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Go ahead and revamp English but remember teachers are not

Go ahead and revamp English but remember teachers are not



So many teachers love using interactive notebooks to organize their classrooms and curriculum. But I

Make your syllabus more constructive- I'm doing this, and I want to

No Teacher Summer Slide…FUN summer PD for teachers! - I'm sure the last thing a teacher is thinking about right now is summer professional development, but ...

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten: stress-busting tips for teachers.

Save Your Sanity with a Things to Revamp for Next Year List |

Growth Mindset Poster (PDF)

English Curricular Presentation Kristin Hunter, Carter Thomas, Brooke Hight; 47.

Classroom Posters For Every Teacher:

Sunday, September 20, 2015

~~Revamped Spoons Game~~ Check it out! Modeled after the popular card


Angela Watson's 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club: Learn how to choose a target number of

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Increase student engagement in your classroom with these seven fun ideas!

7 Things to Remember about Feedback! Applies to coaching teachers as well.

Dear teacher, professional development is good but not every training is for you at the moment. The teaching profession offers so much to learn, ...

Twelve Tips and Tricks for marking and feedback

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Why I quit my teaching job in the middle of the school year


Do you remember when Twitter moved from 140 characters to 280?

Now, I know Jack Diddly about teaching kids that young, but I do know this: They're not stupid ... but every kid in the room will read that and struggle a ...

2) If you feel the need to punch me in the face for mentioning the word assessment, please go ahead – I feel the same way. However, when was the last time ...

Stickers Teachers Wish They Could Use by

How to Revamp Your Blog's "About" Page and Paint a Clearer Picture of You

Dear Teacher, My Gifted Child is in Your Class

Teacher Thank You Gifts

Can teachers really go on vacation?

Reader Advice on Maternity Leave and Prepping for a Long-Term Sub - Teaching Sam and Scout

Talking about it now you can see, it just cannot be a good thing and as an adult experiencing something like that you would probably (hopefully) recognize ...

Guys when you get that natural impulse to go all rapey rapist, just remember to ROO ...

Did a Community College Plan to Pass More Students Fail Its Teachers?

Over the weekend, teachers and stakeholders in Education gathered in the Education 2030: Nigeria Revamps WhatsApp Chat room following this link.

The content might not focus on my own teaching as much, but will still be all about the worlds of technology, education, and leadership.

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When a word grid has been completed (or completed to the best of the learner's ability), it can be checked by a parent or teacher (you'll probably find it ...

What are you excited about in the year ahead? Please share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @MrSchoenbart.

Technology is a Tool

The teaching career is becoming more lucrative and highly competitive and good schools who are doing it right insist on getting the best hands in the ...

I thought this chart served as a useful reminder that all states have room for improvement, and it's not true that some of them can simply pat themselves on ...

Just in case you weren't already aware of it, there are some pretty nifty tools available in Moodle (via Wimba) that allow you to draw on real voices rather ...

Teacher Evaluation Tips & Showcasing Strengths - HoJo

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Christmas and New Year gifts from the Raven: free and open access

3) Learn everything you can from your students: one “class from hell” year is worth three years of regular teaching experience!

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Hand-cranked worksheet in Banda-purple with red pen annotations


Reader Advice on Maternity Leave and Prepping for a Long-Term Sub - Teaching Sam and Scout

So many teachers love using interactive notebooks to organize their classrooms and curriculum. But I

... new Common Core curriculum that aims to take a more critical thinking path to education. West Torrance High freshman english 1 student ponders question ...

Look at the publisher and the author and her many shining credentials…

Is this a grammar teaching gaffe?

In fact ...

Why I Don't Use Interactive Notebooks in my Secondary Classroom - It's Not Rocket Science

September 30, 2011

Click to enlarge image. Click here to download my Spoken Word Handout Pack!

Can I just take a minute and reflect on how awesome this is? When I first started teaching I remember having to cut and glue Spanish text over English ...

Getting Word Wise with World Adventure Kids

Continue assessing as you work with your small group – are there students who no longer need to be part of the sessions of small-group instruction?

Talk it Up!

We linked in the UDL frameworks right there within the front page so that as you open it up as a teacher, it's one of the first things that is there.

'Old-school' teachers can help improve English ⋆ The Malaysian Times

Hope they give you some starters - though remember there is an asbolute plethora of great activity stuff out there on the web for Halloween now (try ...

And we; 21. don't have to go ...

Prompts To Get You Prompts To Help You Revamp Your Blog's "About" Page by

The final part of a unit features an integration/use activity encouraging learners to write 'a report, article, short essay or story using at least 15 of ...

The English Raven Halloween lesson materials design challenge!

For myself and the other EPIK teachers I talk with regularly, the sense I got was “you're not a real teacher”. Because all the Korean teachers went to a ...

I accept that there are some parts of our curriculum, no matter what subject you teach, which are really hard to make “fun” but are nonetheless critically ...

Watch Raven Play.

Revathy Parameswaran (with a Dr. in front) is probably brought up in this rote learning education system herself and couldn't care less about what she ...

Teacher Recommendations: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I quickly replied to Michaela, quoting her words back to her:

Yesterday I heard a sad story of English teachers who have been in active teaching over a long period of time but couldn't answer job interview questions ...

It begins with a small sign (that is really overexposed for some reason) which explains the baskets and a few other pics taken on different days.


Say "No." There are so many programs, teams, sports, groups, and PLCs you have to be a part of. Don't make it hard on yourself that first year and sign up ...



For the past several months, WUNC has been working on a new multimedia project on the state of teaching. A sort of "End-Of-The-School Year" report on ...

... of ICT in your subject area at the start of your training as a teacher. Would you please complete this questionnaire by ticking the appropriate boxes.

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I'm teaching a course this summer on writing one act plays. One of the texts I've chosen is Shorts and Briefs by Gregory Fletcher, a collection of "shorts" ...