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High Standard Victor A lesser known 22 LR 3 Gun t

High Standard Victor A lesser known 22 LR 3 Gun t


High Standard Victor A lesser known .22 LR.

High Standard Victor Match Grade 22 Target ML Mint : Semi Auto Pistols at GunBroker.

Lot 308: High Standard "The Victor" .22 LR Cal. Semi Auto Target Pistol (Serial #2354207); Hamden, Conn. production 10 round magizine, with original box and ...

High Standard H-E 22lr Pistol RARE | Chesterfield Armament & ArtLoading that magazine is a pain


High Standard Dura-Matic M-101 semi-automatic pistol, cal.

The lightweight and easy-to-handle High Standard .22 Victor handgun is ideal

High Standard HD military .22 LR (PR30205)Loading that magazine is a pain

High Standard HD military .22 LR caliber pistol. Manufactured between 1945-1950 with

Webley & Scott MK III Target Pistol, .22LR cal., 10” round

Trude's High Standard Model 106 Pistol - In 1962, Trude Schlernitzauer represented the US at

Is this a gun that he could use? Should I consider selling it and get him the 22/45? What is the value of it?

GLOCK G19 Gen4 9x19 Pistol

High Standard .22 Pistol

Picture 234.jpg

Government 1911--$985 "Rail Gun"--$1025 ...

... from what I have seen it is not a "lesser" firearm. First semi auto in my growing collection and I am pretty excited to add a high quality target . 22.

German Sport Guns is a small but growing firm based out of Höingen, Ense, Germany. They've been around for about 10 years now and have seen great success ...

replacement large and small safety levers, 2 mags, threaded barrel, cased with instructions---$1065

High Standard HD military .22 LR (PR30205)Loading that magazine is a pain

MATCHGUNS MG2 .22 NEW Standard Pistol mechanical trigger, cased, two magazines, state of the art!---$2785

2014 High Standard Supermatic Citation 22LR · IMG_0571

Gun Review: German Sport Guns (“GSG”) 1911 .22

[ IMG]

Top 5 .22 LR handguns

GSG 1911 .22 US-Tan NEW---$725. GSG 1911 .22 Stainless NEW---$825. GSG 1911 .22 Target NEW---$845

High Standard HD military .22 LR (PR30205)Loading that magazine is a pain

My son brought me a combined birthday /Christmas present, a new-in-the-box Heritage Arms .22 Long Rifle, single-action revolver.

Smith and Wesson Victory 22 pistol with slide locked back and two magazines

Claridge Hi-Tec/Goncz Pistol - The Claridge Hi-Tec S9 with available

Picture 240.jpg

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HAMMERLI 106 .22 VERY GOOD The classic, high precision free pistol still going strong!---$465

Ruger SR22 In theory the SR22 is a good move for Ruger giving the public a practice gun that mimics the styling and feel of a defensive firearm.

TalonP air pistol from AirForce ...

And this is with an 80% sized pistol grip that's so common in LPK nowadays. It was worse with the properly sized mil-surp on I was going to give him.

Stripped Lowers Stripped AR lowers

I've got an old Savage pump .22 lr,l,s made back in the early 1900s that still shoots pretty good.


Weapon mod testing (Superfast RK)

a small Walther 380 acp


Bonus points if you select a Colt SP-1 or a pre-XM16E1 clone because they don't have the forward assist mucking up the works.

Ain't no serial number because it was made long before 1968. The Tennite® furniture is an indication that it was made between 1946 and 1948 because of a ...

How do you propose to limit the capacity of that magazine such that a criminal can't simply remove the spacer and return ...

It functions like it should hand-feeding and dry-firing, it just looks a little off and there might be some blisters in Willard's future from where it rubs ...

Ruger 10/22 takedown target bull barrel suppressor


Benjamin Marauder

The ...

The Highway Patrolman shoots quite well. I forgot my phone so I don't have a picture of the target.

Springfield Mil-Spec.


Airsoft - A Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 Gas Blowback airsoft handgun

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A long time ago, we studied lever actions and one of the most famous lever action weapons was the Winchester Model 1873 rifle.

Browning Hi-Power

Early Cartridge Technologies: Paper Cartridges - III



Fast Deer sidelever air rifle right

It doesn't show very well, but Marv's grips are wood! They are just really heavily used and spent literally decades in the gun cabinet of a friend whose ...


Webley Alecto

This is my competition gun they're little hard to find



Armalite AR-10 A4 10A4CF-2

Star Bonifacio Echeverria - Gabilondo Ruby Pistol

WALTHER GSP KIT .22 Short .22 LR .32 SWL VERY GOOD Everything you need in one box! This great kit comes in a solid alloy case with all parts, ...

h&s Hunting and Safari Magazine Issue 7

Walther PPK/S


Kimber Solo 9mm This is Kimber's entry in the pocket rocket category. The Solo came to the market with great fanfare followed by moderate disappointment.

Auctioneers Note: We are accepting quality Firearm consignments for this Auction! To help celebrate 9 years in a row of having the shore's largest and most ...

No one really seems to know what the "I" designation is, but its successor was named the MP 28/II.

Marlin Model Golden 39A

Armalite AR-10 PMAGS



Marlin Ballard

The gas pistons are identical, but the gas cylinder of the Yugo sits on the gas block differently. The Yugo's front sight is a little closer to the rear to ...

Beretta 8000 - Beretta 8040 Cougar Pistol disassembled to show parts.

In "Bump and Run" (S1E10), a vigilante who passes himself off as the Equalizer uses the revolver with a 8 3/8" barrel as his weapon of choice.

Not enough ratings

... The Alfred Cali Collection - 1836 Colt Revolver Sets World Record Price For A Single Firearm $977,500 - Dallas Texas | Revolver | Cartridge ( Firearms)

Auctioneers Note: We are accepting quality Firearm consignments for this Auction! To help celebrate 9 years in a row of having the shore's largest and most ...

Pull ...


Manurhin - Manurhin p-1

Browning Spring 2018 Sales Tax Rebate

My 3 most accurate centerfire rifles are (from the top), AR-15, .22 Hornet falling block and .250-3000 bolt action.

[IMG] [/IMG] Woodsman Target Second Series (top) and Match Target Third Series. Beneath the front sight on the MT you can see the reflection of the tree ...