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I drew this Yes t Sketches and Drawings

I drew this Yes t Sketches and Drawings


This is Keith. I drew this about 2 years ago,. Anyways, he's from a show called: Bakugan. Yes, he isn't colored. It looks better this way, in my opinion.

Home girl Hazel uwu (by Noelle Vott)

I can't draw people so I drew them chibi and yes I know Draco has lighter hair.

Yes. A plague doctor can draw. Don't judge plague doctors. We can do that stuff too.

Scourge warrior cats · Bounty HunterDrawingWarriorsWarrior ...

Image titled Draw and Shade With Pencil Step 1

alice in wonderland drawing - Google Search

I'M SORRY FOR NEGLECTING THIS SITE.My drawing has turned to turd,

"You shouldn't have come back to me. It's dangerous." "I know...but I couldn't let you get yourself killed."

I got the request to draw Denmark. So I drew him. Yes he is a pineapple. And yes he had a face. Don't judge!!

This time I didn't want to take risk. So, I decided to do graphit shades (which I love to do). Last picture was clicked when sketching is at its middle ...

Yes, I will shove my perceived creativity in your face!

Some sketches for Dancetale Chara that I drew up. Honestly I have no idea where I'm going with this or what I'm doing here because I don't dance ...

I don't have any of my early sketches, with the circle tool on MS Paint or the traced images or the ones I copied, but I do have these horrors from ...

Obviously, they aren't perfect, but they do give me a good idea of how to draw people, and how to draw people with objects. The variances in how people's ...


Yes, I don't know how to draw teeth and hands

How to Draw Eyes

Yes so instead of studying..i drew... Don't click it unless you really want to see details (and waste your bandwidth? coz its crap yeah =D)

Yes, I know zombies in The Walking Dead don't actually say “braaaaiinnns.”

I think I drew this in November lastyear after falling in love with him AGAIN- yes again, this wasn't the first time I fell in love with him.

This flapping happens When Jeff and Ben are drunk Me:*facepalms* why are they even singing all about that base? I can't ...

(And Yes, I drew that) #sleepykinq #mystery #alfred #cutenessOVERLOAD #cuteart #fanart For: @RSleepykinq… https://t.co/O3uPBaxDrp"

"Our first miscarriage was so unexpected that I didn't know how to

Well, yes I drew Chat Noir in different styles cause I have to find my own. I haven't find it yet thought XD. There is also Plagg !!

I drew the homestuck flower icons!! Yes the original art isn't mine

I got the request to draw Denmark. So I drew him. Yes he is a pineapple. And yes he had a face. Don't judge!!

How to draw a male upper body part

Proof I'm not obscuring the image. I did draw it. And yes, I hid her hands in the sweater because I can't draw hands very well!

When someone knows the meme and replies ( yes I drew the genji, don&#

Hello my sweetlings, yes I did indeed drew Weskers sweet ass ÒuÓ. I couldn't resist drawing that bootay. Hope you guys like it! {You're welcome Wesker fans}

It's not too great, because it was a sketch with like one reference (I only looked at half the time). But I figured I haven't posted since my intro post, ...

*yes they are shirtless, I didn't draw their clothes yet...ENJOY LOL


By the way don't ask me how I did it cuz I don't even know ...

Next came grate body, you don't need to worry about drawing everything on the let side of his arm since you'll just be drawing over emit because of Juvia ...

Sketches from the series. Yes, that is Lightning McQueen. I drew him at the request of my kids, who didn't recognize a single car I drew. Sigh.

I drew this ages ago but I wasn't very fond of it. DrawingsBlogSketchesArt ...

The first episode I ever watched from SBT. If you don't know it, go watch it in Cartoon Network cause its awesome!

·Next I sketched out his clothing and yes I know his body is too big. I had a little trouble with his collar since I haven't really drew a collar in a ...

bad drawing tablet doesnt help

I wanted to draw it simple so I drew an eye and I tried to draw that thing in the bs&t mv (and yes it's Jiminie's eye because I couldn't forget the Jihope ...

Got bored in physics so I drew my own take on T-Dragon (re-upload because spelling error ) ...

