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Here we present an historic image of Rabbit Head a Hidatsa

Here we present an historic image of Rabbit Head a Hidatsa


Here we present an historic image of Rabbit Head, a Hidatsa Warrior. It was

Rabbit Head - Hidatsa - American Indian Digital Painting Created from Photo by Edward S. Hidatsa Indian posed, head and shoulders, facing right.

Here we present an historic image of Rabbit Head, a Hidatsa Warrior. It was taken in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis. The image showsa Hidatsa Indian p…

Rabbit Head, Hidatsa, 1908

Hidatsa mother & child. photograph made in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis.

Here we present a stunning image called "Waters Edge". It was taken in North Dakota in 1908 by Edward S. The image shows a Young Arikara Indian Girl ...

Photographs of Native American Indians : White Duck - Hidatsa.

Rabbit Head-Hidatsa

Hidatsa Good Bear


Calico - an Oglala Indian in a Head-and-shoulders Portrait. It was taken in 1890. | History-Native American | Pinterest | Portraits, Shoulder and Native ...


You are viewing an unusual image of a Hidatsa Indian by a stream. It was

Son of Wolf Chief with squash drying on a rack near Forth Bethold, North Dakota

19th-century scientific illustration of two Audubon-Bachman hares



Sand Hill Crane (aka One Eye, aka Harry Eaton) - Hidatsa - circa

Not technically a rabbit, the Snowshoe Hare *can* survive in the wild quite well, which is very unlike domestic rabbits. by Jim Cumming

Here we present an historic image of Rabbit Head, a Hidatsa Warrior. It was taken in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis. The image showsa Hidatsa Indian p…

Here we present an historic Indian Still Life showing Indian Rattles. It was taken in 1908 by Edward S. The image shows Rattles of Arikara bear ...


Wild Rabbit

Here we present an historic image of Rabbit Head, a Hidatsa Warrior. It was taken in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis. The image showsa Hidatsa Indian p…

Black Crow - Hidatsa - 1913



A white-tailed jackrabbit changing to its winter coat

Rabbit Pictograph


The White-Tailed Jackrabbit

Historic drawing · Bison call audio

Fig. 253

Celebrating Hidatsa warriors with exploit marks on body and dress. "X" designates a coup and "U" turned upside down designates captured horses.

Karin Bolender is a local artist who integrates the lives of her companion donkeys into her work. She did a long walking trip with her first donkey, ...

Hidatsa Earth Lodge.

White-tailed jackrabbit

Colorized Historical Photos of American Indians in the Early 1900's

... Hidatsa woman 1 ...

Here follows a basic understanding of the Mandan and Hidatsa gardening practices throughout the summer. This may assist with interpreting the Little Owl ...

giving ...

An Old Hidatsa Village.

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With S. D. Nelson's Buffalo Bird Girl: A Hidatsa Story, Abrams has scored a big win. It is racking up starred reviews by the mainstream review journals and ...

Note how that bunny is playing the drum with his hands? That is not an accurate depiction of how Native peoples in the U.S. play the drum.

FIG. 15. White-tailed jackrabbit, adult in summer pelage

Bison Skulls Graph PNAS

White-tailed jackrabbit running away. Rabbit ...

for which the rabbits are grateful. or greedy. or something like that.

Nature up close: What do bunnies eat in the winter?

Trickster rabbit-scribe, northern Guatemala/southern Campeche, c. AD 725 (K511, Princeton University Art Museum, y1975–17, photograph © Justin Kerr, ...

Here it is the last day of May 2018. I have suspended my seed selling while I give my full attention to growing out crops for the 2019 season.

Earth Lodge

Historic drawing

Dorothy Kunhardt's Pat the Bunny is a classic. Published in 1940 by Simon & Schuster, I'd be willing to bet it is one of those books that has never gone out ...

bunny hugs

Dead Rabbits



First Peoples of Ohio and Indiana-Native American History Resource

A Boy Drying Corn


Road Maker (Aríìhiriš), a 19th-century Hidatsa chief. Engraving after a watercolour by Karl Bodmer.

North AmericanNorth AmericanNorth AmericanNorth AmericanNorth American BioFortean ReviewBioFortean ReviewBioFortean Review.

American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL): James and Joseph Bruchac's RABBIT'S SNOW DANCE

Rabbit Skin Leggings, Flathead warrior of the Nez Perce. - Stock Image

Portrait of a Native American named Big Head, ca. 1905. #

Sitting Rabbit, a Mandan, painted a lengthy mural of the Missouri River which showcases the old villages, various significant cultural sites, and landmarks ...

The Sitting Rabbit Map of the Missouri River. The Cannonball River is listed on this map as "Big River."

In this story a fisherman catches an enchanted fish. Interestingly, the fisherman never asks the fish for anything, saying only, “Oh, ho! You need not make ...

Black Fox

Drawing of Mandan Woman

Closeup of a mountain coyote's (C. l. lestes) head

Staff Pictograph


As you can see, each paragraph gets its own color, and then all of the work that is done for that paragraph will be done in that color- this helps them ...

Protecting a way of life: A Mojave man, wearing a robe of rabbit skin

FIG. 11. Coyote, adult



“The people of many tribes will come here to fish,” Coyote said to Beaver. “ You will be chief over all of them. You must share the salmon with everyone who ...

Native American Turtle Prayer


The visitor center features an area dedicated to representing the overnight stay of the Corps of Discovery within present-day Fort Abraham Lincoln State ...

Crow's Breast and Lean Wolf, the first and second chief of the Hidatsa, in the mid 1800s. Both the Hidatsa and Mandan tribes lived in the park area and both ...

This report includes all names on the non-consideration list submitted during the open submission period between April 1 and Ap

... but whatever I attempt, I too succeed in.' And the man saved the rabbit, and the rabbit made him powerful, and always helped him in times of trouble."

Mr. Leroy Curly (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe) developed a Lakota alphabet in the 1980's. I employed this alphabet executed in a brush script using acrylic on ...

The Berrybender Narratives | Book by Larry McMurtry | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The Mandan leaders Red Buffalo Cow and Bad Gun or Rushing Eagle (Charging Eagle) in full ceremonial dress. Courtesy State Historical Society of North Dakota ...

We're not here to bash Jack Prelutsky. Because, after all, Jack Prelutsky is hilarious. But, but, but. There are times when I worry that too many people ...


With today's news that the United States is reversing it's ban on elephant hunting trophies, we thought we would dust off an old post about authors and ...

Piper and the bunny are enjoying each others company immensely. Whenever the bunny is digging Piper is pretty sure that the bunny is hunting mice and ...

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Following my viewing of the Class III survey report, I contacted the Chief Archaeologist at the North Dakota State Historic Preservation Society about ...