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Gobi Jerboa Allactaga bullata Ref Muad39Dib t

Gobi Jerboa Allactaga bullata Ref Muad39Dib t


Mongolian five-toed jerboa

F Mongolian Five-toed Jerboa Allactaga sibirica: probably seen fairly often in the Gobi but only confirmed once (on days 8 & 9).

Jerboa, a hopping desert rodent found throughout Northern Africa and Asia east to northern China and Manchuria. When chased, jerboas can run at up to 24 ...

Gobi Jerboa, Allactaga bullata

Allactaga elater on a 2012 Armenian stamp

Gobi Jerboa

Tiny Jerboas | rank at the pinnacle of the Adorable Scale | they are desert dwellers

Long-eared Jerboa This is a rodent from the Gobi desert. Their habitats are

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... fellow has powerful legs which can propel it to distances of up to seven feet in height and ten feet in length through the hot desert sands of the Gobi ...

Jerboas belong to the family of jumping rodents (family Dipodidae), which includes all sorts of little critters that, as you'd expect, are specialized in ...

Pygmy Jerboa. They look like M3's Tookies

Long eared jerboa. I love it 0.0