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Gardasil If I had only known SaneVax Inc DrB t

Gardasil If I had only known SaneVax Inc DrB t


I didn't consent to Gardasil

Gardasil and my new medical conditions

We thought Garasil was the right choice.

Gardasil changed my life.


Gardasil changed my life.

Post-Gardasil Syndrome

Gardasil: I just want to be normal again.

Gardasil changed my life.

Gardasil changed my life.

My Gardasil Nightmare

This site attempts to bring information about the truth and the lies surrounding the vaccine Gardasil to you the consumer. That's right you are a consumer… ...

7 years of post-Gardasil nightmare


Hanging onto hope!

Gardasil Changed My Life


Gardasil: Before and After

Gardasil: If I Had Only Known… by Wendy Stec

Surviving Gardasil

We believed them when they said the HPV vaccine was safe

Shania: Gardasil Survivor

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UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID) and SaneVax Inc. (http://sanevax.org/) are pleased to announce the release of a new HPV vaccine ...

By Gary Null PhD and Nancy Ashley VMD – Progressive Radio Network

Gardasil changed my life

Rosemary is President of SaneVax.org - devoted to informed vaccine/medical consent for the safety of all patients. Our reader Bob Moffit created this ...

Annabelle Morin – Quebec

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

... including ACT UP, were pushing the government to allocate all available funds to get this drug into as many people as possible who had been ...

My government cares about HPV vaccine safety. Does yours?

Brooke Petkevicius – Florida

Gardasil: My daughter's worst nightmare - SaneVax, Inc. Gardasil Victim via Merck

Tenpenny 12 say no to gardasil

Caitlin Grace

HPV vaccine investigation leaves crucial questions unasked - SaneVax, Inc.


VAERS 2011

Merck ...

Katie: My Gardasil Nightmare

... real families who all share one thing in common – their daughters became ill following HPV vaccination and these illnesses have lasted for many years.

Ashla - Australia - Gardasil


India: Supreme Court HPV Vaccine Controversy Continues - SaneVax, Inc.

Comparison ...

UK AHVID: These are real people, real families who all share one thing in

HPV Vaccines: Colombian Controversy Continues - Sanevax

Gardasil in New Zealand

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld

Go to http://www.vigiaccess.org , search GARDASIL. See ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS #LearnTheRisk #VaccineInjurypic.twitter.com/lV40gBbdKi

Another interesting point that we discovered on reading Merck's scientific day submission, was that their submission contained a large amount of information ...

Gone - NOT forgotten!




Garasil vaccine

Chandler Marrs reports: Another Gardasil girl died last month. The author of Another Day, Another Death sends her condolences to the family of the dead girl ...

Rubin ...

Percentage of increase in Gardasil reports

Justinne Gardasil insert


Dr Bernard Dalbergue

So many of our patients are parents/grandparents/care takers, and I find

Gardasil Injury Recovery!

Gardasil Cervarix HPV Vaccine's photo.

Samantha U.S.A.

Gardasil Vaccine Victims and Deaths - Did You Know?

Gone After Gardasil: Jasmine - New Zealand - SaneVax, Inc.


Parents ...

Tenpenny 11 Sanevax Infowars

Long wait: Dr Maureen O'Leary giving one of the first HPV vaccines in

Think about it, and do what you can to make sure that your daughter (or son) is “one less” – vaccine injury, that is.


Antivaccine nonsense · Autism · Medicine

Still Pushing HPV Vaccine on Kids a Decade after JW Exposed Deadly Side Effects

Report adverse reactions to vaccinations - HPV vaccine - Immunity Real or Fake Adverse Reactions to Vaccines

And ...

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MUST watch Danish documentary on the gardasil vaccine "De vaccinerede piger" (with English

Evidence: HPV Vaccine Caused This Woman's Stage 3 Cancer

In ...


After Cervarix my life changed

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#GARDASIL - Twitter Search

Norma Erickson is an anti-vaccine activist and the very founder SANE Vax, an anti-science organization we've had some opportunities to talk about before.

What Is Gardasil 9 Vaccine?

If I Could Turn Back Time, Korey Would not Have Received any Gardasil Shots

SaneVax, Inc.

#SaidNoMother: Combining dehumanization of autistic people with antivaccine pseudoscience in time for Autism Awareness


There's a new feature documentary in town called The Pathological Optimist. It's about Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

The fight against Gardasil began immediately, but I'd like to take the time to address a specific claim.

Vax.Gun.HPV.Meme .

Skip the vaccine. Protect yourself and your baby with good health and a healthy immune system. You can't fake it with a vaccine.

Note that in this figure a specific sequence of DNA is acting as a “decoy” to tie up the E2F transcription factor. This oligonucleotide decoy strategy is a ...