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Find this Pin and more on Pakistan amp Pakistani t

Find this Pin and more on Pakistan amp Pakistani t


See more. Pakistan Map & Cities

Pakistan Map Showing Provinces And Capital Cities

Here is why Pakistan is more diverse than you thought

Low Literacy Rates Threaten Pakistan's Future

Pakistan: The government of pakistan trained and funded the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan after the Soviet defeat. During this time the Taliban was also ...

The map of Pakistan

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 - Wikipedia. Find this Pin and more ...

Find this Pin and more on Pakistan by saadiaikram.

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Pakistan Atlas: Maps and Online Resources. Find this Pin and more ...

Pakistan Map / Geography of Pakistan / Map of Pakistan. Find this Pin and more ...

Kashmir Map as per Pakistan's claim.Pakistan considers GB an integral part of Pakistan unlike AK. Find this Pin and more ...

Ethnolinguistic map or other map

Chabahar Port an Indian diplomacy to counter Pakistan's port

Parachinar: Pakistan's Gaza Strip remains under siege by Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba

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FATA is Pakistan's federally administrated tribal area. It is bordered by Afghanistan to the west with the border marked by the Durand Line, the North-West ...

Geographical location of the former East Pakistan. (Kashmir region remains a disputed area.

Pakistan - Population ...

Even Pakistan know it will not get Jammu (Hindu majority area) and Ladakh (Tibetian Budhist Majority area) which accounts for more tha 85% area of Jammu and ...

Pakistan Embroidery Map Pakistani clothing company Generation has found a clever way to remind us how much textile art can demonstrate the richness of ...

Disclaimer : I have not created any of the maps. Reproduced from open source via Internet.

The WHO report listed 1,600 cities in 91 countries and ranked them according to the quality of their air which is measured for concentrations of PM10 and ...

Brief History

And, sure enough, it led to someone surfacing a corresponding map of Pakistan's neighbor, India.

The Ministry of Defence is about to declare mapping illegal in Pakistan. The federal cabinet, Pakistan's foremost civilian authority, is willingly giving up ...


Shape 3d of Pakistan map with flag isolated on white background.


Map 4: Kashmir Region

Pictured: A map showing the location of the devastating crash near Ahmedpur East in Pakistan


Kashgar Sost/China Pakistan border crossing

by Asif Haroon Raja map-durand-line-1

Adventure bridge in Pakistan

image: These 5 Overseas Military Bases Speaks Volumes About India's Growing Military Footprint - As a result of Pakistan banning Indian overflights, ...

Military: India has a clearly larger military with access to more defense reserves, budgets and resources. [1]

Eastern Half of Gwadar Port

Visa for Pakistan

This post is being regularly updated thanks the continuous input I get from some awesome travelers. All the information you see here is based on the latest ...

Pakistan is a crucial partner in this strategy, particularly the development of Pakistan-China Corridor linking China's western region with Gwadar port on ...

The well known Careem service that's known for providing cab facilities has come up with a new 2-day venture. The deal is that you can hitch a ride with a ...

Map detailing Pakistani fixed fortresses (note the 7 attacking Indian divisions) in 1971 War

Disclaimer : I have not created any of the maps. Reproduced from open source via Internet.

Illustration by Marium Ali

Between 1947 and 1971, Pakistan was a divided state: separated into East and West, and strained along ethnic lines. The early years of the nation saw ...

The three were arrested in the town of Tarragona, 60 miles further along the coast

Pakistan China border crossing - Khunjerab Pass (1)

The backbone of Pakistan's current submarine fleet is the French-made Agosta 90B submarine.

A boy looks for recyclable items in the polluted waters of Karachi harbour, Pakistan.

... Jawaharlal Nehru decided to ask UN to intervene. A UN cease-fire was arranged for the 31 December 1948. A few days before the cease-fire the Pakistanis ...

Lahore and Vicinity ...

Brief History

Backpacking Pakistan Travel Guide – Where to go

People in Pakistan do not speak Arabic.

Multan (Topographic ...

As you can see in the above picture, to access Karakoram pass and Aksai Chin (enter into China from Pakistan) you need to cut across Siachen (that is by any ...

Pakistan Uses Smartphone Data to Head Off Dengue Outbreak - MIT Technology Review

The outrage in India over the death sentence pronounced on the alleged spy and former Indian

Let's assume that they mount their Nukes on their SHAHEEN-III with range of 1,600 miles.

Western food is penetrating the Pakistani market, but with its own touch or so it seems.

Credit Alika Cooper

A village woman in Thar feeding a peacock. (Pic: Native Pakistan)

Brief History

TEA FOR TWO Two forms of Pakistani transportion pause while their drivers take a tea break. Credit James Parchman. MURIDKE, Pakistan

How to Apply Online For National Id card in Pakistan (Part 1 ) -Online Cnic- Hindi/Urdu - YouTube

Pakistan - Industry, Mining, Power Centers ...

Pakistan came second last with only 15% looking upon it favourably, while 55%

A truck drives along the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway before the Karakorum mountain range near

Need to know before you travel to Pakistan

Lahore (including Amritsar, India) (Topographic ...

The only vice Pres. of Pakistan was Nurul Amin who served from 1970 till 1972.

Travel to Pakistan to see this adventure bridge

Nadra Smart ID Card

Flag of Pakistan vector art illustration

enter image description here ...

Image is loading Pakistani-Flag-Metal-Pin-Badge-pakistan-cricket-urdu-

Pakistan Travel

70 Things to know before traveling to Pakistan

The view from where I hope to open Pakistan's first backpacking hostel.

... How to Renewal Passport in Pakistan

Pakistan Travel

These art form is just beautiful. Period. India too has the same culture, but hands down Pakistani Truck art is better, more sublime!

Comparing Iran's Chabahar and Pakistan's Gwadar Ports

10 iconic Pakistani TV dramas you should binge-watch this weekend - Film & TV - Images

A chart showing the location of birth for British Pakistanis in 2001 (by location against percentage born there)


UNDP's Anjum says that 1 billion people in the world are undernourished and more than 205

Trans-national education (TNE) is a growing market in Pakistan and recent data shows evidence of over 40 such programs running successfully in affiliation ...

Save Pakistani Women posters displayed at Broken Chair during 37th Session of UNHRC

Pakistani Gift/Pakistan ...

Effigy made by the Pakistan Qaumi Zaban Tehreek | Ali Raj

Pakistan initiated the idea of Field Hockey World Cup and Champions Trophy. The following picture sums it up for Pakistan from Pakistan Field Hockey Team ...