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Guernsey Cow is a medium weight cow having high milk producing

Guernsey Cow is a medium weight cow having high milk producing


Guernsey Cow is a medium weight cow having high milk producing capacity. It is known for producing quality milk while consuming 20 to 30 percent less feed ...

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The Novice Milkmaid and the Family Cow: My First Five Months (Part 1, The Challenges)

Holstein Cow

They weigh 1,500 pounds when mature. They produce the most milk on average.

Guernsey-. Guernseys are considered medium-to-large cattle, with ...

GUERNSEY - originating on the Isle of Guersey in the English Channel. The Guernsey cow

Probably the most common family cow ...

Guernsey Cows · Guernsey CowDairy ...

Guernsey Cow is a medium weight cow having high milk producing capacity. They are known

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Holstein Friesian Cow

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... 800 cattle breeds which produce milk but all cattle breeds are not good producers of the milk. There are many breeds are increased for beef production ...

Holstein cows are the most recognized breed of dairy cattle with distinctive black and white or

Guernsey Dairy Cattle

The Guernsey cattle breed originated in the Channel Islands between France and England and is named for the Isle of Guernsey, which is the most western of ...

"The Guernsey breed is a dairy breed originating on the Isle of Guernsey in the

Guernsey ...

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Holstein Cow

Gigi The Cow Broke The Milk Production Record. Is That Bad For Cows? : The Salt : NPR

The coat of the Guernsey cow varies in color from golden fawn to reddish-brown

Brown Swiss Cow

2: An Ayrshire cow; 11. 4 The Guernsey Purpose: Milk production.

dry Holstein cow, will calve in 2 weeks

Friesian cows are considered among the best in milk production. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA

Meet The Cows. Holstein

15 Things You Should Know About Norwegian Red Cattle

Her qualities as the producer of an unique golden coloured milk high in Protein and Butterfat and rich in flavour made her the envy of the emerging dairy ...

Holsteins identified with the Association account for nearly 20 percent of all U.S. dairy cattle. The upper end of this population is looked upon as a ...

Animals with 12000 litres and more per lactation are also found. Range of average daily milk production may be 22-30 Litres. Super milking cows may ...

They are known for their high milk production. History: The Holstein cow originated in Europe, and was imported to America from Holland in the mid 1800's.


... they were considerably lighter than Holstein × Gyr cows studied by Martins et al. (2004) of 540 kg. The Holstein × Gyr cows were of similar weights to ...

12 Things You Should Know About Guernsey Cattle!

Famous Jersey cows[edit]

Red Holstein

Modern Ideal Holstein Cow. Modern Ideal Holstein Bull

Guernsey Cow!

Holsteins are large cattle with distinctive colour patterns of red and white or black and white. These cows can reach a height of 150cm tall and weigh over ...

The Guernsey cow is an efficient converter of feed to milk products. The medium sized Guernsey requires less feed than the larger Holstein, yet converts ...


Ayrshires are recognized as one of the most beautiful of the dairy cattle breeds, ranging in a variety of colors from light to deep cherry red, mahogany, ...

Holstein Friesian

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What you should know regarding Fleckvieh dairy cattle, a disease resistant breed of cattle that

Guernsey Cow

Holstein dairy cows eating hay

Guernsey cows

Do Guernsey or Jersey Cows Produce the Better Milk?

Guernsey Cow

Guernsey Cow Left and Jersey Cow Right.

Their color is a shade of fawn with white markings. They weigh 1,150 pounds when mature. Their milk is a distinctive golden color.

Guernsey cows - beloved of islanders they produce excellent milk and butter, but…

9 Milking Shorthorn Cattle Breed

HOLSTEIN - a large black and white dairy cow known to produce large quantities of milk

more milk with less feed. **Cows today produce ...

True Type Holstein Cow Click the image for a high resolution image. Please contact us if you require the file in a specific format.

Jersey cows have the richest milk of all the dairy cows; it's high in butterfat, making it the ideal milk for the production of butter and cheese.

Holland Cows Group hand-pick quality Cheap Holstein Friesian Cows trusted farm partners export it worldwide. Holstein Friesian Cows produces well in any ...

Purpose: Milk production

Dairy cattle shows are held around the country, and may be as small as a local or county show with a few dozen animals, or as large as the International ...

Lovely young cow

Jersey Cow

080530-01-Clandeboye-Champion-Willow The black and white Holstein dairy cow ...

Most will retain the unique Golden Guernsey colour, flavour and nutritional values even after processing. Guernsey cheese for example is unequalled for its ...

**The typical dairy calf weighs about 85 lbs. when born**

HF Cows (20 To 30 Litres / Day)

Elinor 14 had a son by Spring Walk Icy Iceberg, Beechgroves Ezekiel and he has just completed semen collection for use this autumn in the Guernsey Global .

... Island of Guernsey were used to keep the Guernsey breed pure and to maintain the high quality of the golden milk. Compulsory registration of all cattle ...

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Red and White Holstein Cow


Purpose: Milk production. Heifers generally come into milk at about two years of age.

Holstein cows

The high production Raastad Holstein Cross cow

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1: A Friesian cow; 10. 3 The Ayrshire Purpose: Milk production.

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