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I enjoy stamp collecting and I love stamps from France t

I enjoy stamp collecting and I love stamps from France t


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French Guiana

A French 40-franc+10fr Modern Plane and Adler's Ecole airmail semipostal stamp (Scott CB3) issued in 1948. Click on image to enlarge.

Timbre : L'INSTITUT DE FRANCE 1795-1995 | WikiTimbres. Stamp CollectingPostage ...

Alan Blair Stamps and Auctions Mail Catalog Cover cropped

French Polynesia # 59, Mint NH - bidStart (item 37512207 in Stamps, Australia


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French postage stamp - 1882

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The world's first stamp, the Penny Black

1947 AOF French West Africa - Palm Harvest · Vintage StampsStamp CollectingFrench ...

Queen Victoria's profile was a staple on 19th century stamps of the British Empire; here on a half-penny of the Falkland Islands, 1891.

A US stamp from 1957, as stamp collecting was moving towards its peak of popularity

It's one of those stamps that every collector dreams of having. It's beautifully designed, it's instantly recognisable and it's the pride of many ...

Looking for rare stamps? Here are 15 exquisite postage stamps that are worth millions.

UK's second most valuable stamp sells for £495,000 | Money | The Guardian

France Postage Stamps | beautiful old french France 5 f stamp France Marianne postes timbres ... | Rare & Beautiful Collectible Coins & Stamps | Pinterest

Despite the social interactions of stamp clubs, which are a great means for collectors to increase their philatelic knowledge, stamp collecting is still a ...

A striking postage stamp made into what looks like a rubber stamp. Nice irony ;


The Complete Guide to Stamps & Stamp Collecting: The Ultimate Illustrated Reference to Over 3000

1876-77 25c ultramarine on bluish & 25c blue on bluish

Here is an example where the Type II printing is not clear; but one should be able to tell the stamp is still a type II as the printing stops before ...

France: Semi-Postal, Air Post, Postage Due, Offices

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The Complete Guide to Stamps & Stamp Collecting: The Ultimate Illustrated Reference to Over 3000 of the World's Best Stamps, and a Professional Guide . ...

Our Stamp albums. We all collected stamps, and placed them them in the space

1870-73 25c blue on bluish "Ceres"


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Photo of Stamp King - Chicago, IL, United States. France C15 NH on

Stamp Collecting as an Investment


A documentary film about stamp collectors

Compilation Of U.S.Rare Postage Stamp Videos

Quietfire Design :: Quietfire Rubber Stamp Collection :: G :: Good Friends are Like Snowflakes - Mounted

It's Nice That | Stamps of a Revolution: Ali Mobasser's Iranian stamp collection and incredible family story

... a 10 stamp perforated variety. Note again the drawn heavy horizontal lines over the chin and mandible, while the 1849-50 design had "dots" in this area.

The advertisements offer a fascinating insight into the social history of the colonial past with ads for things like soap, pills, tea, jelly, ...


A suggested strategy for those interested in collecting Malaysia: Stamp Collecting Basics

I can't help but think this was part of the peace at (almost) any price -or appeasement strategy- attempted by France-and Britain- with their belligerent ...

Each individual stamp in these phates can be identified like this in some way.

Stamp collection. '

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Ogasawara, Japan, Passport Stamp

Stamp of French Ivory Coast (AOF) issued in 1913. Designed by Claude Haley and engraved by Gilbert Aufschneider:

I haven't seen this category before, but France has issued overprinted stamps to be used by the French military from 1901-39. Interesting.

... has both French and Arabic script, as do all of the Tunisian issues after 1906. Wheat and barley are the main cereal crops in Tunisia.


A United States 15¢ P.S. Write Soon stamp (Scott 1806).

... the sender if it couldn't be delivered or was refused. Perhaps other countries do this, but France is the first for the classic countries and this blog.

Italian Old States Stamps - Pre 19th Century Italy - the country of food, love and football - was not always the land as we know it today.

... Upside down (Credit: Credit: Warwick & Warwick) ...

139 years of Falkland Islands stamps: Stamp Collecting Basics

Zazzle Wedding Postage Stamps | Comparing Wedding Postage Options | Standard USPS Postage, Custom Postage

US #2072

My grandfather bought these stamps in Argentina fourty-five years ago , Can you give me some information about these stamps? With Regards Virginia L

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Stamp Collecting: Everything You Need to Know About the World's

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The Hobby Takes Hold

The most expensive stamp Stanley Gibbons has sold is a British Penny Red, for £550,000 - not bad for a piece of paper. It's in really poor condition, ...

... Rare breed (Credit: Credit: Warwick & Warwick) ...

Your packet of stamps will contain several thousand stamps, so you had better buy a stamp identifier. It is hard for Americans to realize that people in the ...

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The Minkus Master Global Stamp Album: a One Volume Solution?

I've always found them attractive, but how are they treated by collectors of French material? Are they more desirable than postally used or less?

Stamp of French Dahomey issued in 1941. Designed and engraved by Jacques Derrey:

stamp themes - cat stamps by subject

SCOTT US National Stamp Album Collection Pages Supplement 1935-1976 PT 2 100ntl2

My grandfather bought these stamps in Argentina fourty-five years ago , Can you give me some information about these stamps? With Regards Virginia L


Today one might cost you around €500; already the value of these stamps has grown by around 500% so it will be interesting to see what happens to the value ...


One of 12 original plates in Lady Mairi Bury's collection from which the Victorian penny black

German Inflation Stamps - 1923. During the 1920s, Germany experienced a crippling hyperinflation of its currency. And this is what made our next stamp so ...

Stamp Collecting Software - StampManage Deluxe 2018 With SCOTT Catalog Numbers. Inventory & Value Your

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What are paquebot covers and how can they be collected?: Stamp Collecting Basics

Rare stamp collection

To mark this event France Post has introduced to collectors' attention a specially designed stamp.

Treskilling Yellow, 1855, Sweden

Rare Passport Stamps Main

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to inform stamp collectors that Canada Post is to issue commemorative stamps to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of ...

... The missing queen (Credit: Credit: Warwick & Warwick) ...

Stamp of French Sudan issued in 1931. Designed and engraved by Gilbert Aufschneider:

Stamp dealers are afflicted with the same bug as most collectors: they love to talk about what they do. Ask about what to collect, and get a feel for the ...

The Penny Black is one of the world's most iconic stamps. Because it's the world's first stamp, it's very valuable. Rare Penny Blacks are valued at tens of ...

From a distance it looks like a printed cancel, but instead it is a very meticulously drawn manuscript cancel, replete with wide and narrow serifs on the ' ...