reasons why you should send a "goodnight message" to someone.

Trying to parse which messaging service is optional and which entails an obligation to reply isn

First of all : Congratulations! I am kind of happy and sad at the same time for you.

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Sudo I Love You

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

How do you tell a fake friend from a real one?

Because if this is your boyfriend or girlfriend, why not have happy thoughts about someone you love?

Real friends accept you for exactly who you are.

Differences of opinion and even arguments can be normal in friendship. The question is,

You also can say a pray to everyone. Giving pray in return is a very well response. You can say thanks for loving me and caring me.

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This is why many people don't Love their jobs - One of the Best

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.

Manifesting Marriage by Neville Goddard

If needing you is wrong, I don't want to be right.

You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard

Usually it is someone of significance that we have had a conversation with previously during the day.

Whether you're still freeloading off your parents' Amazon account info (crossing your fingers at every login that they didn't change the password) or you've ...

I love you with every beat of my heart.

You love spontaneous decisions and sometimes are a little too wild for your own good.

Before I start, let's make one thing clear. Being an introvert doesn't mean that you are a quiet or withdrawn person. Being an introvert means that you need ...

Whoever has my commands and keeps them, he it is who loves me (John 14:21)?

This ALWAYS bring me back... No man wants to deal with THAT reality check... #checkyaselfQ #religiouslyunapologetic #deenoverdunya #live4Allahdie4Allah ...

Stop searching for happiness in the same place you lost it. Change is not dismantling

How To Feel It Real – Go Within And…

Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand

Love is Your Birthright – Neville Goddard Quotes · feel_it_real_manifest_love_neville_goddard “Love ...

What to Do About Getting Rejected (So It Doesn't Crush You)

What ADHD feels like

How To Deal With D*ck Pics If You Really Like The Guy

What is it like to have ADD or ADHD

Curious Mind Magazine

Being Gray-Asexual does not mean I am actually just heterosexual.

I know I'm just a rebound for this girl. She will never commit

Wanderlust is constantly driving you to hit the road and explore. You never quite know what ...

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Everyone knows that if you've got a brother, you're going to

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There are many ways we could each make the world a better place. You could improve code quality by refactoring it, or you could start by working on its ...

Reasons Partners Leave. 1. Your partner wasn't in love with you ...

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“But I'll tell you one thing, do not concern yourself with the means. Always go to the end. Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one.

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While it's not entirely offensive, it is weird. Especially refrain from doing this in a large group of Kenyans. Save it for friends, or people you meet ...

I value our relationship more than you'll ever know, you are the girl

I believe that God put us in this jolly world to be happy and enjoy life

I'm just a deep person.

TVLINE | Which brings us to that cliffhanger, as Shaun and Glassman walked into Andrews' office to confront him about Shaun's surgical error.

Top 10 Productivity Tools to Help You Achieve 10x More in Less Time

adhd brain broken

Having ADHD can feel like an itch that needs scratching, only it's in your mind. Spencer Reed describes more in his Quora answer:

Most of your problems aren't real problems.