(This is one of the many pieces of anime art I did when I was a freshman, most of them are to embarrassing to show. I don't draw anime anymore…)

After draw the sketch first I tried to make it with wax-color but then realised that it can't be done easily. So, picture below is first attempt to go with ...

The point is, you don't have to be Charles Shultz or Dr. Seuss to create something effective, and once more, you can use drawings in meetings or ideation ...

Create beautiful sketches and drawings with the Woodless Graphite Pencils by Xonex.

Sketch-a-day: Around The House

Wow I can't believe I drew that lol I'm in art class

(yes I drew that lol) I don't want a to , - Depop

Uploaded 7 months ago

(This is one of the many pieces of anime art I did when I was a freshman, most of them are to embarrassing to show. I don't draw anime anymore…)

When I was almost finished, a guy was standing behind me, eyeing my drawing. he apologised for peering over my shoulder and said he couldn't help it, ...

A shadamy sketch I drew this summer because I'm trash. :v Yes

I like wolves, and I haven't drawn them much, because I'm scared to try and draw all that fur. Yes, I'm scared of drawing dogs, wolves, and other canids ...

Daniel Bryan Yes Movement

Finished another upside down drawing. Yes, I drew it exactly in this position.

Then I took my bycicle to find a nice place to draw somewhere in my neighbourhood and saw an old couple sitting on a bench. I thought t

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At the end of elementary school I drew my first male :

Norm Rapmund on Twitter: "Reverse #Flash I drew at @LongBeach_CC ..and yes @Demonpuppy .. I drew the logo backwards. Lol. Finger stripes.

Still life drawing. I drew this during my art class after I couldn't think of any still

How to Set up a Still Life and Complete a Still Life Drawing - Tutorial

Answer Wiki

Let's Draw A Penguin

On the above, I used a harder charcoal and went lighter, following instinct. Messy and mis-proportioned, but the light works fairly well, so I'm glad I did.


I drew this picture to my Chinese friend, yes she is actually Chinese not because

Image titled Draw Fashion Sketches Step 2

(This is one of the many pieces of anime art I did when I was a freshman, most of them are to embarrassing to show. I don't draw anime anymore…)

Gilbert Gottfried on Twitter: "Picture of my artwork inside my book. Yes, I drew this. Now u can buy the book without opening it. http://t.co/GlKRSMaZ ...

I don't think I've ever posted my profile pic, but this

Yas Okay, so I drew Bucky Barnes or

Some random girl I drew. I seen her photo she took of

hello it's midnight and I should be in bed but instead I drew stayed up and drew this sharp-grinned tiefling pal, because I make responsible decisions ...

Image titled Draw when You Don't Know What To Draw Step 6

I drew some eeveelution sketches bc I didn't know what else to draw lmao

And another Goku :)

Lol YES Neon is looking for a bf... Not

Uploaded 1 year ago

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I started drawing and sketching back in 2008, most of which was anime. Being a DBZ fan, I started off with this picture of Goku on my pencil-box (please ...

How to draw a Wolf howling


1950s Experiment Asked Artist To Take LSD And Draw The Same Portrait 9 Times, And Each Portrait Got Crazier

What manga could this guy be in, or what manga character does he look similar to?Yes, I drew him, If you want me to try and draw some of your favorite ...

Uploaded 3 months ago

This one is a bit older, but I still like it. The shoulders aren't looking good but whatever. It's entirely graphite and fun fact : it's and A3 drawing done ...

CHUINNY 🌸 AX L13 on Twitter: "OH yes-- I drew my kids during my #Inktober challenge's last moments ahah 😌💕#gon #killua #hxh #hunterxhunter college au ...

Sunday 11th September 2011. Black Widow from the Marvel comics. I had fun drawing ...

The next two are the short pose model…..and yes, that's a farmer's tan. (Not that there's anything wrong with that….if you're a boy who doesn't lay out at ...

Picture of How to Draw an Eye (updated)

Another reason I doodle/sketch/draw is to express emotion. It's funny how drawing random lines leads me to feeling so relieved and to a weird but fulfilling ...