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Happy 420 Cuz It39s Funny t

Happy 420 Cuz It39s Funny t


Happy 420 everyone! It's April 20 and that means it's the annual stoner holiday.

Why is that we get off work for all other major holidays, but not 4/20? It's, like, totally not fair. Plus you can only fake appendicitis on the same day ...

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420 All Year Weed Memes

How do you get a one-armed stoner out of a tree?

That's right baby, Mommy smokes cannabis .

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Obama 420 Meme Library Marker

What do you call one bowl between three tokers?

These gifts will help them with their favorite hobby, and I found a great stoner

... its archives and provided to the Huffington Post.

Yeah bro, things are getting heady for 4/20. See, we can think it's fun to celebrate 4/20 (but also lol at everyone who pretends this is ...


Why is the roach clip called a roach clip?

Test me I'm negative just cause I roll a cigg do nitcnean its weed

Simpsons 420 Memes Stray Stoner

420 Meme Light Spliff Pic

Test me I'm negative just cause I roll a cigg do nitcnean its weed test me

Snoop 420 Meme Phone Screen

420. Louis Pasteur statue, San Rafael High School (crop).jpg

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Flavor Flav 420 Weed Memes

4/20 Meaning: How April 20 Became Known As National Weed Day, And Why It's Worth Celebrating

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Don't get me wrong.. I love smoking

Weed Quotes and Funny Slogans

Glasgow will be celebrating its 6th annual Hempstock on 420 starting at 10 AM. In addition to the event's live music, there will also be plenty of ...

I can't touch it anymore unless I want to have a seizure. You're probably rolling your eyes, but I want someone out there to read this ...

Happy 420 Smoke More Weed

California On 420

Stock Up 420 Weed Memes

How do you get an one-armed hippie out of a tree?

The All-New Xbox 420

People think 4/20 refers to a secret police code


This flyer has recently become recognized as the origin of April 20 as a marijuana holiday

420 Note Time Off Weedmemes

Why make 4/20 a once a year occasion when you can celebrate 4:20 every single day? Sure it might make the actual holiday a little less important, but it's ...

4/20 festivals

Promising review: "Excellent top, very happy and the seller was lovely.

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420 Leftover Pizza Weed Memes

I just want a girl to hangout and smoke weed with me. We dont have

Because it is 4/20 on Sunday, we compiled a list of 420 songs about weed and then made a Spotify Playlist of most of them. It is at the bottom of this ...

Weed Quotes and Funny Slogans

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The Real Story Behind Why “4/20” Became a Stoner Holiday

Weed Quotes and Funny Slogans

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Legacy of 4/20 Hippie Hill lives on

When it's 4:20 and Snoop Dogg shows up

Much love to Huey Morgan of BBC Radio and Fun Lovin' Criminals fame.

Weed, pot, herb, bud, dope, skunk, hash, ganja, marijuana, indo, cheeba, chronic, dank, spliff… it's been celebrated for hundreds of years, under hundreds ...

... you're at a party and pull a joint out, and some guy yells, “What's that smell? Who is smoking MARIJUANA?!?” as he proceeds to come tell you that it's ...

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Weed Quotes and Funny Slogans

I don't care if you smoke weed.. It's not my forte.

These 25 Funny Pot Smoking Memes Are SO Relatable ... And True!

A man smokes marijuana during a demonstration in support of the legalization of marijuana in Medellin

Undercover Tour Pro: A Pot Smoker Applauds The Tour's New Drug-Testing Program - Golf Digest

420 Pizza Rolls Billboard Pic

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Because I want more cupcakes

First off, happy holidays to all that are observing today's festivities. Seeing as how it's 4/20 it got me thinking, what would be the best roster of NBA ...

420 Blaze It

If there are two potheads in the back of a car, then who is driving?

Classic T-Shirt by snurkis

4:19 4:20

The Denver 420 Rally at Civic Center Park in 2016.

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15 Movies to Watch Based on Your 4/20 Mood

Celebrate the good kind of roach at these stoner-sanctioned 4/20 events in NYC

4/20 is coming early for folks in Toronto! During 420 Toronto on 4/19, Marc Emery and other speakers will be present. Not to mention, there will be a ton of ...

And just because it's so extra, flag that represents the United States of Marijuana.

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Weed Quotes and Funny Slogans

A crowd celebrates 4/20 at Hippie Hill in a San Francisco park. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News


Weed Quotes and Funny Slogans

Minnesota police dept. wins Twitter again with hilarious 4/20 tweet - StarTribune.com