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Famous Movie Scenes Recreated in The Simpsons Theater

Famous Movie Scenes Recreated in The Simpsons Theater


Famous Movie Scenes Recreated in The Simpsons

The Simpsons has pastiched hundreds of movies in its time. From Hitchcock to Kubrick to Disney, we select our top 30 favourites.

Michael Hogan lists The Simpsons' most memorable nods to cinema

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15: Crocodile Dundee – Bart Vs Australia (S6 E16)

simpsons movie parodies the fugitive

23: Pulp Fiction – 22 Short Films About Springfield (S7 E21)

22: A Clockwork Orange – Dog Of Death (S3 E19)

The Simpsons

16. Any ideas?

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Now in it's twenty-third season, The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted television series in American prime-time. In four hundred plus episodes, ...


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Donald Trump, as depicted in the 2000 episode Bart to the Future

The Simpsons recreate classic historical photos. undefined

TV Show - the simpsons Wallpaper

30: Terminator 2 – Homer Loves Flanders (S5 E16)

The Simpsons Movie

25: The Graduate – Lady Bouvier's Lover (S5 E21) / Lisa's Substitute (S2 E19)

Famous Movie Scenes Recreated in The Simpsons | Theater, Movies and Tv | Pinterest

The Simpsons Movie References

"Simpsons" Scenes and their Reference Movies [Updated] - The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century

“Simpsons” Scenes and their Reference Movies [Updated]

Famous Movie Scenes Recreated in The Simpsons

Kraftwerk Man Machine / Simpsons Vinyl Mash Up Parody By jkingtheartist #mashup #photoshop #parody #album #cover #lp #record #vinyl #scifi #nerd #music ...

The Simpsons Ride

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The Simpsons And Classic Movies Simpsons fans will like it. Many shots in the cartoon replicate classic movie scenes. Someone took the time and collected.

Arguably Alfred Hitchcock's most popular film, it's no surprise that Psycho also takes the top prize for the most references in The Simpsons.

My Fair Laddy

“Simpsons” Scenes and their Reference Movies [Updated]

The simpson movie intro

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Movie Presentation. Aspect ratio comparison (click for bigger image)

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Barthood Poster

The Simpsons family is celebrating its 25th anniversary

Like a lot of the best Simpsons movie references, they go so far as to emulate exact shots from the film.

... Simpsons creators manage to satisfy the curiosity of a general audience while intertextually catering to an adult audience familiar with Kubrick's film.

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3: Citizen Kane – Rosebud (S5 E4)

This book doesn't have any answers!

9: The Godfather Part II - Last Exit To Springfield (S4 E17)

11: Psycho – Itchy And Scratchy And Marge (S2 E9)

Cultural References

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Les références cinématographiques des Simpsons. AuCinemaFilmmaking MoviesCinema ...



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Deleted scene

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Mr Burns starves Springfield of electricity

Lisa gets lost, and so does The Simpsons

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I'll kill you, you son of a bitch

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The Simpsons are a cult cartoon series popular all over the world. The Simpsons were created by cartoonist Matt Groening U.S. at the end of the 80s for the ...

4. When Homer met God

We ...

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Saboteur. “

Deleted scene



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