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Felicia Great Mouse Detective CariCATures Animated Cats

Felicia Great Mouse Detective CariCATures Animated Cats



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Great mouse detective cat felicia.jpg

The Great Mouse Detective Felicia and Ratigan


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The Great Mouse Detective: Felicia


Echo - A Felicia Tribute

The Great Mouse Detective Toby Bark Cat Meow Ratigan Item 96 Fan

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Thugs (The Great Mouse Detective)

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Felicia - Great Mouse Detective

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Felicia jumps for 3 minutes

The mouse Queen's jubilee takes place right downstairs from Queen Victoria's, because Basil's environment is a world inside a world.

Bye Felicia!

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The Great Mouse Detective Bar fight audio only better quality

The Great Mouse Detective Bar fight audio only

The Great Mouse Detective


Surprise Basil

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Right-Hand-Cat: Felicia.

50 Chibis Disney : the Great Mouse Detective by princekido ...

features Felicia

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Vore Mouse Detective


The Great Mouse Detective

Disney tackled Sherlock Holmes back in 1986, in an animated movie that's more groundbreaking than it's given credit for.

The Great Mouse Detective - an overlooked favorite

The Great Mouse Detective disney watson

Ratigan is a tour de force of comic timing, animation and voice talent. When you're crossing Glen Keane (the huge, bulky rounded shoulders he loves to draw ...

The Great Mouse Detective -Toby and Felicia

Does The Great Mouse Detective have the greatest story ever? I wouldn't say so, but it's spritely and fun enough to make up for it.

Because overkill is underrated

Disney's The Great Mouse Detective - iTunes Movie Poster

My name is Toby and I love you. SQUIRREL!

How to Draw Olivia Flaversham from The Great Mouse Detective

Airplane Girl

How the hell they got away with this, is still a mystery!

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Tell them why it's a good movie. Nice and slow now.

"Smile Bitches"

Disney tackled Sherlock Holmes back in 1986, in an animated movie that's more groundbreaking than it's given credit for.

Also, an adult mouse may not have fit into this bottle.

Felicia mawshot flash tracing by hungry cat mike-danodah.jpg

Basil of Baker Street, ladies and gentlemen



Left without a home or anyone to look after her, Olivia seeks out the famous Basil of Baker Street, the great mouse detective himself, in the hope that he ...

The Great Mouse Detective: and thus a lifelong obsession with Sherlock Holmes was born.

And what bothers me again is that this trope posits female sexuality and beauty as a distractant as well- Dawson's awe at this beautiful, sexy mouse ...


19) Girl singing mice & more- The Great Mouse Detective (1986). In the bar/pub scene, there is a white lady mouse who sings (and strips a little).

Toby, voiced by Frank Welker...the "voice acting ...

Timothy, a new memeber (Disney/Non-Disney Crossover)


First of all: no, it does not pass the Bechdel test for female presence, at least as far as I am aware. The majority of characters in this film are male ...

SithVamp Reviews: The Great Mouse Detective by SithVampireMaster27 on DeviantArt

... animators to develop new, cost effective methods of using computers to slash animation costs, but at the time, it was yet another discouraging moment.

Happy Birthday Olivia

Funny / The Great Mouse Detective


LG G2 Phone Case White The Great Mouse Detective Felicia the Cat BX4214778

My The Great Mouse Detective Cast Meme by Blaze-On-Fire ...

Disney The Great Mouse Detective Character Felicia the Cat Samsung Galaxy S3 9300 Case White Cell

The Great Mouse Detective ...

Ratigan and Flaversham The Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective - The world's greatest criminal mind (lyrics) - YouTube


Disney Project 26/54 The Great Mouse Detective

"The Great Mouse Detective" Battles Vincent Price, an Unbeatable Combination

The Great Mouse Detective movie poster

The filmmakers did something cool with Basil that they've done with a few characters before. Before we see him we hear how great of a detective he is and ...

The Great Mouse Detective isn't an undisputed classic, but it is a pre-Disney Renaissance delight with plenty of charm and adventure ideal for kids of any ...

Don't tell Ratigan he's a rat! :-)

Time to solve the case of the missing cuteness. Oh wait, I already found

Disney Cats by Tartii ...

The Sweatbox Review:

This movie does a really great job with not introducing too many side characters. Olivia is shown to be a very brave girl and isn't afraid to help out Basil ...

Felicia - Great Mouse Detective | Cari-CAT-ures (Animated Cats .


Top of the list is The Making Of The Great Mouse Detective, which sounds a lot better than it actually is. Basically an archive featurette running just over ...

The Great Mouse Detective ...

The Queens The Great Mouse Detective

Awesome / The Great Mouse Detective

detective cat cartoon

Professor Ratigan

During the recording of Vincent Price's lines for The Great Mouse Detective, animators sketched his

Golden Look-Look Books: The Great Mouse Detective ...