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GOG just announced they are now selling DRMFree movies

GOG just announced they are now selling DRMFree movies


DRM-Free distribution is not a concept their lawyers would accept without hesitation," GOG.com said in a recent blog.

GOG Movies and regional pricing

Last week, gaming deal site GOG released their Galaxy library app. PC users have had Steam for a long time, but GOG wants Galaxy to improve the status quo.

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DRM-Free Games Platform, GOG.com, Adds Mortal Kombat, Harry Potter Games - GameSpot

GOG.com now sells gaming docos, mainstream TV and movies could be next

GOG Big Deal Sale

"Gamers are not criminals and they do not need DRM" • Eurogamer.net

Once again we have just been informed by GOG, that a very special weekend promo has now begun on the fantastic site of GOG.COM. In this latest special deal ...

GOG is having itself a Square Enix sale this week, which means a whole lot more than just Hitman and Tomb Raider for once. In fact, if you were to ask me, ...

Good Old Games is taking on Steam with an (optional) PC service of its own

Conarium releases on GOG DRM-free

“Hunting for distribution rights is essentially detective work,” says Marcin Paczyński, Head of Product at GOG. “Rights can repeatedly change hands or be ...

Hot off the press, we've just been informed by GOG.com that they have not only overhauled the site, but have also gone down the route of DRM free movies.

GOG.com's mandate reads like a checklist of PC gaming musts.

GOG.com holiday sale starts today, Fallout games free for 48 hours (update)

Digital distribution service GOG continues to be awesome!* This week the purveyor of DRM-free games and movies announced GOG Connect, a new service that ...

DRM free, sane pricing, and consumer protection. GoG has all the policies I

... publishers of Japanese or Japan-inspired visual novels, MangaGamer and Sekai Project have announced that they have struck a deal with GOG.com to sell ...

The final game coming to GOG is This is the Police II. Unlike the other games, This is the Police II does not take place in a post-apocalyptic world and ...

SupportGOG Galaxy grey/blank window.

... fields - GOG on the DRM-free side of the fence and Steam on the other, for example - but this is clearly a debate that won't be settled any time soon.

Bulby has been just released on GOG with 50% launch discount (DRM-free version + OST available) and there are various promotions coming your way in digital ...


Good Old Games (GOG) is throwing a DRM-free holiday party, and you're invited. For starters, the company is offering the classic PC shooter Duke Nukem 3D: ...

Steams Summer Sale hasn't been announced yet, but if you're itchin' for some PC gaming, check out GOG's DRM-free Summer Sale.

Hatred available early, but GOG won't sell it [VG247]

Everyone's favorite DRM-free digital games distributor, Good Old Games, is now offering support for just over 50 games on Mac OS-based machines. That means ...

Matrix Screensaver 1.3 The Matrix ScreenSaver is a small, fast and elegant Windows version of the green "Matrix" cypher-code seen in the films. #co…

GOG Introduces Ability to Turn PC Game Keys into DRM-free Digital Copies · Trending Today

Amazon's comixology introduces DRM-free downloads | Technology | The Guardian

MangaGamer also announced that it is working with GOG to add nine other titles, including Kindred Spirits On The Roof and A Kiss for the Petals ~Maidens of ...


DRM-Free Games Platform, GOG.com, Adds Mortal Kombat, Harry Potter Games - GameSpot

Steam has more or less owned the PC gaming market for the last decade, but we finally have a decent challenger with GOG Galaxy. Here's how the two stack up ...

GOG.Com—a viable digital distribution platform that's completely DRM-free

Good Old Games (GOG) has become a very popular online destination for gamers due to its unique offering of old games. Collecting all the classic titles from ...

Kingdom Come Deliverance DRM-Free Version Now Available From GOG


revenge of the sith itunes


Classic Tactical Shooter, SWAT 4: Gold Edition re-released DRM-free exclusively


Both dovetail nicely with my own initiative: the release of my short story “ Dog Star” as a standalone ebook. The dovetailing has to do with the fact that “ ...

“We don't believe in DRM, and we don't like DRM,” two of the developers behind the new game Shadow Warrior 2 recently told Kotaku in an e-mail, ...

This is only the first step: soon enough the entire series of Close Combat games will be released on GoG.com.

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Have you checked our in-depth performance review on the game already?

Grim Fandango Remastered. Grim Fandango Remastered DRM-Free ...

The GOG DRM free version of Aegis Defenders is out now! Backers can expect to receive their keys in the next day or two as we manually send out keys.

GOGO.com now has a movie library. The famously DRM-free digital game store has just launched a movie section that offers movies about video games and ...

However, we now have solid proof DRM is a complete waste of time and money. That proof comes in the form of development studio CD Projekt, owner of GOG.com ...


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What are your thoughts on the GOG Connect, or on games being DRM/DRM-free? Feel free to leave a comment below!

We're excited to announce the digital release of the Video Game Show — The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt concert from the 9th Film Music Festival in Kraków.

Like Biomutant, Fade to Silence is another RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, but instead of a lush and verdant one where life is plentiful, ...

We must deactivate the DRM using GOG ...



GOG Galaxy

star wars digital hd amazon

Want some free stuff for Christmas? Point yourself at Good Old Games, where they're giving away the point-and-click adventure classics Beneath a Steel Sky ...

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What is GOG? 100% DRM free games of the past and present available for Windows and Mac. Pay a few bucks, download an installer and play!

Steams Summer Sale hasn't been announced yet, but if you're itchin' for some PC gaming, check out GOG's DRM-free Summer Sale.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2

They own GOG

GOG Adds Visual Novels From Sekai Project, MangaGamer - News - Anime News Network

Note: If you want to chat it up with friends, GOG.com offers an instant messaging client in its GOG Galaxy desktop application.

Reception and commercial success[edit]

GOG (Good Old Games)

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Alien vs Predator 2000

GoG Returns With Winter Sale, Giving Age Of Wonders Away For Free

'Monks' Confirm Good Old Games PR Stunt, Site Relaunch. '