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His name was Schlitzie and rose to fame for his performance in the

His name was Schlitzie and rose to fame for his performance in the


His name was Schlitzie, and rose to fame for his performance in the 1932 film

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Schlitzie by Tom Kuebler (US)

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Simon Metz also known as Schlitzie

Well-known American sideshow performer and actor, best known as Schlitzie Surtees for his role in the movie Freaks, was born in 1901.


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Schlitzie during his early years with Ringling Bros. billed as "The Last of The

Tod Browning - Tod Browning with unidentified child on set of No Woman Knows (1921

Rare photo of Schlitzie Surtees on the set of Freaks (1932)

Rick Baker Feb 4 My Schlitzie silicone head Sculpted in monster clay after I did my Zbrush version. No it's not pepper .

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Schlitzie - Wikipedia


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She was "obtained" by sideshow impresario Pete Kortes in the 1910s where she performed alone before being paired with the famous Schlitzie.

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MRW I see the radar for the winter storm in the Midwest

Schlitzie, 2017 Artist: Carean Kaso

instereo007: Schlitzie The pinhead poster. Freak show. Freakshow. Circus. Carnival. Side show. Art. Print.

Schlitzie pinhead

How easy to tighten the thread in the needle

An older Schlitzie in a cheerful clown costume with the Sam Kortes sideshow performers (1960s)

"Schlitzie the Pinhead" from FREAKS (1931); inspiration for Pepper from American Horror Story Asylum?

How they must have been abused by the industry and audiences of their time.

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Barnum And Bailey Circus Freak Show Vintage History Retro Poster Wall Stickers

Schlitzie during his early years with Ringling Bros. still being billed as "Last of

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Simon “Schlitzie” Metz

Showstopper: Schlitzie was often seen inside of a caged and pegged as being an untamable

Maximo and Bartola were born microcephalic and were originally from the village of Decora in St

Sword swallowing - Individual performing sword swallowing feat

Schlitzie the pinhead.

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HUMAN ODDITIES - Digital Printable Collage Sheet - Vintage Circus Freakshow Performers, Freaks & Geeks, Unusual Beauty, Digital Download

“AHS: Freak Show” Actress Rose Siggins Dies


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Freaks Poster

Ingmar Andersson! Jag kollade på Småstadsliv's ”Klart Sämsta Showen” på Scalateatern i Stockholm

The Gamblers & Hälsingefyr

Athelia (L), Pete Kortes (center), and Schlitzie (R)

Tod Browning - The Jury of Fate (1917)

In constructing Karloff's remarkable full-body transformation, he was given a black suit whose colour firstly emphasised the pallor and details of his ...

Ingmar Andersson! Jag kollade på Småstadsliv's ”Klart Sämsta Showen” på Scalateatern i Stockholm

Friday Fact Files #1 - Schlitzie Surtees - YouTube

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Production test stills from Tod Browning's "Freaks" (1932) featuring wildly popular sideshow entertainer Schlitzie performing a magic trick and Tod.

Besides ...

Sword swallowing - Hans Rosling of Gapminder Foundation swallows a bayonet during his TED talk

Wonderful cinema publicity at New York's Rialto, 1933

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Ingmar Andersson! 😁 Foto: Joacim Eriksson. Jag kollade på Småstadsliv's ”Klart Sämsta

That gif matches ur name

Key-set portrait of Schlitze (Simon Metz) and Wallace Ford from Freaks.

Schlitzie waves to his fans. Unsure of date on this one but it appears to

Schlitzie, a sideshow performer in several circuses and an actor in Freaks, was perhaps one of the most famous “pinheads” and doubtless an influence in the ...

Freaks, USA 1932, Regie: Tod Browning, Darsteller: Rose Dione, Wallace

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Frank Buck, star attraction, ...

Sugar saves the best for last as Morgan and his racist ho Celeste (Betty Ann Rees) get their just desserts.

Violet And Daisy Hilton By Mashkarose

The celebrated Schlizie



Although ...


Sword swallowing - Space Cowboy swallowing a sword attached to a metal bar from which weights

Pipe in mouth, Henry then sets to work concocting in his laboratory amidst an authentic set of tubes, flasks and bubbling paraphernalia, ...


This embrace of the unconventional echoed his private life in which, rarely and riskily for the period, he was openly gay.

Sideshow - Elly del Sarto, a sideshow performer, in c. 1910

Freaks Shows - Simon Metz, aka Schlitzie the Pinhead, was considered one of the


Murder Your Darlings: American Horror Poetry

Bolero stars George Raft as Raoul de Barre, an arrogant dancer who rises to fame in the years prior to, during, and after WW I. ...

Played by actress Rose ...

Freaks, USA 1932, Regie: Tod Browning, Darsteller: Minnie Woolsey, Wallace

24 Hours is all it takes for tippling married man Clive Brook to go from social respectability to convict stripes. Upset that his wife has ...

Figure 7: Olga Roderick, the bearded lady after giving birth to her daughter, surrounded by her colleagues (American lobby card)

“American ...

Reynolds and Lease had worked their way up through silent films and do their best with the material at hand as they slog through the thankless Scooby Doo ...

Schlitzie! The most lovable pinhead of all. Yes, even including this guy. Schlitzie's practically a rock star in this film and his performance really struck ...

Waalkes, Otto, * 22.7.1948, German comedian, full length, during

Spencer Kiely as Toby in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Photo by: Kevin Berne)

... face on the back of his head that he claimed talked to him, they built a supernatural storyline on top of his actual name, backstory, general likeness, ...

Rita wasn't the only star to make a questionable fashion choice

A Life-sized sculpture of Schlitzie and Johnny Eck, both by Thomas Kuebler.

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Freaks - Leila Hyams plays Venus in Freaks

... Barrymore is more than convincing as the old woman, and seems to be having a field day all bundled up in ladies' garments. His tour de force performance ...

Emily Skinner as Leona Samish in Do I Hear A Waltz? (Photo by: pwophoto.com)

It's been awhile since we've heard from Menomena, but on September 18th, the Portland, OR art-rock outfit will return with their fifth studio album.

John Barrymore - Ethel in Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines; Barrymore appeared with his

James Bay played it safe in all black and his

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