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Film Preservation amp Restoration BeforeAfter 2K restoration and

Film Preservation amp Restoration BeforeAfter 2K restoration and


The biggest challenge in restoring Jaws was the color grading. "There was so much variation in terms of stocks, the time of day it was shot and so on," he ...

Read on as Yee Wei gets real about film restoration, with newfound insights fresh from his time in Bologna, and why it's an increasingly important art in ...

Before restoration


CreativeCOW presents The Library of Congress Unlocks The Ultimate Archive System -- TV & Movie

Shot on film… and developed by Augustus Color, Andrea Pallaoro's 'Hannah' will be presented at the 2017 Venice Film Festival.

Film restoration demands a focus on quality and attention to detail.

When we look to preserved copies of film for restoration, it is often for one of two reasons – because we don't have the tools to view them, ...

Released on January 9th, 1911, Their First Misunderstanding is notable not only as her

Released on January 9th, 1911, Their First Misunderstanding is notable not only as her

CreativeCOW presents Restoring the Classic Beauty, Children of Paradise -- TV & Movie Appreciation

Predator fan movie poster by Marc Lafon found on a tumbler

The Lost Dominion Screening Collective

Audio/Video: The Lift (1983) debuts on Blu-ray and DVD in the US from distributor Blue Underground with a brand new 2K restoration from the original ...

Pickford biographer/film historian Christel Schmidt ...

I wanted to showcase two Marantz Model 22 receivers that came in for restoration. Manufactured from 1969 to a last run of 1972, their are two version, ...


Shot on film… 'A Ciambra', by Jonas Carpignano, was highly commended at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Custom Stamp After ...and after the restoration process "

Every film project – no matter the size and scale – is lavished with the same dedication and devotion at Augustus Color.

Above left, Pickford biographer/film historian Christel Schmidt. Above right, Colorlab President Russ Suniewick.


CreativeCOW presents Restoring Jaws -- TV & Movie Appreciation Editorial


Mary Pickford

Paper prints from the Library of Congress

CLASSICFLIX LABEL: Another Man's Poison & Annie Rooney First Two

Heathkit IT-28 Restoration – By Thomas Bonomo K6AD

The Rolling Stones - Charlie is my Darling, Ireland 1965, Limited Edition - Amazon.com Music

The other chassis contains the audio amplifier.


Augusto Pelliccia, CEO of Augustus Color, and Chris Richter, VP Motion Picture & Entertainment of Eastman Kodak Company, at a special talk curated by ...

The colors are vivid, bold and strong, with the original mono English and Italian audio matching in quality. Brand new 2K restoration of the film ...

Chantal Akerman by Chantal Akerman (1996) — DVD only. Icarus Films


One chassis contains the power supply and the output transformers.

The ad had been listed for 2 months, so I offered $20 + pickup...and before I knew it I had a second guitar amp project to work on.

The white film that I thought was diode damage rubbed off easily, so I popped it back in and re-soldered it in place before installing the circuit board ...

Marantz 2275 Receiver

When cinematographers Salvador Lleo and ...


I decided to go direct again with a Rivera load box and @Joe Porto fortunately pointed out (before I blew up the Quilter) that a Class D such as a 101 can't ...

Sansui AU-717 Integrated Amplifier

Audio Rack: Completely wired, with equipment, drawer, patches

Audio/Video: This clunker from Hell arrives on Blu-ray from the cinema archivists over at the Warner Archive with a brand new 2017 2K restoration, ...

... with a Nikko 440 Alpha amplifier is quite impressive. There was a notable difference between the the original 2041DD JRC OPAMP and the NJM2068DD OPAMP.

Power supply populated and ready for testing

Headshots can be modified by simply highlighting the region that needs changing and the Ai uses

Produced as a silent film just as theatres were transitioning to sound, it had only a brief two-month run at the box office before it was removed from ...

Inside the bowels of the machine is a Xenon light source which is fed via optics to the scanning gate. Light from the film is split via prisms and filters ...

Augustus Color meets the needs of modern filmmakers with state-of-the art processing technology.

Benefiting Camp Enterprise

Kenwood-Trio KA-8300 Integrated Amplifier

Presence and Meter Amp X11-1330-10

An alternative movie poster for the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, created by Heads of State, featured on AMP

Electrolytic's were replaced with low impedance PW's and audio grade Elna Silmic II's. new .22/.47 WIMA films were replaced along with the input coupling ...

Here it is after scraping. Obviously, there's a lot more that can be done to clean that grill cloth.

Afbeelding wordt geladen Hirens-Disc-Boot-Disc-Windows-Utilities-Recovery- amp-

Obstetrician Dr Angela Jay (pictured), 28, was doused in petrol and stabbed


Sony ODS-D77U Disk Archive

Junqiang Bai | Doctor of Philosophy | Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an | NWPU | School of Aeronautics | ResearchGate

If your audio is soiled, SoundSoap 4 offers new tools to restore it to gleaming whiteness.

The Truth About 6K

Is Corrie's Sarah-Louise pregnant with Callum Logan's baby?

During the process of creating the new prosthesis, a wax duplicate mould was used to


The Treasure (Comoara ...


Carlito Conceiçao, 54, has become the first person to receive a 3D printed face

The Magic Box: The Films of Shirley Clarke ...

You've worked with Junfeng in the past, including his award-winning feature film Sandcastle which also premiered in Cannes in 2010.

Louis XIV

Take a look at film restoration of the criterion collection #filmmaking #inspiration

Image credit: Cineteca di Bologna

Page 1 Hierarchical Storage & managing media assets forthe Libraries &Archives of the Future InternationalFederation ...

... field with its award-winning Halo Upmix for fine-tuning surround mixes to perfection — perfect for all types of production from archive restoration and ...

Well Go continues to deliver top notch entertainment to the United States for these films.

Iron Man 3

Creative Skillset Film Funding to Provide Training in Archive Skills

DSCN8716.jpg 396.1K

The Rolling Stones - Charlie is my Darling, Ireland 1965, Limited Edition - Amazon.com Music

Image credit: Warner Bros.

... DAC whose design resembles the Taito 'TC0070RGB' : two octal D-type flip-flops , some printed film resistors (with typical values of 4K, 2K 1K, 470 and ...


Four tombs belonging to the royal butlers of Queen Hatshepsut and King Ramses II have opened


Restoring a Bardwell & McAlister Keg-Lite. I ...

Augustus Color staff at the #EffettoNotte Film Festival in Rome: (l-r) Nicola Calò, Federica Rauso, Federika Ponnetti, Jacopo Pica and Federico Forleo.

... TSE Audio releases X50 Guitar Tone Suite-4.jpg

The ...

If ...

The T-zone and eyes are often targets for photoshoppers and requires a graphic artist

another ...

Restored from a recently discovered 35 mm negative with 2k restoration this bad boy is loaded with extras: trailers for both Dolemite and the ...

His old prosthesis was not fitted well

MC30 Service Manual page 4, showing resistances and voltages